Easy Social Book Promotion Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 20-07-2015


Easy Social Book Promotion

Bill Platt has been teaching a particular book promotion strategy, and his students have seen awesome results with “Easy Social Book Promotion“.

One lady using this strategy is quickly approaching $10,000 per month in royalties, after using this system for only eight months. With this book promotion system, you only need to do stuff on FaceBook for less than five minutes a day, OR you can do a full month’s worth of setup in just about two hours – one day per month!

You are not going to need to spend more than a few minutes a day on FB, and you are not going to need to buy FaceBook Ads. What is truly special about this approach is that he teaches you how to build a large audience of people who are anxiously waiting for you to release your next book, so they can buy another book from you!

Even if you you are starting from scratch, you can be up and running in just about ten minutes. Then you will start to build a large audience of hungry customers, working just a few minutes a day. That’s what “Easy Social Book Promotion” can do for you, and that’s a great news for all Kindle publishers around the globe!