Black Friday Diamonds 2015 Review

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Black Friday Diamonds 2015


Today I released my latest “Black Friday Diamonds 2015“, my incredible set of WSOs that I release each and every year for only 4 days. The sale, in fact, goes from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Inside you will find 8 of my best products, the one who got most of the sales, together with all the bonus and webinar replays as well.

The value of this package is around $70, instead you can get it for $17 that is a really good price. Inside the pack you will find big ebooks like:

  • Instagram Black Book
  • Podcast Black Book
  • RSS Traffic Rocket
  • Pinterest Genie
  • Twitter Chat Blueprint
  • Kindle Quiz
  • Cash Cow Funnel
  • New T-Shirt Revolution

As you can see there is material you can use through all the rest of 2015 and even a good part of 2016. All my products are based on my experience and on my huge research I do day by day to uncover hidden gems here and there. More, you can get a special bonus no one will get. Check below to know which product is missing in this huge “Black Friday Diamonds 2015” package!

Black Friday Diamonds 2014 Review

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Black Friday Diamonds 2014


Hello and welcome! Today is my launch day for the Black Friday approaching. My “Black Friday Diamonds 2014” includes all my released products in 2014 for a low price. It’s something I do and renew each and every year in this period, and people like it.

So, this year you will find 8 products included:

  1. Secret Social Images 2.0
  2. Boom Boom Quiz
  3. Belly Fat Burner PLR Pack
  4. WP Sales Page Creator
  5. Instant Legal Pages Software
  6. Kindle Unlimited Profit
  7. Kindle Thriller 2.0
  8. FB Free Traffic Trick

A total value of over $130 given away for $17, the lowest price I can offer. This is valuable, all my tips, all my studies (I spend a lot of time in searching ideas that work) offered on a golden platter. Only from today, the 26th of November, till the 1st December. Then I close it.

Think fast, because day tend to flies! “Black Friday Diamonds 2014” is your best investment for starting your 2015 with a boost!

Black Friday Diamonds, all my best WSO for a small price!

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Black Friday Diamonds


Black Friday Diamonds“, my last idea for making this Black Friday something better.
A collection of my Top 10 WSO release since 2010, the year I started to use Warrior Forum for my launches.
The titles included for the small $9.95 price tag are the following:


This is the first product I created in my Internet Marketing adventure. A special ebook about how to generate traffic and sales through article writing and submission to article directories.
Inside you can find all the links you need, and a top secret to see each one of your articles into the Top 5 of
This is the latest version, revised and updated.


My best WSO of all times… Done with John Yeo it was a course to discover how to create a WordPress blog from zero, and how to resell it for profits over Flippa.
In the original version there were 30 videos and 30 transcripts. Now, after 2 years are changed so many things who I had to rewrite it in a 140 pages ebook.
Wonderful, I suggest everyone to read and apply all the techniques included!


This comes after the success of the previous course. It shows in a step by step format how to create, launch and dominate your membership website.
How to attract clients and how to go straight to success with the right mindset.


This is the third and latest ebook released about flipping website. This time I talk about creating community forums, and how to resell the for profits via Flippa network.
Creating a forum is more technical and difficult than running a blog, but when you sell it for 10 times what you sell a blog, you will desire to learn all the concepts!


Offline Vortex is my sensational release of an offline marketing method done in my city. I explain everything, a real case study to follow page by page.
You will learn what to use, how to get customers, how to build up the central resource, and how to dominate all your local area.
Another big deal, it’s impossible to avoid reading it if you really want to make easy money!


This WSO talks about traffic. Free traffic. It shows you 20 traffic generation methods to grab as much visitors as you need to your website. Traffic is the key factor of everything: sales, success and customers. So follow each one of the 20 methods and start generating a big flow of traffic!


Fiverr was the best website launched in 2012. With just $5 you can buy anything you need between thousands and thousands of different services. Internet marketing services or other cool things.
This ebook, made by me and Ivana Dee, shows you how to launch the perfect gigs. This is a case study of our best gigs launched on Fiverr, things you never see before. Guaranteed to work at 101%!


This is my second launch of an offline marketing guide. This time I talk about Pizzas, the most important Italian recipe. I show you 3 methods on how to get a lot of cash just getting in contact with the pizza shops of your city. The main method is phenomenal, the other 2 are great to rake in extra cash! Try it and be amazed!


This is the first of three reports about graphics. I show you 67 free apps for browsers, WordPress, websites and Pc/Mac for dominating this network.
Every application permits you to save time, do things better or using Pinterest differently. It was a boom of sales! Try it and change the way you act with Pinterest!


The second release on graphics, this shows how to create internet memes, the famous images you find right now on social networks and websites. The guide shows you how to design, create, sell and use these crazy images. This WSO was one of my best, and it gives you a lot of ideas on how to create your best images. Easy and fast way to rake in cash!

As you can see for only $9.95 you can get around $150 of real value, because that WSO are yet opened!
This offer will go from Thursday 22 November to Monday 26th November. It will go from Black Friday to Cyber Monday only!
So be fast and grab your “Black Friday Diamonds” collection”