Traffic Generation PLR Review

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Traffic Generation PLR

Arun Chandran articles are always well written and fantastic for readers, and these “Traffic Generation PLR” includes all the usual value for a low price. Inside the package you will find 10 high quality PLR articles, each one made of more than 500 words and including awesome contents of interest.

There are articles about: article marketing, ad swaps, FB groups, blogs, forum marketing, guest blogging, video marketing, pay per click, joint ventures and SEO. A big set of interesting topics for your readers!

With these articles you can update your blog up to 10 times, or you can complete reports for your squeeze page for list building purposes, or create an eBook to resell or a set of newsletters. Quality is never a problem with Arun, as I really have purchased and used a lot of articles package from him during these last few years.

Consider also these could be used to create video trainings, webinars, podcasts, slideshows or infographics for increasing your own revenue. If you like PLR articles, go for this huge package of “Traffic Generation PLR“!

15 Minute Articles Review

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15 Minute Articles


Arun Chandran released “15 Minute Articles”, a great product that shows you how he created tons of article sets, and sold them successfully on Warrior Forum, as PLR Articles Packages.

An incredible travel inside the mind of a top writer, to comprehend all the secrets to generate cash for every hour spent writing articles. Inside the 2 ebooks, with more than 53 pages of case studies, techniques and brilliant ideas, you will find all what you need to become an experienced article writer and seller. Even if you are not good to write.

You will learn methods to get a constant flow of fresh ideas, to never stop your creative vein, so that you will get all ideas at once. Learn the best and most searched article types, so that you can leave out the rest. On the second guide, you will find three different ways to make sales with your articles, described really well and in detail step by step.

So you will finally learn how to become a professional article creator and seller, to make good earnings on weekly basis, by creating material researched by most.
For this reason, if you want to aim a new target market area, article writing is a great job. And this “15 Minute Articles” is definitely out from ordinary!

35 Weight Loss PLR Articles Review

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35 Weight Loss PLR Articles

Arun Chandran is a creative writer like I’ve no found elsewhere, especially as article creator. This time he created this brilliant package of “35 Weight Loss PLR Articles“, that include top articles with more than 500 words each, available in text and Word file format.

Even if these articles touch the big weight loss niche, you will find good contents about exercises, health and diets, good for any blog, to be assembled into ebooks or reports, to be recorded as videos or played as slideshows. Or you can use them to build up your Facebook Page or Group, just to give you an idea no one has ever shared with you. Think about it, you have 35 (+25 bonus) articles to create outstanding contents!

Weight loss is a huge niche to target, and you can easily monetize these articles by placing Google Adsense ads on your website, or by using CPA links or affiliate products, for example from Clickbank, Amazon Associates, or health affiliate platforms.

The opportunities you get with these 35 “Weight Loss PLR Articles” by Arun Chandran, and the 25 bonus articles you receive, always in the same niche, are really huge and written with care.
Make a good use of all this valuable PLR articles, and results will come!

Aquaponics PLR Articles Review

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Aquaponics PLR Articles


Arun Chandran is one of my favorite writers, and this time he prepared a wonderful package of “Aquaponics PLR Articles“.
Considering that aquaponics is a technique to grow fastly plants as well as vegetables, this niche is growing year by year with more passionated people.
If you check Amazon marketplace, or even Clickbank, you will find some good products to promote within these 15 marvellous articles, each one
crafted with care and with the following characteristics:

  • More than 500 words each.
  • They are available in Word format or text format.
  • You have full private label rights with no restrictions.
  • If you like the idea, you can even resell them for profits.

But with these articles you have a great opportunity!
My suggestion is to use them on a special blog to earn a new income from affiliate products.
For example you can place two articles, and a product review with affiliate links, and some banners, just to make you a clear example.

Or again, create a brand new ebook about Aquaponics to resell in this growing niche.
In fact who loves this niche is growing in number each and every year!
So with this package of articles you have more than a single opportunity, because you can use them without limits for how many times you like.

Create a blog, a squeeze page with free report, an ebook to resell, some videos, some good presentations…
Let your mind work with this sensational “Aquaponics PLR Articles” package!

20 Exclusive Weight Loss PLR Articles

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20 Weight Loss PLR Articles


After the big success he got on the first sale of weight loss PLR articles, Arun Chandran released a second batch of “20 Exclusive Weight Loss PLR Articles“, always about the losing weight niche.
These 20 articles are all above the 500 words, they are written in textformat or doc format and they includes PLR rights and even resale rights if youdesire to resell the package “as-is”.

The things you can do with PLR articles are a lot, because you can putthem in a new ebook, to sell on any market you want, they can be usedfor building new videos to share on Youtube or presentations to share onSlideshare for making affiliate sales. Again, you can use them to buildcomplete minisites, blogs or websites. You decide!
What makes this article packages so successful is the low price, and thehigh quality shared by Arun, that really cares about his articles.

So, if weight loss is your niche, here is a fresh package of quality PLR articles to use for promoting your weight loss niche.
Grab your copy of these”20 Exclusive Weight Loss PLR Articles” right now!