Banner Ninja 2.0 Review

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Banner Ninja 2.0


I was amazed by the first collection, but “Banner Ninja 2.0” is even more better,
 providing 40 new and exclusive sets of banners to edit and use for your own sites,
 or to simply sell to who needs them. A collection that spans from serious banners
 to funny ones, from colorful to standard.

You get 9 banners for each one of the 40 sets, that make the total count up to 360 
banners, good to promote your products and services on the web, or to be given to 
your JV promoters and affiliates. And if you decide to purchase the PLR version,
 you can take advantage of these designs by selling them to clients for good money.

Banners could be used to promote your sales pages, websites and blogs:

1) In a free or paid banner exchange.
2) With Adwords or any other PPC campaign.
3) Passing them to your JV partners or affiliates on your JV page.
4) Or you can sell them to third part clients as a freelancer.

As you can see these are four good ways to use banners and make profits. If you follow your best way, you will see how these banner templates are useful.
They come in a ready to edit PSD format, to edit with Adobe Photoshop, Gimp or any other software supporting this file format, even on the web.

I purchased the first version and used it so much, so I’ve also decided to go for “Banner Ninja 2.0“. There’s too much value to be left on the table! Isn’t it?

Banner Ninja for your Black Friday

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Banner Ninja by Alessandro Zamboni


Banner Ninja” is a superb collection of editable banners. You get a total of 30 different collections, with 9 banners each for a total of 270 banners.
They are colorful, and they enhance your conversions in a bold way.
Incredibly easy to edit, with Gimp or Adobe Photoshop, the results you may obtain are something professional.

You don’t need so much time, just enter your text, your images, and the banners are ready!
Banners can be used in multiple ways: they can be useful for your own affiliate programs, and for your JV partners, so that your product can be advertised without efforts. Or again, they can be useful to promote affiliate products on daily basis, or again, they can be sold for profits over Fiverr, Odesk, Elance and for big cash.

And again, you can use them for getting traffic on banners exchanges.
Banners are a big deal, but most of the time people forget them because it’s difficult to create one from zero. Instead here you get them ready to go, and all what you need is a bit of customization, by adding the name of desired products, some texts and in a few cases your product cover or any image you like.

A collection like this must be sold for $97, or at least $47. But if you purchase them today, you can grab the entire banner collection for just $10.
It’s a dimesale, so be fast to grab the lowest price ever! “Banner Ninja” will definitely change your promotion tactics in better!