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WP Marketteer


WP Marketteer is a new WordPress theme especially builted for promoting big ticket events for internet marketers around the world.
This is a completely turnkey solution, as it includes all what you need, like:

  • Contents feeding automatically into the blog.
  • Big ticket launches and events updated on their own.
  • Promotional functions for social networks.

Just the WordPress theme is awesome, well designed and usable. But if you add the fact that you don’t have to lift a finger to get all the recent big ticket events added to your blog, this is an extremely good thing.
If you want a real example, you can check Social Glimmer at http://www.socialglimmer.com, a blog done by the author of this WSO.
You can see a slide with the most important events by famous VIPs involved in personal development niche, four ads to the most important free events (call them baits) and a lot of auto-updating blog posts adding new information, new videos and new events.

Well, now the question is one. What can you earn with a blog like this? Much money, that’s sure.
Events always call masses of people, and finding a place that lists the major ones it’s awesome. But if you have the time to edit it a little bit you can insert even more big ticket events, to make it bigger and better.
And modify it a little, to make it unique under the eyes of Google.

WP Marketteer it’s a nice idea, grab it and try to make your own cash calling blog. Selling it’s not difficult! You just need the right blog!

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