Coloring Books for Adults Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 29-07-2015


Coloring Books for Adults


Coloring Books for Adults” was my idea, my book and my bet, and without any doubt it would have been a WSO Of The Day. But for a man shouting that I stealed his product, I decided to remove it from market. Then, in the night, when I said bye bye to at least 500 sales, I received apologies. So I sold this product to my friend Bill Platt, and now I want you to check it out because it’s pure gold.

I recommend you also to check my OTO, a three-webinars coaching that will show you each and every step about creating coloring books, putting them on sale, and how to grow your business using other platforms and some secrets. A big deal, something I’m proud of.

If you are ready to jump on this humongous trend that’s taking Kindle marketplace by storm, buy now and think seriously about the OTO, that’s my way to recover some money from yesterday and to give out all what I know about this huge niche.

Inside “Coloring Books for Adults” you will find many step by step tutorials to start selling your drawings to color even if you have never drawn in all your life. It’s all easy, well explained and with a lot of screenshots. More, you get a free webinar access, a list of royalty free image distribution websites, and an interview I had the luck to do with Thaneeya McArdle, famous coloring book author since 2010.

Thanks from the deep of my heart for any purchase you can make.