Happy Birthday Google! 13 Years have yet passed…

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Google's 13th Birthday

Today it’s the 13th Google’s birthday. 13 long years have passed by the day I’ve discovered Google and its power.
I remember the first days of internet, here in Italy. I was using Altavista, and Google was not born yet.
I was searching the first pieces of the world wide web, and I can’t imagine it without a search engine.

Today, 13 years after, I can just think about how many changes in world wide web were introduced by Google. The best instrument to surf the web the way you like.
Google has an answer for every question you may have, in every language, and in a few seconds bring you top results. Can you imagine how many years to search websites manually?
How will the world be without Google? I really can’t think a world without his Google.

And also in internet marketing Google it’s fundamental. Think about SEO, search engine optimization, and all the jobs created to bring websites on top of Google.
There’s no day in which I can’t use Google, because it’s a fundamental part of everyone’s life. And the competition can just dream to reach what Google has build during these 13 years.
Think for a moment… Blogger, Youtube, Google Docs, the image search, Google News, Google Maps, Google Earth and so on, we can just pass the day celebrating each invention of the latest years.
And the Big G Adwords and Adsense? They dominate the world of advertising, they are easy to use for who wants to advertise, and who wants to be paid for showing this advertising.

So, let me wish a big Happy Birthday Google, and many more! You are the best, thanks for existing!
You changed our lives, continue on your way, and I’m sure big news are coming next!

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So much changed in 13 years… it’s amazing! happy b-day Google! 🙂

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