Instant Kindle and Ebook Cover Creator Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 25-04-2012


If you are involved in Kindle Ebooks Marketing, I’m sure you will need this WSO: “Instant Kindle and Ebook Cover Creator” by John Pearce. Well, as you probably do when shopping for books or ebooks, is watching the book cover to evaluate the book. That’s what I do everytime I’m in a bookshop, or everytime I start to surf with my Amazon Kindle.
Famous authors don’t even think about covers, because they got highly paid freelancers as cover designers, and they get the work done…

But if you, like me, are watching in your wallet to preserve money for important things, there is a brand new solution offered as a cheap WSO. Cheap for the highest value you are getting.
In fact John is giving away his latest creation, 5 top quality ebook cover in 5 different color variations, to customize with your own images, all with private label rights! Thanks to this idea, the ebook cover creator can be used for yourself and your Kindle releases, for customers if you decide to act as a Freelancer, or selling just the software for cash.

What is most important is by one side the ease of use of this “Instant Kindle and Ebook Cover Creator“, and by the other the covers you will be able to do. Every ebook will get the right appeal to your customers, and imagine how many sales are lost for a bad cover. A lot! Who will buy an ebook with a bad ecover and ugly colors?
Instead if you present a wonderful and colorful cover, you can got your Amazon sales up to 2000%, crazy but true because people get interested and watch better your book value, being disposed to pay also a little more. And I said you that you can use this software also to generate classic ebooks for any marketplace as well, including Warrior Forum, Clickbank; Payspree, JvZoo and so on!

This software it’s easy to use, and it includes 3 tutorial videos to get aknowledged, who you can also distribute in case you buy this software just for resale it.
Anyway, I strongly recommend you to give a look to this WSO, who got “WSO of The Day” for a clear reason… it works like crazy!
You can also grab valuable bonuses offered by John, including tutorials on Photoshop and Gimp, and exclusive fonts to use in your ebooks. For the price it’s sold, this WSO can’t be left on the shelf.

Grab your copy of “Instant Kindle and Ebook Cover Creator“, and start working like a pro giving an identity to your Amazon Kindle ebooks!