Five Figure Secret Review

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Five Figure Secret


Bill Hugall is one of the most brave high ticket sellers I have ever had the luck to know, and this “Five Figure Secret” comes from his own experience. It shows you how to turn little daily sales as an affiliate into a 5 figure sale by promoting high ticket products.

This method is brought to you by a guy that has been doing this for years, and that is teaching the same methods to his private coaching clients for a lot of money. Today it could be yours for a little price, and you may really change the next commissions you will earn.

If you want a sneak peek, this is about setting up webinars to make 5 figures a time, and that’s really something I always dreamed to learn. That’s why I purchased my copy, and I checked it out before letting you know! It’s pure gold, with videos and PDF files!

And more, I really trust Bill Hugall, because he built a great part of his success on big ticket sales, promoting high quality products with not-so-common prices! This is what “Five Figure Secret” is all about! A solid product for who is searching more profits by following the right advices!

Commission Codex Review

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Commission Codex

Coach Comeback and Bill Hugall released Commission Codex yesterday, and this is a good WSO, that shows you how to get sales without traffic, lists or SEO. Your earnings will come straight from affiliate products, with an awesome way to select the winning ones, letting you avoid bad releases.

This is a duplicable system that gives you guaranteed results, remove the possibility of errors and permits you to learn directly from other guys that have done things before that now you can just follow, without jumps in the dark. And the two guys of this WSO are great affiliates at first, and extraordinary sellers, that guarantees big results at the end.

The course is developed in video format, and you get access to 6 videos, of which 1 recorded by Bill and 5 by Coach Comeback. And the technique presented will leave you with a open mouth!

Bill Hugall grabbed a lot of top prizes as a JV partner, and he will explain you, together with Coach Comeback, all the secrets to get rewarded each and every time you are choosing a product to promote. A great and new resource for increasing
your sales without becoming crazy. Thumbs up for Bill and Coach, for their awesome Commission Codex!

The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours Review

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The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours

Ask any car salesperson and he or she will always say it’s much better to sell a high price car than a cheap one. Bigger commissions, for exactly the same work. And to support this truth, Bill Hugall has released “The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours“, a super WSO that shows you how to sell high ticket products with ease, in just hours!

Sure, it’s well know that you can make money also by selling low price WSOs and JVZoo products, but can you imagine the difference between selling 10 products a day that costs $5, and just 1 that cost $497? There’s a big difference, isn’t it? So I feel it’s right for you, and even for me, to try to evolve and begin promoting these big paid products instead than focusing on little ones, that sometimes require more work and deliver less profits 🙂

Bill is just giving a look at how anyone can get started selling middle or high ticket infoproducts with ease, and he is a great authority on the subject, because he does this every single day in his own business. If you want to take advantage of his great techniques, take advantage of “The Secret of $8K in 5 Hours“, and grab this guide until it’s available!

The Newbie Society Review

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The Newbie Society


Bill Hugall created this great membership that you can join for a one time fee of less than $9. It’s “The Newbie Society“, a place in which you and your knowledge can grow on daily basis thanks to the lots of videos that you will find inside. The topics are various, and they include:

  1. Traffic sources, free and paid.
  2. WordPress training, that will turn you into an expert.
  3. Autoresponder management, from A to Z.
  4. How to launch WSOs and Free WSOs.
  5. Mindset and time management, for planning the best.
  6. Surprise bonuses.

All is shown with hours and hours of pure content videos, to learn how to build your online business, and to start making a good and solid monthly income, in the nearest future. These techniques brought cash and satisfaction to Bill, the author, and now you are able to learn from him how to power your business day by day, without errors, problems and bad choices, like it happens for every newbie.

Bill Hugall WSO always over-deliver. And “The Newbie Society” shows you how honest he is, because it could ask a monthly fee instead of a one time fee for accessing all the contents at one time. Take this opportunity now, learn how to build your business assets from zero!