Azon Cookware PLR Review

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Azon Cookware PLR


Amanda Craven released a new PLR package called “Azon Cookware PLR“, something incredible and that comes in the right place, now that people are crazy about MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen and a lot of additional TV series! In this awesome cookware PLR package you will find:

  • “Market Intelligence Report”, to learn everything about this niche
  • 21 brand new, high quality Amazon review videos
  • Report and eBook
  • 2 wonderful squeeze pages
  • Viral images ready for Pinterest sharing
  • Viral images ready for Instagram sharing
  • “Amazon Product Report” including 35 products to promote
  • 4 “Top 10 Videos” ready to be uploaded on Youtube
  • Keyword research files
  • A lot of great bonuses!

That’s the best you can find online, something carefully researched and crafted so that you can turn these contents and videos into your army of commission generators. Just add them into your blog, or open a new one about a worldwide passion like cooking!

Just stop what you are doing and look on your kitchen, and I’m sure you or your wife/husband are collecting cookware in your kitchen. Isn’t it? This is a golden niche to discover and to profit from. Now with this amazing “Azon Cookware PLR” package, you have all what you need to jump on the train for success!

The Pin Code Review

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The Pin Code

Amanda Craven released “The Pin Code“, a super video course to learn how to make sales on Pinterest. There are 5 videos, a PDF and some bonuses, and the training is really brilliant, considering it’s the first course released after the Pinterest new laws in terms of affiliate links.

Pinterest is that site where yummy mummies pin up pretty pictures, except that those pretty pictures are generating billions of dollars and it is not just the serial image posters who are raking them in. There are now over 70 million regular users of Pinterest. And those users do not just browse. They buy. A lot.

A superb 80% of who clicks on a pin then buy the product. Or they could sign up for whatever you have on offer. That is the kind of engagement Facebook and Twitter can only dream about… With the right Pinterest mindset you will be able to achieve the same results of Pinterest masters, people who built his business just on that visual social network.

The Pin Code” is the only course you need to start monetizing Pinterest whether or not you have tried before and failed or you are brand new to this golden opportunity. Check this out now but hurry because it is on dimesale and rising fast!

Azon Dog Care PLR Pack Review

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Azon Dog Care PLR

We know that a profitable niche is based on a passion or a pain, right? And it doesn’t get much more passionate than this! Dog owners are crazy about their pets and spend huge amounts on them – billions of dollars every year, in fact.

Where do they spend a large chunk of that money? On Amazon of course. There are more than 55 million households with pet dogs in the US alone and those owners fit the same demographic as the perfect Amazon buyer.

All of that is great news for you but the dog niche is huge which is why Amanda Craven’s huge new “Azon Dog Care PLR” will save you tons of time and effort. She has narrowed this down to the Dog Care niche and then drilled right down to bring you the very best that Amazon has to offer, combing through literally thousands of products to come the best items to promote.

You get everything you need to dominate this niche including:

• 20 Brand New, High Quality Amazon Review Videos
• 2 Brand New Reports • 2 Unique Squeeze Pages
• 100 Keyword-Rich Dog Care Articles
• Market Intelligence Report giving the insider lowdown on this niche
• Amazon Product Report containing 35 carefully selected products to promote immediately
• 10 Brand New Dog Viral Quote Images to post on social media/blogs
• 10 Brand New Instagram Images
• 4 Top 10 Dog Videos to upload to YouTube/use onblogs
• Done For You Keywords
• Valuable Bonuses as well!

Azon Dog Care PLR” is on dimesale so go check it out as soon as possible!

The Golden Ticket Review

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The Golden Ticket


Do you really want to know what stops most people from ever creating a profitable product? They have absolutely no ideas! They go round and round in circles, wondering if this one or that one will work, spending hours picking and clicking online trying to get some inspiration. But they all end up doing absolutely nothing!

But what if I told you there was a proven way to find those guaranteed winners every time? A tried and tested path to surefire info product success?

14 times WSO Of The Day winner Amanda Craven has just released her new course, “The Golden Ticket“, and it reveals all her secrets for finding the product ideas that have enabled her to build a 6 figure product sales business.

Even better, she promises that if you follow the easy steps she lays out for you then you too can do this in 3 hours or less! Three hours between you and a guaranteed income stream that will last for months and years to come. Plus she also shares her method for turning those ideas into product outlines so easily that these things practically write themselves.

You get a good guide and some good videos, with a lot of value. “The Golden Ticket” has just been released at an insanely low price but it is on dimesale, so price is going up all the time. Go here to check it out right now!

Azon Weight Loss PLR Review

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Azon Weight Loss PLR


You hear it all the time: go for the big niches. The sure things like weight loss, now worth more than a cool $671.8 billion a year. But then you wonder how you can get even a toe-hold never mind dominate a niche like that when the competition is so tough. Easy! You get someone else to do it for you. Someone like the expert marketer Amanda Craven, who has just released her brand new “Azon Weight Loss PLR” package.

But this is not just for Amazon sellers and affiliates, as everyone can grab this huge bundle and make bank. People like product creators, Clickbank affiliates, other affiliates and even coaches and consultants working with clients in this field can all make easy profits from this, starting from zero.

Especially as Amanda focuses on a low competition, high-demand sub-niche she stumbled across when researching the done for you keywords she also provides.

Here is what you get with her new pack:

1) 20 high quality Amazon review videos.
2) Expertly written 10,557 word, 57 page Workbook that contains a wealth of information.
3) Ready to go diet plans.
4) eBook covers.
5) Squeeze page with eCourse.
6) Market intelligence report giving the insider lowdown on this niche.
7) Amazon product report containing 35 carefully selected products to promote immediately.
8) Done for you keywords.
9) A lot of valuable bonuses.

This is on offer at an insanely low launch price for 7 days only. After that, it goes on sale for a higher price into Amanda Craven PLR store. With the new year just started, there is no better time to grab this and start profiting right now.

Go check it out this Amanda Craven WSO, named “Azon Weight Loss PLR“. It is on dimesale right now, and shooting up!

Ultimate Amazon Stress PLR Kit Review

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Ultimate Amazon Stress PLR Kit

Want to know what affects 1 out of every 5 people on the planet, and is responsible for more than half of all days off work, costing US alone $300 billion a year? Stress, that’s what! Which makes this not only one huge, hungry niche but also one thatís evergreen. In fact, it is exploding year on year.

But how do you get a foothold in such a big niche, never mind dominate it? That is the easy part – because Amanda Craven has produced another of her superb PLR packages, this time in the Stress Niche with the focus on Amazon.

The Ultimate Amazon Stress PLR Kit” is a huge bundle of resources for Amazon affiliates, other affiliates, Amazon sellers and product creators.

It includes:

  • 20 Brand New, High Quality Amazon Review Videos.
  • 6 Affirmation & Relaxation Videos.
  •  2 Unique, Easily to Edit Squeeze Pages.
  •  Two Professionally Written PLR Reports On Managing Stress.
  • Market Intelligence Report giving the insider lowdown on this niche.
  • Amazon Product Report containing 35 carefully selected products to promote immediately.
  • 10 Viral Quote Images.
  • 10 Instagram Images.
  • 10 Niche Articles & Report.
  • 5 Written Product Reviews.
  • Done For You Keywords.
  • And two valuable bonuses.

The Ultimate Amazon Stress PLR Kit” is on offer at an insanely low launch price for 7 days only so snap it up before it goes on sale for $67 in Amandaís PLR store. With everyone suffering from post-Holiday stress and the January blues, now is the perfect time to grab this and start profiting. Check it out here but hurry- it is on dimesale and shooting up!

Info Cash Machine Review

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Info Cash Machine

Today I want to review the new “Info Cash Machine“, a new product by Amanda Craven that was selected “WSO Of The Day”. It talks about product creation, with some salt and pepper.

We all know that great product marketers are doing 6 or also 7 figures per launch, so there’s no doubt that, if done well, a good launch can change our economic future in better. But I bet you’ve been holding back. I know because I’ve been there too… creating your own products is scary.

I’ve launched a lot of products, and some were selected as WOTD too. You have to select a solid topic to choose, and especially how to sell solutions to problems. There’s also the salesletter to take care of, together with the copy.

What if I told you there was a brand new, foolproof, fill-in-the blanks blueprint that will lead you all the way to your first successful product? Created by one of those 6 figure marketers, Amanda Craven. Guaranteed! All you have to do is follow it from start to end, and in no time you will be beating out those big dogs with your own awesome product!

Info Cash Machine” teaches you not only how to come up with that first product, but also how to keep replicating the simple process so you can become a product machine.You get videos, PDFs, transcripts, MP3s, slides, worksheets and bonus training. All of that for one tiny price. Change your future, starting from today!

Amazon Gold Review

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Amazon Gold

Amanda Craven released this great guide called “Amazon Gold” through a WSO. It shows you how to discover what exactly Amazon customers want, and how to find it and sell it to them without moving from your computer.

A 62 pages guide filled by tips, tricks and techniques to sell more affiliate products and earn more at the end of each month. Discover how to acknowledge the crucial criteria that sets Amazon buyers apart, and how you can exploit this for big profits! This was never revealed before!

The method used is “Fullfillment by Amazon”, also known as FBA, a way to sell products on this big network without having them at your home, and without  even moving outside to find and purchase them. All of this makes this technique easy and much more rewarding than the usual Amazon Associates affiliate’s promotion of products.

You will learn how to take advantage of FBA to sell products at high profit on Amazon marketplace, and how to source hot products in high demand for cheap. For these reasons Amanda Craven’s “Amazon Gold”  it’s an awesome choice, something completely different to make sales on Amazon via FBA!

Talking Profits Review

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Talking Profits


If you want a billion of people all for you, podcasting via iTunes could be your
 next idea for achieving success. “Talking Profits” by Amanda Craven was in fact
 selected as “WSO Of The Day”, and sold hundreds of copies since day one.
Thanks to this precious guide, you will learn:

•    How to create a podcast and turn simple listeners into super fans.
•    Turn these fans into subscribers, and get them buying your products.
•    How to record a superb and successful podcast, with all secrets revealed.
•    How to manage tehnology, even if you’re a newbie, and cut through jargon.

All shown into 62 pages of contents, to get profits from each one of your future
 podcasts. You will have the pleasure to transform random listeners into top
 buyers, connected to you through your list!

 You get also huge worksheets, you can go deep into case studies, and give a look 
to a special guide when it’s time to create your first podast ever, to go through
 each step like a real audio master.

Last but not least you get also some good audio 
tracks for creating your jingles. 

Make podcasts your new cash generators, on weekly basis or when you like. 
”Talking Profits” by Amanda Craven is something spectacular to start!

Fast Diet Fixes Video PLR Pack Review

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Fast Diet Fixes

Amanda Craven’s “Fast Diet Fixes” is a new PLR package for the
 weight loss industry, that each and every year gets up to 61 billion 
dollars from worldwide customers in search of a new weight loss 

With a package like this one, that includes 8 white label videos
 with slides, a 3,700 words report, eCovers and resource guide,
 you can really dominate even the most difficult niche.

 people is searching for easy and working solutions, and this 
great video PLR package gives all the answers.

You can create a product to sell that gives access to the 8 cool
 videos, and use the slide and the report for advertising the
 sales page, for example on document sharing platforms, 
SlideShare and also by using a good converting squeeze page,
 that you get for free as an exclusive bonus, together with a 
promo video.

You can use everything to build a list, to get buyers, as good 
contents for your blog, as a viral content for your social
 networks, or to establish yourself as a weight loss authority.
 You decide!
 What’s important is that “Fast Diet Fixes” gives you all what you need, not only to emerge in the crowd, but even to get people interested in what you are selling!