2010 Super Bowl Ads : what’s the best one?

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2010 Super Bowl Ads

If you followed 2010 Super Bowl, like I did, you have saw so many ads that you probably cannot remember one.
Well, if you paid attention to each of the 2010 Super Bowl Ads, and you written down on paper each ad and how the product was advertised, you have got for sure interesting informations.

Only a few advertising companies are able to build an ad teaser able to enjoy people, with an high skill and professionalism level.
For this reason, if you need to choose creative advertising firms, plan your ads with skilled people.

Yes, in fact you will see how companies are spending huge sums of money on their advertising teasers.
For example, my favorite was Denny’s Super Bowl Ad Teaser.
Why ?
Have you ever seen two talking chicken dancing and talking about the great offer made by Denni’s ?
They announced the Free Grand Slam Breakfast for 9th February in all the Denny’s restaurants, from 6 AM to 2 PM !
And they also were warned by Denny’s Super Bowl Ad to leave the town because the next will be a long-time and difficult egg laying week.

If you want to consider new and old Denny’s Super Bowl’s ad teasers, you can connect to this page, or to Denny’s homepage, and watch all of them.
You will love them, for sure !