Giveaway Events? What are these things?

Posted by Admin | Posted in Traffic Exchanges | Posted on 28-11-2012


Christmas Comes Early Giveaway


Every list needs new contacts, and for this reason there are multiple ways to bring in new leads.
Giveaway events are one of the most easy way ever.
You just submit one or more gifts, depending if you wanna pay for it or do it free, and then some sales pages. Then wait for official launch date.

Every Giveaway event is presented long time before, so that the author can get more contributors entering their gift for the launch date.
Since launch date, every giveaway go forward for 2 weeks. And after the launch come subscribers, who join only for getting as much gifts as they want.
Obviously they must opt-in for the gifts, and so your list grow easily in a few days.

Just before the Christmas, there is a special giveaway event called “Christmas Comes Early Giveaway“, one I suggest you to try.
Because the most important giveaways are hosted by famous marketers and list builders, otherwise they are not worth your time.
This goes from 2 December 2012 to 12 December. I’ve yet paid my $10 to have possibility to upload more gifts and sales page, and grab all the gifts without opting in.

If you decide to pay the $10 fee, you will be able to advertise it and get 100% amount for any subscriber who pays, plus 5 free items to share and 5 sales pages to put in and 10,000 text ads views.
A lot of ways to earn money, and a lot ways to get subscribers on your list and advertise your websites. All easy to manage!

So go on, discover this “Christmas Comes Early Giveaway” and enter a new world!
From now on I will tell you all the Giveaways in which I’ll participate, and this is worth a try