Childhood Obesity PLR Review

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Childhood Obesity PLR


Do you know that 1 in 3 children is being affected by obesity? That’s why my dear friend Candace Chira released “Childhood Obesity PLR“. Because  a lot of families are in troubles to search for good solutions to help their children.

This PLR package is full of top quality contents, but you can actually use it in many ways: with a new blog, on social media, to record a live webinar or to create newsletters. All you have to do is adding your affiliate links and you are ready to go.

This super pack is for sale for the next week only, and inside you can find a lot of valuable things, like:

  • 8 new articles to edit the way you like about causes and prevention
  • A main report of 17 pages and 4,029 words.
  • Ecovers.
  • 5 Amazon products reviews with review videos.
  • 25 royalty free images.
  • 7 day autoresponder series.
  • 20 tweets and 5 quote posters.
  • Powerpoint slides of the articles.
  • Keywords researched for you.
  • A resource report.

All available under the PLR license, that allows you to use them as-is, to edit them and to turn them into anything you want. That’s the power of PLR packs, and this “Childhood Obesity PLR” is really a gem because it touches a hot new market in need for solutions that you can supply via these contents.

Spooky Scary PLR Review

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Spooky Scary PLR


My dearest friend Candace Chira released yesterday an awesome Halloween PLR pack called “Spooky Scary PLR“. It includes all what you need to refresh your site for this 2015’s Halloween, or for opening a brand new website or to create additional advertising contents.

Inside this brilliant package you will find:

  • 20 Amazon Product Reviews
  • 40 Amazon Product Review Videos
  • 20 Audio Files
  • 20 Tweets
  • 5 Quote Posters + 1 Blank
  • 25 Royalty Free Images
  • 20 Powerpoint Slide Decks
  • Keyword Reports
  • 10 Pinterest Posters
  • How to Use Your PLR Pack Report
  • 25 Bonus Halloween Articles

And we are talking about the latest trends on the marketplace, new costumes for girls, boys, men and women! Plus a lot of additional things to use the way you like, including a lot of promotional items. Do you know how much people is searching for ideas on Pinterest? A lot!

Remember it’s not too late to earn big with your Halloween store. Consider that with my I got orders until two days before that night, and here we are at over 40 days! Go and check out this magic “Spooky Scary PLR” I fallen in love with. If you love Halloween like I do, you will see the big value it brings!

“Halloween Software”
, a pack of 5 software to use yourself or to resell with the included resell rights!

Free Eternal Traffic Review

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Free Eternal Traffic Cash

Free Eternal Traffic” is a product I made together with Roderick Gardner and Candace Chira. It gives you access to 10 videos with 10 techniques to get unlimited free traffic to your favorite websites, FB Pages and Groups, products and affiliate marketing pages.

Each technique has been tested for a long time to ensure it produces enough traffic, and the 10 free services you find reviewed are really  the best around, and they ensure as much traffic as you need to sell more, or to get more signups via your squeeze page.

As OTOs, you can find 30 PLR articles we got for you, to start your blog from zero, and my traffic webinar series, something that will give you more interesting techniques (at least 20+) to bring a constant and limitless traffic flow.

Remember always that traffic is the lifeblood for internet marketers, and that no traffic means no sales, no list building and no success at all. So consider purchasing this cheap but powerful traffic system, because it has been done from the heart. I approved it and I built the sales page for them. I will host the sale for “Free Eternal Traffic.”

SuperFoods PLR Review

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SuperFood PLR


Today I launched my second PLR package ever with Candace Chira, and it’s called “SuperFoods PLR“. Super Foods are that foods that come straight from nature and that can help our body to feel better, in many ways. It’s a huge package that includes:

  • Main Report (30 Pages / 7,019 Words)
  • 5 Amazon Product Reviews
  • 5 Amazon Product Review Videos
  • 7 Day Autoresponder Series
  • 60 Tweets
  • 5 Quote Posters + 1 Blank
  • 10 Pinterest Posters
  • 25 Royalty Free Images
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Keyword Research Report
  • Sales & Download Page Text
  • Resource Report
  • 50 Bonus PLR Articles on Super Foods
  • And much much more!

As you can see it is a top level PLR package that gives you the big opportunity to resell it “as is” or by modifying it with all the tools that will help you increasing sales, like posters, slideshows, images,
PLR articles, keywords list and much much more.

The OTO instead focus again on this huge niche, that pertains to fitness, diet and weight loss, and provide a huge selection of contents for you, including 5 new articles and video reviews, 25 royalty free images, 5 more slides and a Super Foods 101 video with slideshow. Big value!

Grab your copy of “SuperFoods PLR” today to enter this Super Foods niche from the front door!

Twitter Chat Blueprint Review

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Twitter Chat Blueprint


Today I’ve launched a super product with Candace Chira, it’s “Twitter Chat Blueprint“, a guide that show you an innovative concept to get more followers, more sales and an incredible growth for your authority and brand. They are “Twitter Chats”, one of the best tools I’ve ever tested on my own!

You will discover every secret technique, including:

  • What is a Twitter Chat and why it’s an optimal tool.
  • Which benefits they offer.
  • Over 600 chats found for you around the globe.
  • How to participate in a Twitter Chat.
  • How to create your own Twitter Chat.
  • How to get a huge flow of free traffic to your chats.

This guide offer you 26 pages of huge contents, and finally it will be easy to participate in chats, or open your own about your favorite topics (internet marketing, hobbies, news, events…). What you get here is priceless, but you know I always look at your wallet, so with Candace we have prepared the usual quality for the usual little price.

Even if you don’t like Twitter, these chats don’t even need for you to login on your account. It’s one of the best methods I’ve ever found, and millionaire marketers around the world have their own custom chat, available on monthly or weekly basis.

Keep up your expectations, Twitter Chats are really working, and finally it won’t be anymore a problem for you to follow them or create your one! “Twitter Chat Blueprint” is here for you!

Free Product – Affiliate Marketing Planet Review

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Affiliate Marketing Planet


My dear friend Candace Chira, after joining my 30 days coaching, decided to launch a free offer for you all, called “Affiliate Marketing Planet“. What you get is a super and free 4 pages report with tens of web addresses to check to learn a lot of new things to become better affiliate marketers, like:

  • 8 Training Videos
  • 7 Marketing Tools
  • 10 Training Programs
  • 8 Marketing Forums
  • 7 Podcasts
  • 7 Demographic Sources
  • Blogs
  • Lots of secret tips and bonuses!

Considering it’s free, jump on it right now, and grab also my free bonus with it, to grow your affiliate marketing knowledge to a complete new level, making finally the product sales you really deserve. Inside it you will learn about new forums to visit, new podcasts to hear when you have some time, incredible free tools to work better and faster, plus training, videos and top quality blogs to add to your own RSS feed list.

Go for “Affiliate Marketing Planet” without thinking twice, because you do not have to pay a red cent to grab it and read it, and it’s really a valuable choice, something rare nowadays. Second thing, you will know Candace and her quality work, and that’s another story!