I did my first Facebook App!

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The Mob Job

It’s a lot of time I want to do something relevant in the world of social networks.
And just because I know nothing about programming, and I don’t want to spend a fortune in outsourcing, how the hell I did this Facebook App?
Simple, with a WordPress plugin! Easy, fast, cheap and fabulous!

I created a Facebook App simply using the scripts provided by open games platforms.
And I’m cashing in from the advertising on the Facebook page.
You need just to install WordPress, two minutes by Cpanel with Fantastico, and the “WP Game App” will do the rest.

The WP Game App includes a customized WordPress theme you will never find elsewhere, and all the guides you need to build up your first game, becoming like a Facebook games developer without spending a red cent in outsourcing. This is a big invention by Daniel Keys, and can be bought from Warrior Forum, at this link :

If you want to see my first app, a driving cars game, go to The Mob Job inside Facebook.
You will be able to play and press “Like” if you really enjoyed your play. So more Likes you will get, more your app will become famous, and your earnings go up through the affiliate banners you put up and down the game window.

Try out by yourself, you can made hundreds of games simply copying and pasting some code, and you can flip them reselling your ready apps to third persons.
A good idea! So you can say you became a Facebook App Developer!

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Hello puck,

Do you know where to sell the apps? Seems DAN not tell us where to sell the apps

Hi Ryan, Dan did not told all the truth inside his guide, and he didn’t answer to the requests…
The unique platform good for selling is Flippa.com actually, and you need to put on sale your blog with the game or games.

When the blog is sold, you need to transfer it, then you need to send an explanation to the buyer.
This file needs to contain the same steps you did in Facebook Developer’s area, so he or she can connect your blog’s game to their FB profile.

It’s more easy to do than explain 🙂
But I hope you comprehended. You sell the blog and pass the instruction to the buyer. Stop.

See you soon and thanks for all!
Alessandro Zamboni

So if I understand correctly this WP plugin is taking already build flash games from different arcade sites and converting them into Facebook apps?

If so wouldn’t you get in trouble for taking other peoples games?

Do you get money when someone clicks “Like”? I wasn’t able to find any information on facebook about that.

Yes, it works just in this way. Here is just another example:


Everywhere you find a flash game code, it can be runned via a WordPress blog.

Thanks and see you soon.

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