Azon Easy Cash – Mega Music PLR Review

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Mega Music PLR

“Azon Easy Cash”, and specifically this huge “Mega Music PLR“, will give you the kick-start you need to launch into the billion dollar music niche. It comes pre-loaded with gorgeous website graphics and high quality product reviews designed to convert your visitors into sales.

If you want to know what’s inside this double package, here is the list of the PLR contents:

  • Introductory video.
  • High quality product reviews on 20 top selling musical instruments in two sub-niches.
  • 20 hard hitting video reviews for video marketing or to spice up your website.
  • Professionally designed website headers.
  • Beautiful footer graphics that complement the theme of your blog.
  • Killer banner ads for the music niche.
  • Custom designed order buttons.
  • PowerPoint templates for each video.
  • MP3 audio files for each review.
  • Amazon product lists.
  • Two pre-built websites with all articles and links embedded. Just upload and you’re ready to go.
  • Bonus PLR articles.
  • Detailed installation instructions.

All with the usual great quality of Jeffrey Pettit. With “Azon Easy Cash – Mega Music Pack” you’ll have great content, awesome video reviews, super website graphics, two complete themes and everything you need to make money online with digital piano and drum sets, two awesome music niches! Go for this package if you are into PLR or affiliate marketing, because it’s always easy to sell with Jeffrey Pettit PLR Packages!

Azon Easy Cash Air Purifiers Review

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Air Purifiers PLR Pack


Jeffrey Pettit release an awesome Amazon video package each and every month, and now it’s the time for “Azon Easy Cash Air Purifiers“, all about this hot selling series of products. What he gives you for less than $10 is incredible, as you may get:

1) 10 high quality review videos (for Youtube, Vimeo or your blog)
2) 10 PLR review articles (for article directories, slides, free reports, or your blog)
3) 10 MP3 review files (for podcasts, for adding more value to your blog)
4) Amazon product list (for finding the 10 products to promote with ease!)
5) Headers and Footers (to give the right adjustment to your website)
6) Banner ad (to promote it with banner exchanges, Adwords or 3rd part networks)
7) 3,000 PLR Articles about “Home & Kitchen” niche! (A really huge bonus!)

And you can really target a brand new market, where there is space for lots of additional promoters. Air purifiers, now that we live in chaotic and polluted cities, are a fundamental choice for customers that suffers of asthma, respiratory problems, or that simply want to know which type of air they breath.

Consider the quality, the lot of things you can do with this package, and how easy will be to become an affiliate for these products.
Azon Easy Cash Air Purifiers” is really a perfect PLR pack to jump into one of the most remunerative niches ever!

Azon Easy Cash Kitchen Heaven Review

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Azon Easy Cash Kitchen Heaven

Azon Easy Cash Kitchen Heaven” is a high quality package of five blogs within 50 video reviews, 50 articles and 50 Mp3. More, you get super bonuses, like 5 blog headers, 5 blog footers, 130 PLR articles about kitchen and 3 ebooks.
An incredible amount of information to build up an Amazon business without any effort.
I love these packages, because you get all ready, and in just a few time you can get your blog ready, within the reviews.

I like to add the video on top, with the article below. And then add some additional Amazon plugins to show banners with the right products.
Then a bit of advertising on social, some good articles on article directory Ezine Articles, and things start to rock in around a week.
Amazon blogs are easy to be monetized, if you take a few time to care about each one adding fresh contents at least on weekly basis. Never add all videos and articles at one time.

And this package is incredibly well built, for the quality of the videos, for the products chosen, and for the sub-niche selected, that are: top compact fridges, dishwasher, microwave oven, food processors and wine
cellars. Every one of these niches has it’s great pool of customers, ready to spend many dollars on what they like to do.

Every customer is searching for good places in which finding reviews of the products they’re going to buy.
So “Azon Easy Cash Kitchen Heaven” is the best product to look for, with a super all-inclusive package, full of quality to dominate the niches.

Azon Easy Cash – Fitness Fever

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Azon Easy Cash Fitness Fever


I never saw a so feature rich Amazon Affiliates package like “Azon Easy Cash – Fitness Fever“.
It’s simply incredible how much things you will find after you purchase it.
You can dominate 5 fitness sub-niches with this super package, and what you get is:

  • 50 product reviews videos for 5 niches
  • 50 PLR articles for 5 niches
  • 50 Mp3 files for 5 niches
  • 5 incredible WordPress themes
  • 5 graphically improved headers
  • 5 incredible footers
  • 5 banner ads
  • 5 custom-designed fitness order buttons
  • Amazon product list for each one of the 5 sub-niches
  • And much more!

With the 50 reviews you can prepare blog posts containing video reviews and the article, while the Mp3 can be used for podcasts or put available as a download file.
The 5 WordPress themes are really incredible, and if you think you can change header and footer in 5 combinations, you can comprehend how many different websites you can build up.
Video reviews are made really well, and you get also an how-to with the Powerpoint template to build new ones whenever you want, if you like to create videos.

So you will have a never-ending source of ideas to keep your blogs active!
You get also a great support, and for my opinion this is one of the best Amazon review packages ever built, especially on Fitness, where people spend lots and lots of dollars each and every year. For this reason “Azon Easy Cash – Fitness Fever” is one of the best ways to dominate the fitness niche!