Giant Firesale by my friend John Yeo! One of my products it’s included.

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Firesales are absolutely the best product packages to invest in. They are collections of great internet marketing products, sold for only a portion of the original price.
And let me say it’s a long time that huge Firesales are missing… So this one it’s not to lose!


Created and hosted by my dear friend John Yeo, and Alvin Huang and Joel Chue, it proposes 30 top quality products, including e-books, video courses, software and more at the price of 1.
Incredible but true, you can get an avalanche of successful products, including my “Forum Flipping Bootcamp” e-book.

I was able to watch products and author’s names before the official release, and I got a free gift to give you after a free subscription, just here:

Here are some of the products included. As you can see, first quality courses to get the most from your marketing…

  • Forum Flipping Bootcamp by Alessandro Zamboni
  • Authority Blueprint X by Alvin Huang & Joel Chue (Value $77)
  • Product Wealth Secret by John Yeo (Value $47)
  • The Traffic Explosion Plan by Bryan Zimmerman (Value $47)
  • WSO Launch Formula by Peter Beattie (Value $47)
  • Affiliate Marketing Don by Satyajeet Hattangadi (Value $37)
  • Dominating Niches by Chris Freville (Value $27)
  • Article Insider Profits by Fabian Tan (Value $47)
  • And other 18 huge products to discover on!

You can buy all this 30 IM Products for a low price, so low that I ask it 3 times to John Yeo before comprehending… Only $47!

All the products included are full quality, worth a minimum of $27 each.
If you are able to do some math with the product’s value, you can get $810 for only $47! A global discount!


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