WP Click Store Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 10-01-2015


WP Click Store


I always like the simple all-in-one solutions that permit you to have a service up and running in a few minutes. “WP Click Store” is a Clickbank based product store that you may install and configure on your WordPress blog in no more than 11 minutes. Curious? I bet!

Brett Ingram, the creator of this WP theme, has made everything easy to install his new creature on our blog and set up the entire eCommerce store in a few minutes, by adding only the products we want.

So if you want a health store, you can do it. But you can create also an internet marketing product store, or about trainings for dog lovers. This theme gives you an incredible power, and no blog will be the same thanks to this idea. A series of step by step videos walk you through the easy process, but if you know how to upload a new theme, you won’t need them at all, guaranteed.

WP Click Store” is a solution I really like, because you may advertise your blogs in the way you want after it’s live. You can put a link in your emails, on your eBooks, videos, slides, websites and blogs and drive thousands of peole with ease. This is a gem, check it out!