Targeted Traffic Blueprint Review

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Targeted Traffic Blueprint

If you are serious about building your own big list, made of responsive and high converting subscribers, then “Targeted Traffic Blueprint” could be the product you were searching for!

Not only does it work, but it’s the tiniest investment you can make and still having a realistic expectation of results! It will show you how to get incredible cheap results with Bing Ads, an ad network we tend to forget, but that delivers superb results with few cents per click.

With their case study, Alex Langidis and Vanessa Zac are showing how, with only 378 clicks they got 191 subscribers in their list. This a really untapped traffic strategies that is really working, and something you can use for your own business, in any possible niche.

Apart the main guide, in the main zip file you can find a mindmap, to study the concepts in a breeze, a super-easy checklist to follow and a link to Alex personal Facebook group, where you can ask questions, talk about your campaigns and exchange ideas with members, including the authors.

This is really something interesting that I will test on my own in next few days! Follow the method, and start to grow your buyer’s list in literally no time with “Targeted Traffic Blueprint“!

The Lazy Money System Review

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The Lazy Money System


Hans Jeschke released “The Lazy Money System” two days ago, and this is the best Bing Ads guide I’ve ever found online. In fact at first you do not even need a lot of money to get started. Then you might even qualify for free $50 in free advertising credits! But apart this, the 28 page guide show you everything about Bing Ads.

There is not theory here, but the case study of what Hans did to earn a lot of money without efforts, including the exact products he promoted, the same ads he used to take so much commissions, and even the exact keywords! It’s easy, just like a good “Copy & Paste” system, without the need to have websites, landing pages, squeeze pages and with no use of SEO.

Filled by step by step how to’s, by clear screenshots of any move, this is without doubts one of the most complete guides on how to get success from the Bing Ads network, simply by promoting affiliate offers in the right way, without any error. What you can learn from Hans comes just from his daily to-do list, because actually he earns hundreds of dollars day by day.

It’s clear that “The Lazy Money System” is an awesome guide under any point of view!

3 Way List Builder Pro Review

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3 Way List Builder Pro

3 Way List Builder Pro” is a great new ebook by Arafat Zam, a good guy that delivers 4 great methods to build your list fast and without too much efforts. His methods are different from the other guides, and each one represents a wave of fresh air.

Method 1 is about free list builder software, with huge software suggested and shown in detail, with easy step by step process and screenshots.

Method 2 is all about Facebook PPC, with clear instructions and a good case study. With the steps provided, you will be able to run FB Ads without errors.

Method 3 is all about mass mailing through targeted mailer lists, by using the classic list building method with a big boost (that I personally use by a year and half with big success) and an external mass mailing software, by staying on the legal side.

Method 4 is about Bing PPC, and you get also $25 free credit coupon to purchase with a Fiverr link, and the step by step description on how to setup your winning ads.

As a bonus chapter you are suggested an affiliate opportunity. This is a great opportunity to learn 4 great methods to grow your list with ease, of which 1 entirely free and 3 to start with a little investment.
The methods inside “3 Way List Builder Pro” work, and Arafat has done an incredible job with this course!