Rank Infinity Review

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Rank Infinity

Every website or blog you have deserves better rankings, and “Rank Infinity” has been created for giving you an easy way to get your sites on top Google’s page. This is a good video course, that in a few steps guide you to uncover an incredible secret to get your websites finally seen.

In fact I never thought it was so easy to get a brand new website on Google 1st page. Only through external sites and without acting on your own internal SEO. This is incredibly simple to do, and you can apply this method to any blog or website you have.

More, if you will look at the OTO, you will see they have kept away a lot of additional sites for you. It’s a good offer, something worth your attention for the quality.

It’s not risky, it’s a sure way to get the eyes of Google on your site through the use of some hidden authority websites, and I purchased my copy just to see if it was really valuable for you, and it is! If you are searching a good method for ranking your sites with less problems and efforts, this “Rank Infinity” is just what you are searching by a lot of time! A good solution for your business and for your personal sites as well.

Speedy Video Formula Review

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Speedy Video Formula


Derek Allen is my favorite video marketing product creator, and this “Speedy Video Formula” is really awesome from start to end. It shows you how to create easy video to sell affiliate products (or whatever you have to sell) to the right people waiting for that video and that product especially.

Through a 5 minute research you will be able to find the right products to promote, and with a clever video strategy  you will discover how to lineup your videos in the right place at the right moment to get sales. Easy and incredibly fun, especially if you never made big profits with your videos before!

Last but not least, you will discover a “forgotten resource”, like Derek calls it, where you can buy the cheapest clicks you’ve ever seen. This is the gem that turns this product into an incredible set of easy tasks to make cash each and every day from simple videos. No voice and no face on camera are required to record these videos!

Speedy Video Formula” is without any doubt a wave of fresh air on the video marketing area, and for this reason I really suggest it to you.

Video News Jacker Review

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Video News Jacker


Derek Allen is a master in video marketing, and “Video News Jacker” is the last gem released. It shows how to get commissions and sales by using videos with the power of newsjacking. An incredible way to generate traffic.

If you are searching for more views, traffic and clicks coming from the Youtube network, in a really fast way, don’t look anywhere else: this is the best product for you. If you consider that in the time needed to build an affiliate site you can record 20 videos, you can comprehend the real power of this method.

More, you will get three high quality bonuses: a fast start guide about newsjacking, a video swipe system to use other people’s videos to make sales and a full list of recurring affiliate programs, something definitely useful that adds a lot of value to a yet perfect package.

You will use the latest news, the hot trends dominating the web, to direct people on your affiliate links and CPA links, to get easy sales. All can be made in 30 minutes, and it’s completely free. Results could come in the first 24 hours, and that’s what turns “Video News Jacker” in a goldmine!

31 Day Video Challenge Review

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31 Day Video Challenge


If you are not a premium video marketer, there’s nothing more huge than joining the Derek Allen “31 Day Video Challenge“, to discover all the secrets and proceed day by day to the completion. Inside this big community, you will go day by day, and if you follow the instructions you get real results.

Your challenge, once inside, is to create one video for each one of the 30 days, to engage your viewers and turn them into paying customers. Apart all what you need to work, including step by step training, a big support and a friendly club of people, you can see real results coming straight from your work.

It’s not easy to become real video marketers, because it’s easy to get moved by other things and leave everything without having completed it. Instead, with a community and a final gift, and the right tricks, I’m sure you will get results.

I saw Derek creating this membership day by day, asking direct questions to his subscribers via email, and telling them which problems they found in creating videos and keeping the creation process going. The answers he got given him the opportunity to offer you this high quality course.

I jumped on the “31 Day Video Challenge” yesterday in late night, and I’m waiting for you to get your videos on first Google page!

Evergreen Video System Review

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Evergreen Video System


Every time we release a new video, results come for a few days or weeks. With “Evergreen Video System” by Derek Allen we will learn how to create videos that bring in income for years!

The course is based on 6 videos, pretty long in length, that are showing every tips and trick needed to ensure your videos won’t disappear from Youtube in days or weeks. You are shown a great video by Derek, that got excellent results in term of views and sales, and then the method descripted in easy steps, like:

  • The Foundations
  • Niches and Keywords
  • Easy Content and SEO
  • Super Simple Videos
  • Monetization Techniques

The videos are well recorded, with live training, and their length is above the classic courses. The longest goes for 20:50 minutes to 33:31 minutes, giving more value to this course respect many others I purchased in the past, with videos of around 3 minutes each! Derek Allen wso always provide a big value in terms of learning and results.

More, you get three awesome bonuses. I tell you the truth saying that I rarely resist in front of Derek Allen offers, and also this time I’ve grabbed my copy. Check it out, what is shown inside the membership of “Evergreen Video System” it’s a solid method!

Viddy Click Review

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Viddy Click

Everytime Derek Allen releases a new WSO about video methods, I rush to purchase it, and this is the case of “Viddy Click“. You get 3 videos with a manual that shows you how to outsource video creation to have a lot of physical products reviews ready for Youtube.

These video reviews are built in a really specific way, and you get all the details to build a goldmine in a couple of weeks. This method is awesome with Amazon Associates, and any other affiliate
program that allows you to sell physical products (you get which products to target, and which leave out, too!)

What I recommend you to do is at first to give a general read to the book, really well made, and when you have the method in your head, to read it once more but this time adding videos. In this way you will comprehend everything about this method, that is really easy but requires just a bit of attention by yourself.

Give also a look to the OTO, that adds a lot of value to the first method enhancing it and making it much more profitable. It’s made by a Derek colleague, but it was really a golden nugget!

Viddy Click” is a treasure box, easy to apply but will definitely give you a terrible advantage over competitors!

Instant Video Traffic Formula Review

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Instant Video Traffic Formula


Instant Video Traffic Formula” is a super video course composed by 4 videos that will change your mind not only on video creation, but also on video submission.
Yes, because thanks to Derek Allen WSO this time you will learn how to generate a big steady traffic from each one of your videos, on daily basis.
So you will stop to see beautiful videos loaded on Youtube with 4 or 5 visits. They will grow, going up on search engines, and bringing more visitors to your websites, affiliate offers, blogs and whatever.

Video 1 will show you the entire process, with many secret tips. Just this video will cover the entire value of the WSO.
Video 2 shows the research phase, showing you where to find offers, how to pick up the right one, and why it will specifically works for videos, and much much more.
Video 3 describes the video creation phase. Something easy as you don’t have to appear on video, and in just half an hour you will be able to create an outstanding videos, able to get views and to go around the
web. You will also learn how to hijack news stories, and how to use commercial style videos to get sales from day 1.

Video 4 is entirely about traffic. And it shows you how to get a minimum of 100 visits a day with Facebook Ads, by using no more than $5.
With the high conversion video you recorded, you will be able to get many sales. If it will convert at 10%, you will get 10 sales a day. Cool!

I purchased this video course because, even if my English is “English Macaroni” for my Italian pronunciation, I’m sure to get results thanks to “Instant Video Traffic Formula“.
You have the right to be successful, remember it!

Ninja Niche Training Review

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Ninja Niche Training

Derek Allen launched “Ninja Niche Training“, an incredible video product composed by many modules that show you how to uncover hidden and profitable niches.
All of this without any software, but just with a really easy research to do.
And what you can uncover is pure gold, and can get you even a good amount of money if you are ready to jump in in this awesome course!

The four modules are the following:

  • The real ABC of niche research and business building.
  • The “Niche Research Dojo”, where you will find 9 ways to find incredible niches.
  • A superb “Keywords and Comp” training, to find the right keywords with less competition.
  • The “Black Belt Affiliate Programs”, to find private affiliate offers and higher commission offers.
  • And much much more for one of the best niche training program I’ve ever seen on market!

The real core of this method is the second module, the “Niche Research Dojo”, that really gives you the keys to unlock a goldmine.
In fact the 9 methods are rocking, and you can find new niches every day, to use for launch websites with affiliate offers, but also Amazon stores to keep or to sell for profits on Flippa.
What you can achieve is given just by your work, but this course really rocks!

Ninja Niche Training” is one of the best niche training programs I’ve ever seen of market, and for this reason I jumped in even after 5 years of experience even in niche research and monetization!