List Building Insanity Review

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List Building Insanity


Nathan Shane and Bill Hugall have released a lot of WSO about list building, and “List Building Insanity” is a product that includes all their experience. The method shows how to mail your promo email to 1,000 people for free, and it’s true from what I saw. I’m more than sure it works because before joining the internet marketing train, what you see described in book and video is exactly what I was doing each and every day, with good results.

My trick is to tell you to use only squeeze pages, and if you need a special one that really converts, I can do it for you if you purchase this product. Just email me once you grab it. As I told you, apart the easy guide, you get two videos. The first is
the video that shows the technique live, step by step. The second is a bonus, and it’s “Facebook Hustling” by Bill Hugall, that shows you how important is to make relationships with the important people in your same field.

Consider also that apart the site they give you, there are at least other 30 that are good the same, and that work good the same, giving you the possibility to grow your list with ease, and for free. That’s why “List Building Insanity” is a good purchase!

The Rainmaker Review

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The Rainmaker

Bill Hugall is one of the most serious and respectable affiliate marketers, and this time he provides “The Rainmaker“, a total course about how to become serious affiliate marketers, step by step.

Once in, you will get 6 videos that walk you right inside the exact process that Bill used to rake in over $100K in last year. More, you will get also additional 8 videos showing you each step to reach success, and some quick videos to make fast cash to support your learning phase.

It’s a solid product, with real and usable information on how to get the best from your promotional efforts, and I’m sure if you may stick to it, big results will come. You can become an affiliate marketing authority in just a few months!

Pay also attention to the first OTO offer, that delivers 3 video case studies with a live Q&A training session in which you may jump in and ask any question about the contents. In this way you can move forward pretty fast and without any time consuming error!

Available for a few time at a discounted price, with all the quality trainings proviced, “The Rainmaker” by Bill Hugall it’s a deal I won’t lose!

The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours Review

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The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours

Ask any car salesperson and he or she will always say it’s much better to sell a high price car than a cheap one. Bigger commissions, for exactly the same work. And to support this truth, Bill Hugall has released “The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours“, a super WSO that shows you how to sell high ticket products with ease, in just hours!

Sure, it’s well know that you can make money also by selling low price WSOs and JVZoo products, but can you imagine the difference between selling 10 products a day that costs $5, and just 1 that cost $497? There’s a big difference, isn’t it? So I feel it’s right for you, and even for me, to try to evolve and begin promoting these big paid products instead than focusing on little ones, that sometimes require more work and deliver less profits 🙂

Bill is just giving a look at how anyone can get started selling middle or high ticket infoproducts with ease, and he is a great authority on the subject, because he does this every single day in his own business. If you want to take advantage of his great techniques, take advantage of “The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours“, and grab this guide until it’s available!

The Newbie Society Review

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The Newbie Society


Bill Hugall created this great membership that you can join for a one time fee of less than $9. It’s “The Newbie Society“, a place in which you and your knowledge can grow on daily basis thanks to the lots of videos that you will find inside. The topics are various, and they include:

  1. Traffic sources, free and paid.
  2. WordPress training, that will turn you into an expert.
  3. Autoresponder management, from A to Z.
  4. How to launch WSOs and Free WSOs.
  5. Mindset and time management, for planning the best.
  6. Surprise bonuses.

All is shown with hours and hours of pure content videos, to learn how to build your online business, and to start making a good and solid monthly income, in the nearest future. These techniques brought cash and satisfaction to Bill, the author, and now you are able to learn from him how to power your business day by day, without errors, problems and bad choices, like it happens for every newbie.

Bill Hugall WSO always over-deliver. And “The Newbie Society” shows you how honest he is, because it could ask a monthly fee instead of a one time fee for accessing all the contents at one time. Take this opportunity now, learn how to build your business assets from zero!