Auto Blogging Software Review

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Auto Blogging Software

Just a few days ago, when I was searching for an automation tool for my blog, I hit the Auto Blogging Software website, by Nick Carty.
Just reading a few text lines, and having tried all the most advertised auto-blogging tools online, I decided to make one more try.
Well, after a full week of use, I can only say that finally I found a valued software, powerful and easy to use !

After a simple installation, you can start adding your blogs into the software (I’ve more than 27 blogs all around !).
In a few seconds you are ready to publish fresh contents to your blog, through Auto Blogging Software.
You can decide if add automated contents, PLR files or written articles, specifying the date and the hour in which you want them to be published.

The Automated Contents option works very well, and it’s very easy to dominate it.
You only need to insert an RSS Feed and wait until the full articles, with images, are downloaded.
Then, you can decide which article publish, with or without linkback to original site.
All internal text links are removed on requests, so you can customize the ready articles as much as you like.

This software is really cool !
It permit also to manage unlimited blogs, with Blogger or WordPress platform, and manage them straight from Auto Blogging Software.
This tool is what a serious blogger needs, just because it’s fully automated and save your time.

When you will buy it, you will have access to proprietary forum, in which you will find many auto blogging tips and tricks and a fast answering customer support, very prepared.
I suggest you to don’t lose a software like “Auto Blogging Software”, it will save your valued time and money as well !