Small List Email Maestro Review

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Small List Email Maestro


Small List Email Maestro” is a new guide coming from my dear friend Britt Malka, usually releasing Kindle products. Inside the guide you will find her own way she used to build a 182 subscribers email list and to cash $700 in only 2 days via that list. Incredible? Sure it is!

Inside the guide she will walk you through her secret 5-steps method to obtain these results. You will learn the fundamental first step that if done wrong can cost you the entirelist and any profit. A fundamental step I never saw before!

Then she shares her best methods to skyrocket her email opens, and that’s pure gold, plus the other 3 steps making this guide something unique and a must-have, for who has yet to build a list from zero, but also for who has built one but without results yet.

Small List Email Maestro” is without any doubt a gem, something huge that gave me too a lot of ideas. In fact you will find also my review on thread. This is an incredible book you can grab for yourself and for your next profits. Because no internet marketer could be called in that way if he has not yet an email list!

How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days Review

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How To Write Your Own Kindle Book In

My dear friend Britt Malka, experienced writer with tens of books published, launched “How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days“, an incredible course to give you the possibility to write your next book in
so few time. Even if you work, will you find two hours for writing and launching your next editorial success? I think you will!
Inside the main ebook you will receive you will learn many things, like:

1) A blueprint that shows you how to find unlimited interesting topics to write about, and how you can prequalify them to get an idea about their real potential. A big time saving!

2) Britt Malka’ system to write new books in literally no time and even enjoying your time in the process!

3) You will get many tips on how to write as fast as possible. Become a creative writer!

You get a big blueprint with screenshots, that helps you to write Kindle books in no more than 2 days, and with action steps to follow.
Then you get a case study about the book written by Britt, to show you the core method. Last but not least, a mindmap including the full process that gives an overview of the entire system.

This is a big value, especially if you want to create fast books bringing in a monthly income. Or if you have never published a book on your own, “How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days” will help you to order ideas.
A great product under any point of view!

Casual Holiday Blogging Review

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Britt Malka is a dear friend, a person I knew almost a year ago. When she creates ebooks, she always create something spectacular.
And this time she presented “Casual Holiday Blogging“, a real step by step guide on how to cash in with a blog during all the festivities you prefer to target.
You will learn how to build a great blog about festivity, with clear instructions on how to choose the best plugins, how to select a good theme and how to keep your blog alive, just for naming a few things you will find inside…

She suggests many ways to make cash before, during and even after the festivity.
All you need is a domain name, a hosting plan, and an autoresponder, to start selling and collecting leads.
And more, she gives you important notions on how to create curated content posts for your blog, to save time and getting great results.

This is awesome under any point of view, and the price is going up fastly.
It’s a 58 pages guide with actionable steps, no time for procrastination and only a big possibility for success.
Make a visit on sales page, and if you want to be the next Santa of internet marketing, grab “Casual Holiday Blogging“, right now!