31 Day Video Challenge Review

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31 Day Video Challenge


If you are not a premium video marketer, there’s nothing more huge than joining the Derek Allen “31 Day Video Challenge“, to discover all the secrets and proceed day by day to the completion. Inside this big community, you will go day by day, and if you follow the instructions you get real results.

Your challenge, once inside, is to create one video for each one of the 30 days, to engage your viewers and turn them into paying customers. Apart all what you need to work, including step by step training, a big support and a friendly club of people, you can see real results coming straight from your work.

It’s not easy to become real video marketers, because it’s easy to get moved by other things and leave everything without having completed it. Instead, with a community and a final gift, and the right tricks, I’m sure you will get results.

I saw Derek creating this membership day by day, asking direct questions to his subscribers via email, and telling them which problems they found in creating videos and keeping the creation process going. The answers he got given him the opportunity to offer you this high quality course.

I jumped on the “31 Day Video Challenge” yesterday in late night, and I’m waiting for you to get your videos on first Google page!

Twenty Minute Video Review

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Twenty Minute Video


Twenty Minute Video” is a good and solid training on how to start recording professional videos in less than 20 minutes, because you have yet all what you need to become a video star.

Video are the key to conquer a big slice of the web 2.0 public, and they open a lot of new opportunities in front of you, because people nowadays stay more time on Youtube than in any other online site.

Inside this huge package, that is sold for pennies, you will find:

  • 3 fast start videos.
  • 9 video modules with ready mindmaps.
  • A presenter skills guide.
  • Camera skills guide.
  • Mobile editing guide.

More, after your first purchase you will have the possibility to enter a group coaching, or a 1 to 1 coaching to become a video master, and take action on your internet marketing strategies.

This is a huge course if you want to take action and start recording the right videos that get clicks and convince people to take action!