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WP Factory

If youre thinking of getting into internet marketing (or youre already there) and want to know more about WordPress then you need to check out WP Factory.
Everyone knowsGoogle LOVES WordPress!
Unfortunately in order to make it to the top level of the search engine rankings you need more than just WordPress. You need a service that will help you take advantage of this internet marketing powerhouse, one that gives you full control of a system designed specifically to automate your online marketing business.

Beat the competition, and get ahead with WP Factory!
WP Factory is more than just a blogging platform; we provide a 3-step push button solution that helps you manage your blogging business with fantastic results. Simply put, its the best tool for your internet marketing needs, all at the push of a few buttons:

Blog Creation
Content Creation
Strategic Marketing and Promotion

With WP Factory you can create highly professional blogs that are filled with relevant content from several sources and begin promoting them online in a matter of minutes, not hours!
This is a blogging software that rocks!
The truth is it takes a lot of time to develop new content and post it on your blog everyday and if you dont update your blogs regularly your strategy is more likely to fail.
Automation is the key but not all software works as promised. Most blogging software is difficult to use and very expensive, even for already established marketers. Some blogging services even limit the number of blogs you can create. The worst thing is that some services can even render your blogging network totally useless should you decide to leave or cancel their services.

But at WP Factory, we guarantee that our blogging software really does work as promised and we wont cripple your blogs when you cancel either! We also offer automatic plugin installation, more than a thousand themes to choose from (or upload your own), effective blog cloning and unlimited blog creation (although this is not available with the Get Feet Wet Promotion).
With WP Factory you can take advantage of PLR Publishing, onsite article spinner with User Input Thesaurus and the capacity to create and publish unique content and a whole lot more.
All of this is available in a single system, eliminating the need to integrate different services just to meet your personal requirements and preferences. Program members have access to:

Yahoo Answers
Flickr Images
You Tube Videos
Unlimited access to millions of articles ready for publishing
Affiliate Data Feeds
Click Bank Ads
Members Forum
Article Syndication

With our comprehensive service, you will surely enjoy our Blog Indexing Tool and Super Charged Backlinking programs. This is all just part of what WP Factory can offer you.

Check out our videos on YouTube:

For a limited time only were offering a 35%+ discount for those who become members through our pre-launch waiting list at:

This really is for a limited time only. Once we launch to the public this offer will be gone forever!
100% money back guarantee if youre not satisfied for any reason, so you have nothing to lose.
We arent too worried though, were positive once you see what WP Factory is capable of you will stay a happy member for a very long time!

Join now the official waiting list!

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I stumbled across your comment on Flippa, Alessandro. You said, “if you want your website first on Google there is a key that no one knows yet And doesnt require too much work.” Are you going to share that secret?

This looks very interesting.



Hi Dale, thanks for your comment 🙂
The tip is using a plugin, a paid plugin you can find here:
I’m using version 2.4, but now I saw it reached the 3.0… Wow!

Sorry but I didn’t receive notify of your comment.
Thanks a lot and see you soon.
Alessandro Zamboni

This looks like something interesting to have. 🙂

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