WP Whatsapp Review

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WP Whatsapp


If you want to build a super-responsive list of contacts, with massive open rates, there’s a new tool that allows you to do that.

It’s “WP Whatsapp“, a new plugin that once installed adds a Whatsapp windows where people can communicate with you in real time, and to do that they have to sign up to your list.

Easy to install, this is an incredible tool to add phone numbers to your contacts list, a great step into the future, with no more spam complaints or emails not opened. Whatsapp gives you 98% of open rate and an incredible response rate you never seen before.

This is the best way to continue doing your business in a brand new way, offering a new way to your customers to stay in contact with you.

Give a look to”WP Whatsapp“, it’s still super cheap and available in Developer’s version at the same price of multisite version.

Add “WP Whatsapp” live support to all your WordPress blogs in one click!

FB Master’s Program Review

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FB Master's Program


Yesterday JayKay, after the big success of his latest “Evolution” that you liked a lot, released the “FB Master’s Program“, something that kept me attached to the screen until I finished the training.

Two weeks ago I started building my Italian list via FB Ads, a thing that frankly I never thought possible before. But now, with this video series, I saw I simply scratched the surface, and left a lot of money on the table.

Because this is the best ever training about FB Ads you will ever see on market. No one actually has gave so much value for just $12. This is better than many high-ticket coachings I got in the past.

JayKay is exposing a top secret formula for dominating social media that is super easy. Forget about wasting your time with the same rehashed garbage that you are sick and tired of seeing.

When you pick this up, you’ll be able to start getting results in just 30 minutes per day, and finally get leads and sales the easy way.

FB Master’s Program” is better than many $497 trainings out there, in fact it will reach this price in a few days. So grab it now until it costs so few dollars, and start dominating FB Ads like a pro!

Many Vids Review

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Many Vids


Today there’s a new video software that comes with resell rights, so you can use it, or resell it easily: it is “Many Vids” by Diego Duarte.

It’s a full done for you software package that allows anyone to easily create multiple text-to-speech videos, to target different keywords, with just some clicks.

You only have to enter some text copied from PLR articles or from your blog articles, and the software converts it to voice. Then you can enter some keywords to target and pick some images. That’s all!

The software will automatically create videos for you!

And you get the software with everything that you need to start making money with it in no time, like software, user manual, three strategy guides, sales page, download page, lead magnet and spectacular graphics. A lot of useful things to start reselling it.

Make sure to claim your copy of “Many Vids” right now while it’s hot and still available!

PixelModo Review

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Today instead Neil Napier released a new product called “PixelModo“, that is very useful to jump into graphics creation for bringing traffic to your sites.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and never a thing was so true. We are in the world of graphics and images, and we seen them all time through social media. Sometimes we are even captured by those images, and we stop to see what they are about.

The best images you seen are created by experts, using paid photos. Quite simply, they generate a full time income on auto pilot. It works like this… But what if today you can stop dreaming and starting to create powerful images.

  1. Create a stunning image.
  2. List it on a high traffic social media site.
  3. Get noticed.
  4. Make sales.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Inside “PixelModo” you will get:

  • Drag and drop editor to build designs quickly.
  • Add-on Chrome extension that allows you to take any image/content from anywhere and port it over in PixelModo to make edits.
  • 29+ design types supported (covers, thumbnails, T-shirts, and more).
  • Social Integration – ability to generate images that will go viral.
  • Access to 2.5M images via automated integrations (so plug and play!)
  • Folders for each organization of designs.
  • Autosave features for your designs, never lose your work.
  • Access to + 1M Quotes database.
  • Ability to upload own fonts.
  • Collaborative share features with 3rd parties.

In short, if you want to see how to create these amazing images for a fraction of the cost a designer would charge, there’s a great news for you… “PixelModo” is waiting for you!

PLR Bundle Deals Review

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PLR Bundle Deal


I just saw my dear friend Sue Fleckenstein, the Queen of PLR, has just teamed up with Kevin Fahey, and I couldn’t resist to let you know more about this excellent product…

Because you are getting 10 full PLR modules for the price of one, and all about a big topic like health, one of the top 4 to target in your business.

It’s called “PLR Bundle Deals“, and it includes a lot of content, all available to you in PLR format, ready to be edited and resold, or just resold as it is:

– 10 High Quality Written Reports
– 10 Engaging Videos
– 10 Attention Grabbing eCovers
– 50 Compelling Articles
– 25 Viral Social Posters
– 100 Royalty Free Images
– 10 Brand Boosting & Traffic Generating Infographics
– “Client Attraction” Opt-in Page Templates

PLR Bundle Deals” has the power of a solid product, but won’t cost you weeks of work and headaches to be created, as it is yet ready for you, and you can use it the way you like.

That’s the power of private label rights packages, and if there is the name of Sue Fleckenstein, with the long experience of Kevin Fahey, this is a gem for sure!

Grab your copy of “PLR Bundle Deals” before it goes up in price!

You get a copy of “Juicing For Vitality” that comes with PLR rights too!

NowLifestyle Review

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Today I want to talk you about the way I used to get high-ticket payments. Because low-ticket is good, but you will get nowhere with low payments.

So let me present NowLifestyle, a program who wants to cancel diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and many other ilnesses from the world. Inside the membership people can find exercises and advices to lose weight and stay fit, but I want to talk you about the business opportunity.

I joined this program last October, because I like their idea, and I started promoting it as a business. Months ago I refused to pay the $997 upgrade, and until a week ago I’ve lost 23 high-ticket payments from people who instead decided to upgrade.

So last week I paid my $997, split in 5 months, at $200 each to join the premium program, get access to 10 different courses (one of them gives you the chance to get the NowBody Certification.)

Well, thanks to that I’m making, apart the $14.50 monthly commissions, a lot of $500 commissions. First commissions are now lost, but I embraced the possibility to receive high-ticket payments each and every month, and they help a lot.

This changes the way you work. And if you decide to join even the $29/month program, I will send you an email with my traffic techniques, so you can start running fast and getting real results.

Start collecting high-ticket payments from your affiliates!

I failed countless times with these programs, but NowLifestyle is the unique that not only works, but gives you a lot of satisfaction and make you live better.

Don’t wait and don’t think twice about the NowLifestyle opportunity, it really works with my secret methods I will show you.

Thanks a lot and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

eLasso Review

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eLasso” has a name that in Italian remembers me something “laxative”, so I started laughing when I saw this on launch calendar.

But apart the curious name, when I saw it was being released by Ivana Bosnjak, I comprehended it was something good. A product that claims to bring back to your site 71.4% of the lost traffic, a great claim.

Thanks to this software you can now use a “Message Notification” technology used by Facebook, GMail and Skype, and get back up all that traffic with a simple piece of code.

The best part is that there’s nothing to install, and you can set this up in less than 60 seconds, requiring no hard work, no difficult set up, no technical mumbo-jumbo.

This is easy to use and can really help you to leverage all the traffic you will lose without this cool software, that keeps people active and on your site, to finally do what you want them to do.
Easy and new.

Check”eLasso” software, it’s very useful!

*** For you an exclusive bonus made of 11 courses and WP plugins that I asked to Ivana for you.

Thanks and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

Traffic Flood Review

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Traffic Flood


When Mehdi Tihani was still a newbie, I launched with him to show him the way, and now he passed his teacher. He creates wonderful step-by-step guides, like this “Traffic Flood“, that includes also 4 videos and a valuable bonus webinar between the best things.

What this product show you is how to get constant and targeted traffic with few money per click, around $0.03 to $0.05 (and I spent exactly $2.62 per user before this training came out… Grrr…)

Start getting ultra-cheap clicks to build your traffic flow!

You get a 46 page PDF file and 4 videos, and I suggest to start reading the guide, and then watch the video for added value and to see the methods applied for real.

Mehdi is a great guy, he always study his methods, I can guarantee that, and you can see that he releases only 1 or 2 products per year, not like many others (me included…)

The technique is very easy, promise me you will follow Mehdi to the letter, and you will see huge results, that’s guaranteed. Because I used this method before, but not in this way. This is a new spin I never seen before to lower the price of your ads by at least 1,000% of what people pay for, and this really rocks.

Now go to check”Traffic Flood“, and start getting ultra-cheap clicks to build your traffic flow!

The Breakthrough Review

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The Breakthrough


Today I’m here to let you know about a new method, “The Breakthrough“, that has been defined by most as the most anticipated of 2018, and there’s a reson for that.

It has been created by Kenny Cannon, a guy with a lot of experience in what he does. That’s probably why he has got over 40 Product of the Day awards and has been nominated for Product of the Year twice.

In short, this is a done-for-you mentorship program where you get everything you need to start your business, including a custom product, pages, email templates, presentations and all the tools you need to make this work for you.

Kenny has got a lot of success, and he started with nothing and without any coach, sign that he learned the way on his skin, learning from errors and proceeding to accumulate wealth launch by launch.

Being his/her student, you can finally being in the 10% of who makes it online. You will learn a method to create wealth from zero, and it would be a fantastic discovery through his video series, that is really well done.

If you really want to make this step, to create a better yourself able to build a business online, “The Breakthrough” is really a special program to join, and it will put you in the mindset for achieving success.

Don’t think twice, “The Breakthrough” mentorship is for you.

Weight Loss Niche Domination Review

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Weight Loss Niche Domination


Today I would like to talk about a new product released by Lee Murray, that always create professional products made from his own experience in the field.

He released “Weight Loss Niche Domination“, a very cool video series showing you how he is making constant profits from this niche, and giving you the right information to copy his business with ease.

What you find once inside is his own 11-step method to dominate this niche, that is growing every year into a multi-billion monster.

You will learn how to build your blog from zero, where to find interesting contents to talk about in your articles and video, how to find the right affiliate offers proven to convert, and how to grow your blog’s value each and every year.

For my opinion is always huge to have a secondary business, something that brings you value day in and day out apart your normal job. So I bought my copy of this training that is done really really well.

Lee has taken care of everything inside the “Weight Loss Niche Domination“, and what you get here is what other marketers split in 4 different products. A big value at your reach.

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