Your EZ Ads just opened. Let me explain…

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Firstly I need to inform you that this article it’s a preview, because the website will open only on 17th February 2009.
Your EZ Ads is a system based on free Text Ads advertising, avalaible for all the people that require traffic to their links in no time and without efforts.
A new idea from Frank Salinas, the creator of many online resources, like Easy PDF Maker and Exit Profits Generator, like you can see on his personal Blog.

You will receive credits clicking on the ads posted by other members, so you can let other people to view your advertising more often.
But if you have no time to login every day to check newly added Ads you can see through the daily e-mail you will receive, that contain 10 random Text Ads ready to click.

Now you can join with an extra discount to the Platinum membership for only 11.00 $ (with a discount of 56$ until release).

I think that this website is a boosted Text Ads Exchange, because I never seen the capabilities before, and keep in mind that you are knowing it before…
So you are not permitted to advertise YOur EZ Ads until the official opening, it’s only a suggestion I give to my specific readers.
But keep your referral link ready because it will be an explosive website.

If you think to like this type of websites please visit this link !

BlogInDaBox is on Squidoo ! And other info…

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Two days ago I completed my first Squidoo Lens that I published at :
I hope you want to visit it and vote…
But I want also to let you know why Squidoo can be so useful as a source of visitors.

What is Squidoo ?
Squidoo is essentially a free and trusted source of quality traffic, because you will never pay for your advertising.
For example Google list the Squidoo lenses fastly because in one month, only in USA, were made more than 49% of the total amount of 7 Billion searches : so the king of the search engines really like Squidoo, because it drives a lot of users to find lenses.
And so, if you decide to talk about one of most searched topics (applying the correct keywords) you can also have one of the most searched lens.

And now the three first unforgivable rules to get more possibilities to build officially one of the “Most Clicked Lens” :

1) Choose the best name for your new Lens
Choosing a correct lens name can be very difficult because you have to keep in mind the following rules.
The Keyword about the niche are you writing about has to be included in your Lens title.
And then you can post other connected keywords separating them with “-” simbol.
Keep in mind that your title need to be more easy to remember as possible, so don’t think about too long and difficult words.

2) Think about 10 good Keywords
On your Lens setup you are invited to choose some Tags for your lens.
This Tags are simply keywords that need to be strictly related to your lens topic : so you have to avoid too general terms and find specific words that can easily searched by people interested on your same niche.
Don’t add too many Tags or you can be kicked out by Squidoo in case you have more than 20 of them.

3) Complete your Profile
The most important thing when you have put up the basics of your Lens is to complete your profile’s informations.
Infact this one needs to be adjusted to let you appear as a king of your niche or as an expert of the topic are you talking about.
Adding a photo is mandatory to let people keep your image in their mind for future references on other platforms.

In the next post you will learn how to continue this new adventure in Squidoo adding new great contents, like Flickr photos, Youtube videos, eBay and Amazon products, Rss feedds from your blogs and a lot of others items that can power your Lens to maximum levels.

Is TrafficEra really easy to dominate ?

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TrafficEra is my second preferred Traffic Exchange after StartXchange, because it’s full of capabilities and surfing is only the peak of the iceberg. Substantially, TrafficEra is different from any other traffic exchange and a little bit difficult for the first time.

For every click you made you get some credits and also the possibility to get one of the random clocks : after you find 10 clocks in a surfing session you are prized with Tokens, a unique rewards that offers good benefits.
After you earn many Tokens you can exchange them for points, multiplier or surfing bonuses.

For the points instead, you can convert 10000 of them to 1 Logibuck : more you advance using exchange and more Logibucks you will get when you will conquer 1 one of the 5 avalaible stars .
With more Logibucks you can buy upgrades for free in one of the suggested websites like this one or Ts25, Traffic Pods and Hit Pulse.

There is also Team Surfing to battle beetween different Teams and every week you can enter in list for the first 500 Rankings, where you can be awarded with some of the 250000 credits avalaible !
This Traffic Exchange is very hard to comprehend but if you follow the examples and guides and you have a little bit of patience you will be half the way : the most important thing is to find a good mentor (or upline) to enjoy TrafficEra at the best.

I hope you will like it because this Traffic Exchange is really a mistery box, in which you can discover a small piece at a time !