Your EZ Ads just opened. Let me explain…

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Firstly I need to inform you that this article it’s a preview, because the website will open only on 17th February 2009.
Your EZ Ads is a system based on free Text Ads advertising, avalaible for all the people that require traffic to their links in no time and without efforts.
A new idea from Frank Salinas, the creator of many online resources, like Easy PDF Maker and Exit Profits Generator, like you can see on his personal Blog.

You will receive credits clicking on the ads posted by other members, so you can let other people to view your advertising more often.
But if you have no time to login every day to check newly added Ads you can see through the daily e-mail you will receive, that contain 10 random Text Ads ready to click.

Now you can join with an extra discount to the Platinum membership for only 11.00 $ (with a discount of 56$ until release).

I think that this website is a boosted Text Ads Exchange, because I never seen the capabilities before, and keep in mind that you are knowing it before…
So you are not permitted to advertise YOur EZ Ads until the official opening, it’s only a suggestion I give to my specific readers.
But keep your referral link ready because it will be an explosive website.

If you think to like this type of websites please visit this link !

Easy PDF Maker make it simple

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This morning I received through e-mail a new announcement related to a new software capable of creating powerful PDFs files.
So I bought it and I’m ready to review it for you !
Just the time to download it… done !

Its name is Easy PDF Maker.
If you are like me you probably have downloaded or bought tons of PLR products, now hiding on many folders and zip files.
Well… don’t preoccupate because Easy Pdf Maker is here to help you in many ways.

  1. It’s a complete PDF writing and editing software (and very small in size!).
  2. You can Password Protect your work.
  3. You have ability to Disable Printing.
  4. It’s easy to save your ebooks in .doc, .rtf, .txt and html format.
  5. Add your links.
  6. Backup all your works like ebooks and reports with a click of mouse.
  7. Insert images.

Plus, you can use a good Time Management utility to plan your days and also organize your ebooks, reports, notes, articles as you like.
Make a Report from Zero or build an Ebook step by step is not a problem with Easy Pdf Maker.
You will not

I said you can also make Reports because inside the zip file of the software you will find also a free 56 pages ebook titled “How to create killer reports” .
So you will buy a never-seen software, easy and complete at the same time , to make your personal PDF without efforts and a great resource to start from the basics its included.

I had bought many products and membership from Frank Salinas, and his name says it all.