Forum Flipping Bootcamp and Membership Flipping

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Forum Flipping Bootcamp and Membership Flipping

As you probably know, Blog Flipping Bootcamp, launched back in 2009, was my first product related to blog flipping. After 1 exact year, I can say that blog flipping is became my first business. Its good to create new WordPress blogs from zero, enrich them with graphics and contents and sell them for an high income.

But today I enriched my blog flipping videos with 2 brand new ideas: Forum Flipping Bootcamp and Membership Flipping. They are two brand new e-books about flipping, but not simple websites: forums and membership sites.
Why? Because you can get 10 times the income you get with blogs. Easy and fast.
Its a new brilliant idea I built up with two partners.

Forum Flipping Bootcamp

This explains how to build a forum from zero in no more than 5 minutes and how to flip it on Flippa with a ready sales and 3 other great products as a bonus.
With this e-book you can become a master of forums, being able to sell them on demand, or flip them as soon as you like.
We included a step by step Flippa auction creation process, done through images to help you setup your best auction!

Membership Flipping

Its proven. Membership sites are able to give you a monthly income. The most important thing when you build memberships is offering huge contents and first quality trainings.
Thats why we decided to release another e-book, all about the secret tips to have a top membership site ready to deliver money each and every month.
It will act like a customers magnet, that once entered will be not able to stop the membership because waiting for next month contents!

Forum Flipping Bootcamp and Membership Flipping are the second and third products to connect to the Blog Flipping Bootcamp video course, to become a top flipper and start earning an huge income each and every month.
I offer as usual a complete coaching for the two products, in fact you will find my e-mail inside any product.
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Forum Flipping Bootcamp:
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Thanks and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni Blog sold for $400 !

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0 on Flippa

Hi, just to let you know that my Blog Flipping Bootcamp course is something great that really works, I announce I’ve sold my “FamilyMonyeSavings” Blog for $400 on Flippa.
That’s a great sale, with only 3 bids.

I build that blog only as a support to my course, through the 30 videos included, but finally it was a good project.
In fact it was placed on Google’s 4th place for the keyword “family money savings”, on over 89 millions of results.
It’s not difficult to resell a blog on Flippa, but it needs to have a few good points.

1) Good Contents
My blog’s articles were written by experienced article writers that I found on Odesk.
They needs to be unique and never published before.
And about 500 words in lenght.

2) Good SEO
There are many aspects of SEO, but is important to assure that your blog reach a good visibility in search engines, especially Google.
To do this, you can use Backlinks or good Search Engine Optimized contents.
I never used Backlinks, but I got very good articles from my freelancers.

3) Visitors and Traffic
If your site was the best of the world, but doesn’t have any visitor, you will be never able to sell it.
I got many visitors, only for the fact to be placed in the first 5 positions of Google.
That can increase your price.

4) Easy and Keyword Targeted Domain
This is another important factor.
If you choose a domain that people can remember, you have made a good thing.
I always suggest to find a domain based on you blog title.

These 4 easy steps can bring your blog up in search engines.
And it will be easy to resell it on Flippa.

If you want to watch the auctiona and salesletter, here is the link : Family Money Savings Auction

I released Blog Flipping Bootcamp !

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Blog Flipping Bootcamp is my new course, made with the supervision of John Yeo.
It shows you how to become a well known blog flipper in 30 Video Lessons with Full Transcripts, for a total amount of 7 hours of step by step videos.
I created this video course after my successful blog sales, and what let me decide about this course creation was the most incredible sales of Blog About Michael Jackson, a $197 value blog that I sold only after 2 days !

After Super Article Traffic, this is my second Internet Marketing release.
I sell it at $47, a really low price if you consider that it was a very time consuming creation, at :
You can download the following items :

  • 30 High Quality Videos (7 Hours of contents)
  • Full Text Transcripts
  • Extreme Bonuses

The Blog Flipping Bootcamp contents permit you to start from the base (WordPress Installation, Customization and Optimization) proceeding to advanced topics (Monetization Models, Exclusive Contents, Sale System and more).
I left no blank areas in the process that guide you from buying domain and hosting to the final resale on important worldwide networks.
I decided to put a list with all the video titles, otherwise my post length will be too long 🙂

Video 01 – Basic Niche Research
Video 02 – Advanced Niche Research
Video 03 – How to choose the best Keywords
Video 04 – How to Choose the best Domain and Hosting
Video 05 – How to Install your WordPress blog
Video 06 – How to Customize your new Blog
Video 07 – The Best Plugins you have to use
Video 08 – Tricks for WordPress Part 1 (Ping Automation)
Video 09 – Tricks for WordPress Part 2 (Other Settings)
Video 10 – How to find good contents and write new posts
Video 11 – How to find the best images
Video 12 – Search Engine Optimization
Video 13 – Monetization of WordPress Blog Part 1
Video 14 – Monetization of WordPress Blog Part 2
Video 15 – Monetization of WordPress Blog Part 3
Video 16 – Social Bookmarking Submission
Video 17 – Search Engine Submission
Video 18 – Social Network Submission
Video 19 – Basic Advertising Sources
Video 20 – Advertising through Articles
Video 21 – Advanced Advertising Sources
Video 22 – How to get high PR Backlinks
Video 23 – How to add a rich-content Squidoo Lens
Video 24 – How to Enrich your Selling Package
Video 25 – Which is the correct price for selling
Video 26 – Where to sell your new Blog
Video 27 – How to write an effective Sales Page
Video 28 – How to get High Quality comments
Video 29 – How to transfer domain and hosting
Video 30 – How to propose a paid update plan

The Bonuses instead are something spectacular :

Bonus 1 – Personal Analysis of your first blog for sale (for first 50 people only)
Bonus 2 – Wordpres Festivity Theme Package (23 Festivity Themes)
Bonus 3 – 40 Premium WordPress Themes (something spectacular to start your work)

But the bes thing is that “Blog Flipping Bootcamp” is not a finished video course… it will continue !
And when you will buy it, you are in possess of a Lifetime Membership !
In fact, from January 2009 I will release new video-courses, always about Blog Flip techniques.

I’m selling one of the best Blog Flipping guides now available, so I suggest to get your copy as soon as low prices are available !
But if you want to really save money, I placed a WSO (Warrior Forum Special Offer) with the lowest prices.
Connect to my Warrior Forum sale and get your copy before too late !
If you aren’t registered yet to Warrior Forum, join it completely free !

Thanks and Goodbye by Alessandro Zamboni, the Blog Flipping Bootcamp hero !