Kindle Bestseller Blueprint Review

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Kindle Bestseller Blueprint


Two days ago I saw this great WSO, that yesterday became a WSO Of The Day. It’s “Kindle Bestseller Blueprint“.
Krizia, alias Miss K, has got WSO Of The Day on this big release, a wonderful video course on how to achieve bestseller rankings, and increase your sales that way.
The entire course is developed on 6 modules, each one including a video and a downloadable PDF file.

Module 1 is a simple introduction to Kindle marketplace, while Module 2 gives straight indications on how to discover the basics of publishing.
Module 3 helps you to comprehend the real ebook creation as well as publishing of it, presenting good tools that will help you really much.
Module 4 gives some good ideas on how to use your 5 days of promo to get good results even if you give away the ebook for free.

Module 5 shows you the core of the method, showing you how to reach bestseller rankings by planning and by analyzing the 3 points to become a best seller in a fast way, giving you the basics to sell a big number of
copies in no more than 48 hours. The Module 6 provide a recap of all what has beed said into the whole video course, and it’s just a PDF to download and to consult every time you have some doubts.

So “Kindle Bestseller Blueprint” is a good Kindle WSO, that sold hundreds of copies in the first two days since release, and if you didn’t have got it, it’s time to run to the sales page and check it out!

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