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Posted by Admin | Posted in Informations | Posted on 21-07-2013


Alessandro Zamboni Blog

I want to use this Sunday to let you know that my new blog, “Alessandro Zamboni Blog” is live right now.
It will include daily articles from curation, to let you know the best things easily, and Sunday videos from marketing gurus.
Inside the blog you can find:

  • Daily articles with training, news and personal suggestions.
  • Sunday article “Discover the Gurus” with some of the best videos.
  • All my latest newsletter. shown cronologically from the most recent.
  • All my videos from Youtube.
  • Almost all my released products (at least the most recent).
  • Direct link to my Facebook Group.
  • All the links to my social networks.

What I want you to do is coming to make a visit and leave some comments around, to make it really popular.
And if you want, I hope you can join the RSS feeds to stay updated, or add it to your bookmarks for reading the daily articles.
I’m sure you will be amazed by the quality and by the contents provided. Make sure to share some articles on social, too!

Click this link now to visit my newest “Alessandro Zamboni Blog“, completely redone during the last week!