Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots V2 Review

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Cosy Mistery Fiction Plots V2


Mavis Amouzou released a brand new set of 4 plots for your next books inside her own “Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots V2“. These plots are located in little towns or zones, places that the reader starts to love as soon as he/she takes up the book. These plots include everything you can need to create your set of new stories, things like:

  • Logline: this is the real essence of your story, a short view.
  • Plot summary: this describes each chapter facts with much detail.
  • Character’s list: here you will find all the details about the characters present inside the story.

Being cozy misteries one of the most lucrative sub-genres inside the crime and mistery fiction, they guarantee you a lot of readers waiting for something new to read, and for some series to love. Now it’s the right time to start writing your next success in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Last but not least, inside the ZIP file you will find a step by step guide on how to customize your plots to create outstanding ficiton books. Conside that the big names in this industry are Jessica Fletcher and Agatha Christie, just to tell you a couple.

Now you have all what you need to turn your ideas into something huge: just grab these “Cozy Mistery Fiction Plots V2“, change names, details and locations and you have a brand new book or ebook ready for the sales over Amazon, Kindle or any other library!

Kindle Cozy Mistery Plots Review

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10 Kindle Cozy Plots


Being Italian, English plots help me a lot for writing for the Italian marketplace. This new pack of “10 Kindle Cozy Mistery Plots“, made by Stevie Drive, includes great stories that are easy to modify and make yours.

A cozy mistery is a sub-genre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated with some humour, while the crime takes place in a small place or community, like a village. So it’s like having Agatha Cristie in a box, because this is her way to write stories. Each story is detailed and given with a chapter to chapter plot, plus a deep character description.

You get all the details you need to craft your story like a new one, or simply to pass these files to your freelancers to get them to create a brand new story for you. Your success is really connected to your story, to your characters, and to your series. With “10 Kindle Cozy Mistery Plots” you are really getting the best on the market, because you get the essence of cozy mistery plots written by a professional ghostwriter who recorded international award winning movies!