PLR Article Pro, a new way to valorize your articles.

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From the mind of Mike Steup, one of the most productive internet marketers, is born PLR Article Pro, a new software able to transform your PLR Articles in a complete website, displaying your Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank ads.
How many time is required to build this type of website ? No more than 5 minutes (on Steup’s website is reported 2 minutes).

This software come in two versions : the first is Basic, and you get the software, 900 PLR Articles ready to go (36 topics with 25 articles each), Random Home Page Script (capable of let your site change the home page with one of the PLR you have added automatically), a Random Cross Linker script (useful to link randomly one of your pages to others) and a Search Phrase Customizer (allow you to let user find any phrase searched in search engineas to appear where you want on your pages).
This package comes for only 29.95$ in Basic Version but gives you an imponent help to build your personal valued article pages.

At the order page are displayed two different options : one to order the package as I described and one another to buy the Gold Version, powered by a boost of new options, like the following :

1) Random Snippets : these are used to make your web page unique, because little parts of any article are taken out and posted on other pages, making every site different also if using the same PLR Articles.
2) Affiliate Link Injection : this voice is one of my favourites just because permit you to add clickable links into your PLR Article text !
3) 1800 PLR Articles : that’s double of original gift, 72 niche covered by 25 PLR Articles each ! So you are ready to build a minimum of 72 websites !

This powerful version is offered at 47$, a special introductory price for what is offered !

I like this program essentially because it’s speedy to load and powerful as a suite to use.
With a few articles you can build a SEO Optimized website that can give you also an income through the Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank Ads posted, giving also to your visitors what they are just searching for.

An example of a website built with this software is Belgian Chocolate.
Here you can find all the privileges of Gold Version in action.

As a gift for reading this PLR Article Pro review, let me gift you with 100 PLR Articles, clicking just here : 100 PLR Articles for You !

Thanks and goodbye !

Micro Niche Finder is your First-Step in Marketing Guerrilla

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Micro Niche Finder,  an unbelievable toolkit.

Some days ago was released the new and powerful version of Micro Niche Finder (version 4.0.13) by James Jones : that’s a great piece of software that permit you to uncover hot new or not completely overlooked Niche Markets.


With Micro Niche Finder you can :
1) Find most profitable Affiliate Programs related to your niche marketing keywords.
2) Visualize the Strength of Competition (SOC) for each different keyword.
3) Use Search Manager that gives you the possibility to access all of your old searches.
4) Save and Organize all of your searches and view them also offline and in Excel format.
5) Use the newest Brainstorm Tool to find niche that you don’t know are existing !
6) All the Searches are just automatically alphabetized then indexed.
7) Software automatically updated and restarted, without hassle.

If you are just trying to create newest income streams, Micro Niche Finder can just :
1) Create Adsense Content Pages ready-to-use.
2) Create Articles to advertise your Affiliate programs.
3) Create Ebay Feeder Pages and make money if a new person register to eBay.
4) Create Squidoo Lenses and them claim profits generated by visits.
5) Find fresh & unregistered Domain Names based on greatest keywords.


And don’t forget that you will receive also 3 great ebooks, one related to Squidoo, one to Ebay and the latest one to PLRs and the access to online software to create Adsense content pages with desired colors and theme.

This is one of the most working software for one of the lowest prices avalaible.
I like it also for his graphics and functionalities, that made this software even more easy for any new time you work with.
There is also a useful Support Forum, a detailed Manual and some videos to see how the program works before buy it.
The author James Jones was always avalaible through e-mail for any question you may have about Micro Niche Finder.
Don’t think too much about it, because you will save your money on future fluffy ebooks and you will start earning your money and commissions from the web, forgetting also search engines at all.