Publishing Beyond KDP Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 15-04-2015


Publishing Beyond KDP


Kindle is a crowded marketplace, and there’s a lot of competition. But don’t be scared about this, as there’s yet hope… If you are publishing only on Kindle marketplace you are doing a huge disservice to your books and to your bottom line, and “Publishing Beyond KDP” will help you to discover more marketplaces.

There are many other book publishing sites that have a massive number of potential buyers. There is a publishing world beyond kindle… and it’s less competitive and often, more lucrative. My friend Debbie Drum has put together a solution that shows you in less than 5 minutes per platform you can be on your way to selling more books to more buyer, and how to publish to sites like iBooks and Google books without a middleman that you need to pay an additional percentage to.

Publishing directly allows you to make more money for your hard work! If you have books that are not selling on kindle–don’t give up and don’t write that book off!  By the end of the day you can have your books up on more sites with the potential of making passive income with little to no marketing!

And from what I learned, Debbie has a lot of books that outsells Kindle versions on these new portals. Invest in “Publishing Beyond KDP“, and you will really dominate your niche!