Turbo Traffic Sniper Review

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Turbo Traffic Sniper


Daniel Silvestre is a good guy that started releasing products recently, and this “Turbo Traffic Sniper” is really something huge. I remember how much stuff he included in his first traffic book, and this is even better for the methods it includes. It’s really incredible. Inside the pages of this guide you will learn:

  • Why competition is something to embrace and not hide.
  • The two types of competition, and the one you really need to find.
  • Six free tools to perform some “hidden operations” to find traffic.
  • The same methods are great for finding backlinks to use for your site.
  • How to find a lot of low competition keywords.
  • How to use Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 rule to make profits from other people contents.
  • How to find all the hidden details of top websites in your niche.
  • And how to use all what you found for running your site on autopilot.

A great guide, really well done, that takes you by the hand for moving you through the contents, that are really easy to absorb and also doable, as there is nothing difficult or impossible. “Turbo Traffic Sniper” is a great release, and actually no one promoted it yet losing one of the best releases ever of this week.

Turbo Traffic Hacks Review

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Turbo Traffic Hacks

Daniel Silvestre has released “Turbo Traffic Hacks“, an easy 24 pages guide about three easy but incredible traffic methods. From his own techniques I knew only one, the one that will give you permission to post your articles on CNN website. A secret I always kept for me during the last three years.

More, you will learn how to give your articles straight to news agents, and to use a little tricks to position your website or blog inside big authority blogs and networks, and it made me really smile to know that. A big gem no one is actually using. And that I will start using on my own since tomorrow, because it’s a too beautiful idea!

You can learn three super traffic techniques that will really give you more traffic on daily basis, and hot traffic coming straight from well known sources that generally ask big prices for advertising. Instead here all the techniques are free and really doable.

After the front end offer, you can see two other guides with more techniques, more advanced and always easy. Because Daniel Silvestre WSOs have one characteristic: they are easy and they will give you huge results, in terms of traffic creation!

That’s why I suggest you to grab at least your copy of “Turbo Traffic Hacks” and to fully evaluate the other two guides.