Content Gorilla Review

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Content Gorilla is a new product by Neil Napier, a long time product releaser other than a huge online marketer by a lot of years.

These two are yet two great guarantees for a product, but what does Content Gorilla that is so special? It creates contents on 105 different languages. This is the big promise of Neil and his partner, Ijlal Ahmed.

So this product is for anyone who needs fresh contents for a blog, for a book or simply to resell it for profits.

But there’s a first, big problem. Because this software doesn’t release contents on a mouse button click, but simply repurposes what has been said inside a Youtube video. Is this a problem?

No, because Neil focused his software only on creative commons videos, that can be repurposed in any possible way without limits or copyright infringement.

Content Gorilla Features

What Content Gorilla claims to do, on their sales page, is:

  • Being able to convert Youtube videos into text, in a perfectly formatted WordPress blog post.
  • Auto Images: the software also search automatically for images that could be inserted into your text, and if you want you can add yours.
  • Top quality built-in content spinner, to make your contents unique and never-seen-before.
  • Automatic grammar correction.
  • Automatic tags generation for your new blog post.
  • One click multi publishing function, to publish different versions of the same article to different blogs (this rocks for PBN networks building!)
  • A function to fetch all the videos from a specific Youtube channel.
  • The bulk poster, to let the software add articles in series, to be posted at different dates.

Is this enough to make you curious about Content Gorilla?

Content Gorilla Pros And Cons

So is Content Gorilla do enough to be considered a serious WordPress plugin worth its money? Yes, definitely.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this plugin.

Content Gorilla Pros

  • This is the unique all-in-one solution for converting Youtube videos into text, and then spinning them, and translating them into 105 different languages.
  • It integrates grammar correction on the fly, a unique feature no one has ever thought to add.
  • It’s super simple to install and use.
  • You can turn this into cash pretty easily, reselling the generated contents, or using them on your own.

Content Gorilla Cons

  • Even if Content Gorilla spins the contents he grabs from Youtube videos, some content could need a final revision, especially the ones translated in different languages than English.
  • The text extracted from videos has no punctuation. So you will lose time for every article you create to fix this problem.
  • Nothing else.

Content Gorilla Main Benefit

The main benefit of Content Gorilla is being a unique software, because no one has ever cared so much about his release. Neil instead focused on giving you the best application to date.

Not only it takes content from commercially free videos listed on Youtube, but it converts them in 105 languages, it spins them to make them new, it corrects them and give you an incredible turnkey solution I never seen before.

With this software, the first thing I will do will be creating contents for my international and Italian blogs, because this way you will save thousands of dollars in freelancer fees, and that’s a gift from Heaven.

Second, I know Neil will keep this software up-to-date, that nowadays is a big guarantee, with software who are dead just 6 months after the sale.

Don’t think twice, if you need fresh contents, this is for you.

Content Gorilla Exclusive Bonuses

If you purchase Content Gorilla in next 5 days, you can get access to these exclusive bonuses:

1) Traffic Empire

This is my traffic generation product, where you will learn an incredible technique to give a sense to the new contents you will create for your blog with Content Gorilla.
Learn how to use a secret platform for closing sales and driving a lot of traffic to your blog.

2) Traffic Fireball

Traffic Fireball is the second personal product I add as a bonus for your purchase. Inside you can find 5 strategies to bring more traffic to your blog and to your sales pages as well. It is something very useful for your growth.

Don’t think twice about Content Gorilla, it’s the software you always looked for, and that will give you unlimited fresh and never seen before contents for your blog and for all your other strategies.

Go now and grab your copy of Content Gorilla!