Chrome Cheese Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 08-03-2013


Chrome Cheese


Chrome Cheese is a new brilliant WSO that explains how to launch and brand your own Google Chrome app, and how to get fast signups via the included WP plugin.
An awesome technique that fastly became a WSO Of The Day, just because there’s no way to miss. You have just to follow the steps, creating your Google Chrome app and branding it with your icon and colorful design.

What I liked more is you get all what you need to start this business on your own, including video training, branding software and an exclusive WordPress plugin to advertise your new application.
The process is simple: you create the application with your blog updates, and when a visitor comes to your blog, he receive the advice to install your Google Chrome web app, and with just 1 mouse click he will receive all your future updates directly in Google Chrome. Easy, right? I assure it’s even more simple than what you think!

This WSO has no OTO or Upsells, and you can see examples. Just open Google Chrome browser, open http:/ and check the WordPress plugin in action. Cool!
This Chrome Cheese gives you a new possibility to get returning visitors with ease. It’s great and cheap, but you must be fast, as the author will keep the $9 price just for 2 days!