Cash Cow Funnel Review

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Cash Cow Funnel


Cash Cow Funnel” is the perfect sales funnel, and it includes all what you need to start selling and collecting leads and sales all at once. It includes:

  • A high conversions squeeze page
  • A superb front end offer
  • 2 incredible OTOs
  • All download pages and guides (also in editable format)
  • 7 autoresponder messages
  • A step by step setup guide

More, you get two awesome bonuses, that are the “FB List Building Made Easy” guide by Jamie Lynch plus a 30 minute Skype chat with Hamza BK to talk about sales funnels and your online business, adding more quality to the funnel pack.

The quality of this pack is incredibly high, and we cared about every part of the sales funnel like we do in our product, to make it superb for you and for your customers. More, we have three awesome OTOs, including 20 sales funnels pack, a step by step video course on how to create your funnels from zero, and my webinar coaching about free traffic techniques. Something huge, if you know what I mean, with more than 15 techniques explained plus many more about paid traffic in the bonus webinar!

If you want to grab your copy of “Cash Cow Funnel“, you can do it 1 hour and 20 minutes before all the other people, and with a better price!

My New Product – Kindle Quiz Review

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Kindle Quiz


Finding new Kindle markets is not easy, but today I’m happy to announce my “Kindle Quiz“, the first guide on how to create your own quiz or trivia ebook for the Kindle marketplace!

This is a fresh study about the exploding quiz and trivia genre. Inside the guide readers can find a step by step tutorial on how to create their quiz ebook, with easy tutorials and screenshots.

We move from the idea to the creation phase, showing the three most wide spread types of ebooks. We also show 11 sites where they can build their questions and find the right answers, plus 28 websites for finding copyright free images that can be used for commercial purposes.

We also show how to create the ebook, publish it on the Kindle marketplace, and, last but not least, in the final chapter we give many ideas on how to generate traffic. This is a completely new market waiting to be discovered and conquered, and now is the right moment to jump in by producing various ebooks that are not yet present on the marketplace!

Kindle Quiz” is a gem, something I created for you with the heart, and something that will give you the keys to enter the quiz and trivia market on Kindle from the front door!

Twitter Chat Blueprint Review

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Twitter Chat Blueprint


Today I’ve launched a super product with Candace Chira, it’s “Twitter Chat Blueprint“, a guide that show you an innovative concept to get more followers, more sales and an incredible growth for your authority and brand. They are “Twitter Chats”, one of the best tools I’ve ever tested on my own!

You will discover every secret technique, including:

  • What is a Twitter Chat and why it’s an optimal tool.
  • Which benefits they offer.
  • Over 600 chats found for you around the globe.
  • How to participate in a Twitter Chat.
  • How to create your own Twitter Chat.
  • How to get a huge flow of free traffic to your chats.

This guide offer you 26 pages of huge contents, and finally it will be easy to participate in chats, or open your own about your favorite topics (internet marketing, hobbies, news, events…). What you get here is priceless, but you know I always look at your wallet, so with Candace we have prepared the usual quality for the usual little price.

Even if you don’t like Twitter, these chats don’t even need for you to login on your account. It’s one of the best methods I’ve ever found, and millionaire marketers around the world have their own custom chat, available on monthly or weekly basis.

Keep up your expectations, Twitter Chats are really working, and finally it won’t be anymore a problem for you to follow them or create your one! “Twitter Chat Blueprint” is here for you!

Podcast Black Book Review

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Podcast Black Book

Today I released my next cheatsheet after the big success I got with “Instagram Black Book”, my first one that hit over 1,000 downloads! This time “Podcast Black Book” helps you to comprehend all the steps required not only to launch a super podcast, but to turn it in a money making solution, and help you to promote it to get a huge flow of traffic.

It’s only 3 pages, but full of value. You can read the first reviews on the thread, to see people like it. Today the biggest marketers, gurus and VIPs have their own podcast. For example, even Tim Ferriss by a week added his own podcast to his great emails. Why? Because podcasting works like crazy!

It’s easy to do, as you don’t have to be seen like in videos, and also because it could be heard everywhere: on the car, on the bus, before sleeping, with a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet. Everywhere! And a podcast gives you the great opportunity to create an active and passive income pretty easily.

I started podcasting by a couple of months, and it’s fantastic. You may talk about what you love, you may promote stuff or interview people you respect. In any case you will build your following pretty fast, and that’s what I love more about podcasting.

Thanks to my “Podcast Black Book”, you may learn all what you need to become a professional, and if you want you may even purchase the opportunity to make a 1 to 1 podcast with me, a huge opportunity I reserve only to the 20 smart people that want to take advantage.

Don’t lose access to “Podcast Black Book“. This cheatsheet is a great gift for the low price it’s sold! It’s only $2!

Commission Extractor Review

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Commission Extractor


Commission Extractor” is not a product I built personally, but I just helped Kader Baker, a dear friend of mine, to obtain some more sales to at least recover the big efforts and money spent to create this jewel. It’s THE affiliate marketing course.

It includes 23 videos, shared in 5 modules, and a lot of high quality bonuses you will find inside, that will give you a complete set of techniques to get commissions on daily basis from top affiliate networks. I don’t want to make a list of videos, because it’s too long, but I want you to know this course has been based on the huge experience we got with affiliate marketing.

This alone can bring you active and passive income, month by month, just dedicating yourself to watching the videos and applying them. It’s something done for anyone, like newbies or good marketers that need improvements. Don’t look to much at sales letter, it was not created really well. For an Italian and a German together it’s not really easy to create a performing one.

Please trust me if I say “Commission Extractor” turn your $9.95 spent in affiliate marketing into a treasure. Follow them all, one by one, and I’m more than sure you will start getting big sales to your bank, day after day. Thanks for your support. Really!

Hotel Cash Machine Review

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Hotel Cash Machine


Today I released “Hotel Cash Machine” with Kader Baker; it’s a turnkey system you can learn in a hour, and that gives you the opportunity to make $500 a hit thanks to hotels, B&B and hostels. This is your own all-in one system to stop searching and start achieving real results in literally a few days.

You get all that you need to start, including:

A complete Guide of the system
– How to search for unlimited hotels
– How to contact them with just a message.
– How to accelerate their answer.
– How to close the deal in minutes.
– How to expand your domination.

The best agreement to be protected
– Written for you on our experience.
– Customize it, print and get it signed.
– It gives you a serious advantage.

A superb system to manage customer’s reviews
– You receive the complete system ready to be customized for each hotel

A flyer
– Edit it and pass it to the hotel owner.
– Printing costs are not on you.

A Bonus Webinar
– Only for the first 200 people!

You receive our complete system, for a limited time. Are you ready to start leaving the other methods for a while and test our unique system? We are sure you will stick with this method! Discover now the most easy and catching system ever created for managing reputation of hotels. Don’t wait any more! It’s time to grab your copy of “Hotel Cash Machine“, until the price is low!

My Launch – Rebranding Cash Galore

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Rebranding Cash Galore
Today I released a new method called “Rebranding Cash Galore”! This launch has something really different from the  previous ones, because it’s done all through webinars.

Our new system will give you access to a live webinar about a technique to increase PLR, MRR and personal eBook sales with ease. You will get access to the replay and to some incredible bonuses too, including a preview guide about the technique, so you can give it a look before webinar, and a mind map, apart our awesome 1 to 1 support that no other is able to offer.

The technique is really easy, and require absolutely no more than 15 to 20 minutes to be done how many times you want, to bring in profits passively, without stopping, even in two months from now! That’s why people search for information! And you can rake in money just giving your readers what they really want, on a silver platter.

The OTO instead is a 6-months membership that is sold for $97 per month and offer 4 monthly webinars about secret traffic techniques, with bonus downloads and an exclusive 1 to 1 support. Something we are glad to present you, different from all the rubbish about traffic sold on the market in last months! This is a gem, trust me!

For these reasons “Rebranding Cash Galore” is an awesome launch we are proud to present you! There’s nothing at the moment comparable to our front end and oto products!
Go and check it out!

My New Release with Alex Albert – Instant Legal Pages Software

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Instant Legal Pages Software

Do you know how privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer and more are important for your business? If FTC finds you without these documents, you risk getting sued, and you will be constricted to pay lots and lots of money, while putting your entire business and earnings at a big risk.

With “Instant Legal Pages Software” you can create:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use
  • DMCA notice
  • Disclaimer
  • Copyright notice
  • Anti-spam policy
  • FTC compliance
  • Social media disclosure
  • Refund policy

All these laws could be created in only 1 minute, and after that you can add them automatically to your site or blog via a simple line of code to copy and paste. This is by the way the easiest and cheapest legal documents software I’ve ever saw online! It takes care of your business and protects you against all the troubles connected with missing legal docs.

If you are fast, you can grab it for a low price, and it’s available in a developer’s version (priced like a single site version) and in a white label resell rights version, really huge because it comes with a rebrander to put your software name, author name and links on the software, to create a brand new one starting from zero and in just a few minutes!

Go for it, don’t wait a second to purchase your copy of “Instant Legal Pages Software“!

Thanks so much, see you soon on the inside!
Alessandro Zamboni & Alex Albert

WP Minisite Creator Review

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WP Minisite Creator

Today I released “WP Minisite Creator“. It is a special WordPress theme that allows you to create outstanding minisites starting from one of the 10 ready templates, that you can modify how much you want via the available PSD files.
Check this minisite: I did it in 5 minutes!

Here are some characteristics of the WP theme:

  • It installs like any other WP theme around.
  • It has an easy to use Admin Panel.
  • Add Youtube or Vimeo videos.
  • Use colorful list buttons.
  • Add easy tables or toggles activated by users.
  • It includes 10 minisite templates with all the PSD files.
  • Add call to action buttons.
  • Add guarantee boxes.
  • Add testimonial boxes.

Every minisite has a responsive design, good on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can set exit offers without purchasing additional plugins. More, you will get the possibility to purchase the unlimited multisite personal version, or the developer’s version, with the two prices in dimesale.

What you can get with no more than 5 minutes of work is a complete and outstanding minisite, with your sales letter completely integrated, with graphics, screenshots, tables, videos and whatevery you will insert in a real sales letter. But you will do that so easily that create new sales pages would be a joke. And you can even sell them for profits via Flippa, if you like, with the developer’s license!

This is your next tool to create outstanding sales pages and thank you pages without any trouble. Wonderful pages increase the sales!
So here is my sales page to get “WP Minisite Creator” for a special price, with dimesale. Give it a look, it deserves it!

My WSO – Belly Fat Burner PLR Package

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Belly Fat Burner PLR

Today is a great day because I launched my first PLR ever! And I did it with my friend and colleague Sue Fleckenstein, that is absolutely the best person to work with about PLR. I’m sure you want to know the topic. It’s belly fat, one of the most lucrative niches about weight loss.

Our “Belly Fat Burner” PLR package includes:

  • Module 1: Introductory report to discover the niche.
  • Module 2: The ebook (19 pages – 5,647 words) plus 11 covers.
  • Module 3: Sales letter + graphics
  • Module 4: 10 original PLR articles taken from the ebook.
  • Module 5: 60+ high quality royalty free images.
  • Module 6: 6 keyword research lists from big software.
  • Module 7: 10 slides created with the articles.
  • Module 8: 20 promotional/informative tweets
  • Module 9: A set of 6 banners.
  • Module 10: Bonuses! (FB Groups plus 2 reports!)

As you can see this is a super powerful package to start from day one and creating a fantastic sales page, supported by a good blog to build up with articles and images and by some good advertising. Just the two reports you could find as bonuses could been sold for the price of this WSO!

You can choose your path and follow it until you achieve success. The price will be really low, but with dimesale. Grab your copy of “Belly Fat Burner PLR Package” right now!