KD Traffic Black Book Review

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It’s always bad when you write a book with much efforts, and you see it doesn’t sell as you hoped. This “KD Traffic Black Book” by Bolaji O. helps you to discover the advertising strategies used by the top 100 authors to get a lot of sales even if their books are not so amazing.

But what’s inside this useful guide? There’s more than what you can expect! Including:

  • Top 47 websites for paid book ads.
  • Top 150 websites for free book ads.

But apart this, that is a lot because Bolaji gives you more tips and tricks, that includes:

  • Why Indie Authors need to drop everything and start advertising.
  • The 6 reasons most indie authors don’t advertise.
  • What sites to advertise on, depending on your situation.
  • How to price your books for your ad campaigns.
  • The book ad profit hook that can triple your ad campaign royalties.
  • The branding boost that will sell 5x more books than normal.
  • The four step book ad success method that most indies fail to use…
  • The four best times to advertise in your book business..
  • And a lot of more useful things!

This turns this guide into a great target for any Kindle author, in fiction or non-fiction. The advantages you can get are really superb if you will follow the advices! That’s why I strongly suggest to invest in “KD Traffic Black Book“.

KD Addiction Review

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KD Addiction


KD Addiction” by Bolaji ‘O is a solid guide that will show you how an indie author is able to get $12K checks like clockwork, by releasing perfect fiction books, like people desire. The method is not a brand new technique, but a set of methods here to stay for a long time.

You will be shown the unique right way to write easy series in just a few days per book, and how to catch reader’s attention, the most difficult thing where 99% of authors fail. Because everyone is good in getting number 1 book of a series sold, but how many times you see your sales continuing after book 1? I bet a few.

You will learn a total 0f 23 incredible tricks to get coming back readers to purchase all your series titles, and how to always leave your fans excited without getting them to discover your next plots. More, you will learn 5 great ways to avoid losing your readers at book one!

If you check also the bonuses, you will see the huge value of this book. “KD Addiction” is without any doubt something incredible for fiction writers and authors, and you can take full advantage from it since day one. Now your sales will come straight from your series!

15 Minute Plots Review

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15 Minute Plots

Bolaji O is back with another gem taken out from his magic hat: it’s called “15 Minute Plots” and it gives you a lot of ideas to turn even the most difficult plot into an easy game. No more papers flying around your house, no more headaches and writer’s blocks. Your next plot could be done in just… 15 minutes!

Your plots will be wonderful, intricated, impossible to be predicted by your readers, and full of the essence of great romances. You can really turn your books upside down thanks to the information
included in this great guide. Bolaji O is one of the few experts I really know and support by years, because he always probide top notch information for a good price.

You will learn the 7 universal rules of plotting, the 15 minute plot formula, the secret shape of a bestselling story, killer tips for your actions, ready plot templates to use as you like, and much much  more!

If you really want to cut the times for creating plots for your Kindle books, and create them in a professional way, this is your last train for success. Go for “15 Minute Plots” and you will solve all the typical writer’s problems!