My New Product – Kindle Quiz Review

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Kindle Quiz


Finding new Kindle markets is not easy, but today I’m happy to announce my “Kindle Quiz“, the first guide on how to create your own quiz or trivia ebook for the Kindle marketplace!

This is a fresh study about the exploding quiz and trivia genre. Inside the guide readers can find a step by step tutorial on how to create their quiz ebook, with easy tutorials and screenshots.

We move from the idea to the creation phase, showing the three most wide spread types of ebooks. We also show 11 sites where they can build their questions and find the right answers, plus 28 websites for finding copyright free images that can be used for commercial purposes.

We also show how to create the ebook, publish it on the Kindle marketplace, and, last but not least, in the final chapter we give many ideas on how to generate traffic. This is a completely new market waiting to be discovered and conquered, and now is the right moment to jump in by producing various ebooks that are not yet present on the marketplace!

Kindle Quiz” is a gem, something I created for you with the heart, and something that will give you the keys to enter the quiz and trivia market on Kindle from the front door!

Podcast Black Book Review

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Podcast Black Book

Today I released my next cheatsheet after the big success I got with “Instagram Black Book”, my first one that hit over 1,000 downloads! This time “Podcast Black Book” helps you to comprehend all the steps required not only to launch a super podcast, but to turn it in a money making solution, and help you to promote it to get a huge flow of traffic.

It’s only 3 pages, but full of value. You can read the first reviews on the thread, to see people like it. Today the biggest marketers, gurus and VIPs have their own podcast. For example, even Tim Ferriss by a week added his own podcast to his great emails. Why? Because podcasting works like crazy!

It’s easy to do, as you don’t have to be seen like in videos, and also because it could be heard everywhere: on the car, on the bus, before sleeping, with a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet. Everywhere! And a podcast gives you the great opportunity to create an active and passive income pretty easily.

I started podcasting by a couple of months, and it’s fantastic. You may talk about what you love, you may promote stuff or interview people you respect. In any case you will build your following pretty fast, and that’s what I love more about podcasting.

Thanks to my “Podcast Black Book”, you may learn all what you need to become a professional, and if you want you may even purchase the opportunity to make a 1 to 1 podcast with me, a huge opportunity I reserve only to the 20 smart people that want to take advantage.

Don’t lose access to “Podcast Black Book“. This cheatsheet is a great gift for the low price it’s sold! It’s only $2!

WP Christmas Deal, my awesome Firesale!

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WP Christmas Deal

Today I released my own Christmas pack, named “WP Christmas Deal“. It’s an incredible set of 25 WordPress plugin and themes, that you can use for yourself, or resell with the included Master Resale Rights license.

Each plugin comes with video instructions and sales page, to make easy for you to use or resell that plugin or theme. It’s a fantastic deal, something you won’t see during the year. It’s out of ordinary for the quality, and I’m happy to offer it to you for a price you never saw before and no one will ever offer, because it’s too low!

I’m sure you will make a laugh seeing my author image for this Christmas, with Santa hat and a Christmas background, so at least watch the sales page to check it out! Jokes apart, it’s not a great period as I’m constricted to home by 10 days for a bad flu, hope to come out safe this time.

A total  value of $529, available for you at only… for a limited time! Give a serious look to each one of the 25 products, as this “WP Christmas Deal” it’s pure gold!

FB Free Traffic Mastermind Review – It’s my new product!

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FB Free Traffic Mastermind

Today I released “FB Free Traffic Mastermind” together with Carsten Tiensuu. It’s a two video product with a mindmap and a bonus FB group to join, that show a totally new technique to get free traffic from Facebook.

A traffic that can be sent wherever you want, including sales pages, blog posts, videos, online resources, and much much more. It’s a resource that Facebook decided to hide, but that’s so easy to find and use for your own advantage over competitors, that are paying for getting less results.

After purchasing you will get two videos, a mind map and a special access to a FB Group where you can find other people to exchange comments, ideas and check the updates and news. This is sold for a low price for the first hours, price that will grow up fast from the second day.

FB Free Traffic Mastermind” is a golden product that can help you out getting more visitors to your desired websites, and as a OTO you can purchase a video course about FB Group creation, so that you can have your own special group for which users will pay you a monthly fee.

Go fast, this product won’t stay longer with a so low price!

WP Security Vault Review

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WP Security Vault

Hello and welcome! Today I’ve launched “WP Security Vault“, an awesome WSO that shows you, in step by step, how to protect your blogs against hackers, malwares, white-screen problems and so on.

Your blog is a consisten part of an online asset, and so it must be protected so that no one can access it, delete the contents, or insert malware harming your visitor’s computers. Can you imagine the expenses needed to fix a hacked blog? Hundreds of dollars if not thousands, and you lose everything! So here is our plan, that we will show you with 38 screenshots:

  • How to backup your blog automatically, and how to restore it in case of need.
  • 6 methods to add a strong layer of protection.
  • 4 free plugins to lock down your blog and stop hackers cold.
  • 3 steps to ensure you stay updated and protected against new threats.
  • An eclusive webinar, live on 30th September, to answer your questions.

My usual quality, as you know I put all of myself into the products I deliver. This “WP Security Vault” is something needed, precious and that can save you from many online disasters. The OTO presents advanced protection through 12 videos, with voice over by a mother tongue. High quality!

You can use it for your own blogs, or sell the protection service even to offline companies. You have a gem in front of you, don’t let it disappear! This is one of my best WSO ever, launched with the help of Ian Hillman!

My Launch – Rebranding Cash Galore

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Rebranding Cash Galore
Today I released a new method called “Rebranding Cash Galore”! This launch has something really different from the  previous ones, because it’s done all through webinars.

Our new system will give you access to a live webinar about a technique to increase PLR, MRR and personal eBook sales with ease. You will get access to the replay and to some incredible bonuses too, including a preview guide about the technique, so you can give it a look before webinar, and a mind map, apart our awesome 1 to 1 support that no other is able to offer.

The technique is really easy, and require absolutely no more than 15 to 20 minutes to be done how many times you want, to bring in profits passively, without stopping, even in two months from now! That’s why people search for information! And you can rake in money just giving your readers what they really want, on a silver platter.

The OTO instead is a 6-months membership that is sold for $97 per month and offer 4 monthly webinars about secret traffic techniques, with bonus downloads and an exclusive 1 to 1 support. Something we are glad to present you, different from all the rubbish about traffic sold on the market in last months! This is a gem, trust me!

For these reasons “Rebranding Cash Galore” is an awesome launch we are proud to present you! There’s nothing at the moment comparable to our front end and oto products!
Go and check it out!

My Launch – Easy Countdown Redirector Review

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Easy Countdown Redirector JV Page


Today Alex Albert released a super software with my help, and it’s definitely something out from ordinary! It’s called “Easy Countdown Redirector” and it’s a secret software to create outstanding scarcity bonus pages to skyrocket your affiliate sales!

Do you know how big affiliates make so many sales? They offer bonuses! Simple! But sometimes we are so lazy and we finish to promote even the best products without offering nothing more than the affiliate link.

So we finally created a solution that in 10 minutes could create a fantastic bonus website with scarcity countdown timer, where the visitors can see the product you promote, and the bonus they will get automatically after purchase. All done by our software!

No one has ever put on market a solution like this, that give you the real power to create unlimited bonus pages. And if you look at the OTO, you can even resell the complete software after rebranding it with your own details and websites! Think for a moment… how many times you chosen an affiliate because he/she was offering a good and solid bonus? Many, I’m sure!

This is your best opportunity to get a better income, day by day. No one can resist to a good bonus page! Go straight to our “Easy Countdown Redirector” sales page and grab this software before the price goes up!

Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

My Product: Boom Boom Quiz

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Boom Boom Quiz


Thanks to my new product, “Boom Boom Quiz”, you can learn a new method for list building with the highest conversion ever–up to 50% signups! All is done through easy-to-create quizzes! If you have a blog, this technique not only grows the list, but also has the ability to increase traffic to your blog by up to four times the usual traffic.

Actually, this method is used by big companies, such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Marketo, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, and FeedBurner just to name a few, to bring new leads into their lists to sell, making this the next-generation method for building a list without exerting the effort; just creating irresistible quizzes. Easy and so fun!

This is a new, fresh, and irresistible idea where Alessandro will offer a great example of an emerging company making big cash with this system, day by day, with a few quizzes. It’s fun to see how easy and rewarding it is to build your list through quizzes! I will also show you 6 secret types of winning quizzes and 13 methods to generate new quizzes in no more than 3 minutes each, with free high-powered ideas that are ready to be used as your own.

This is the future, available to your right now. Build your list and increase your blog traffic fast. With “Boom Boom Quiz” methods, you get top customer care, and big satisfaction, as you had possibility to try on my latest products!

WSO Winner is live!

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WSO Winner

A few minutes ago I’ve launched my new WSO… called “WSO Winner“! It shows you how to launch your best WSO ever!

Many people have a plan to sell a product as a WSO, but for a lot of them it is difficult, if not impossible. Errors are just around the corner, and problems may arise at any moment, especially when you don’t expect them! Until now we have seen courses of every type that focused on product creation, and not on the real stuff “behind” a WSO launch. Here comes my new product, ready to give a hand to people in need, and to those who want to make a better WSO without spending thousands of dollars.

I created this course myself. I’ve launched 18 WSOs since today, and I obtained 3 WSOs Of The Day. The topics I will talk about in the first 50+ pages guide are:

Launch preparation section.

1) Design a wonderful eCover.
2) Create a winning JV page.
3) Fill the JV page with right items.
4) Advertise and promote your JV page.

Preparing the sales letter for WSO section.

1) Design your sales page with a free Html editor.
2) Design your sales page with graphic software.

Prepare your files.

1) Package your files for download.
2) Manage front end offers and one time offers.

Launch your WSO.

1) Put your sales page online.
2) Choose the right type of WSO.
3) Setup every step of the WSO.
4) Launch your WSO.

Other fundamental things.

1) Add customer support.
2) Add a F.A.Q. area.
3) Manage refunds and serial refunders.
4) How to approve only the right affiliates

Every step has been described with photos and with real case studies from my previous WSO sales letters. The buyers will get lots of bonuses to complete the course, with a guide on how to prepare a product, the JV page template, the WSO sales page template, and much much more!

This is the best training ever packed for winning WSO creation. Everyone that has never launched a WSO before will need this package, and everyone that has launched a WSO without getting results (almost 80% of authors) will need this pack for getting better results!

So here is the link to purchase your copy of “WSO Winner“!

My new launch is IM Robot Automation

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IM Robot Automation


Today I’ve launched my new product, “IM Robot Automation“!
I created it to simplify the efforts of Internet marketers, because now you can stop paying freelancers and stop paying for costly software.
This product will provide you with information on hundreds of free websites and free software to automate all your daily tasks in minutes.
Here are some of the contents you will find (big value here!)


  • How to distribute your content automatically between 101 different free services, using the power of RSS and social networks.
  • How to keep your list updated automatically, without writing a word!
  • How to use a free automation network with 23 specially created links!
  • How to post your content automatically, at specific times, on every social network!
  • How to check if your name or company name was shared in a  positive or negative context, to become aware of problems as they occur.
  • How to get fresh ideas for your business on autopilot, straight to your email, thanks to an incredible selection of idea generation feeds!
  • How to automate your Getresponse and Aweber newsletters!
  • How to read 1.5 to 2 times faster than usual!
  • How to type without using your keyboard!
  • How to view YouTube videos faster and remove the ads!
  • How to download music on any platform without going crazy!
  • How to automate your online photo backup on multiple platforms like Facebook, Google+, Flickr and Instagram!
  • How to automate all the rest using Macros (with free programs for PC and Mac)!
  • How to stop all the emails you don’t want to receive before they reach your mailbox!
  • And much much more.

All explained with screenshots in a clear step by step. For any question, you can contact me.
IM Robot Automation” will make things easy for you, giving you the opportunity to get more time for your own life.