My First Membership… Cupcake Recipe!

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Cupcakes Membership

It’s incredible, but thinking about what I never made, doing membership is the thing I never made in my life…
So I decided to follow my mother’s advice and start a beautiful and rocking cupcake recipe membership!
She wants to develop a brand new idea no one did before; doing a nano membership with low cost entry fee and a lot of value.

So I tried to build mine. I started searching for cupcake recipes all around the web, ideas, techniques, videos and all what’s about cupcakes.
It’s incredible how many interest is going around this niche… Cupcakes are tasty, sweet and easy to customize and prepare in thousands of ways… so a cupcake recipe membership is a huge idea to develop.
I needed some time to research all these recipes to add, and now I’ve around 150/200, available in PDF to download and put on e-book reader in packages of 50 recipes.
So moms and woman can build up their own cupcakes with ease, with exact ingredients and preparation methods included.

I’m based in Italy, so here cupcakes are not well known like in the rest on “english talking world”, including USA, UK, Australia and Canada.
But I discovered through my mom these fabulous tasty sweets, really easy to prepare, following your ideas.
So why don’t start a wonderful membership?

I selected a freelancer to build up a custom template, I got a membership script, and weirdly I didn’t used my loved Wordress.
This time I came back to the times of HTML programming.
You can see the look of the site just here: Cupcake Recipe Membership Website.

As you can see the sales letter is simple and short, to impress just the moms and girls that are liking cupcakes.
The price tag is low and the membership gives them all what they desire to become master of cupcakes.
Including recipes and cool videos to learn the secret techniques.

If you want to join it, I will give you two big bonuses.
Join now the Cupcake Recipe Membership and send me an e-mail to with your username.
I will send you back the two download links!

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