Fliggo Review. No more problems for your Video Site !

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* Fliggo is no more available.


Today, bouncing from a tweet to another, I found a great link to a free resource called Fliggo.
This is a video website creation tool available os online platform for complete video-site newbies.

You have simply to subscribe and then, after mail confirmation, choose your website name.
Your address will be “your username + fliggo.com”.

After registering you are guided step by step to the creation of your website from zero : you have firstly to think about a description, and then about the site design.
You can choose many templates :

A Community Template to grow your friend list
A Video Blog
A Producer site with HD Video Support
A Blank and so minimalist site

You can also choose to allow the visiting only to invited people or to all.
Then you are guided to other options and finally you have to insert your first video, so I suggest you to create one just before joining.

Finally, you can adjust your profile adding a personal photo, a breif update about your interests and then a website description.
All the process require about three minutes if you are ready with a video and a photo.

If instead you want only to be a visitor, you can find a series of the best video blogs available, just on Fliggo.
Fliggo is a great resource for all the starter video marketers that desire a free platform and no coding at all.
It’s a great new idea, simply to use and easy to keep updated.

Join Fliggo now.
100% Free and 100% Videos !

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