Book Snapper WP Theme Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 31-05-2014


Book Snapper


Diana Heuser launched a phenomenal WP theme named “Book Snapper“, that is
 a gem for any Kindle authors, to showcase books and to get followers and much more sales.
 It was designed for simplicity of use, and it’s an awesome tool for any author and
 writer who want more books sales at the end of each month.

Sometimes we forgot the power of personal advertising of our books. We just publish something new on Kindle marketplace, and we leave it there without caring anymore. So this action brings you no sales, and the same thing repeats anytime you publish a new book. Isn’t it? If you show your great books to new visitors, you will turn them into followers and buyers!

And this is absolutely the best thing you can do for your Kindle business, and even if you are selling books on other portals, you will take advantage of it!

It has a fully responsive design and it’s functional thanks to the one-stop function 
panel. You can put all your books there, and link all your social networks.
 Get more from your publishing efforts.
As you can see, this “Book Snapper” WP theme really rocks, use it for your own
exclusive advantage! Check it out, it’s sold in dimesale!