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Finally, after 1 month of selling, I decided to release Super Article Traffic : Niche Under Cover, a 100% Free Guide.
It’s all about Niche Research and it is a simple tutorial to show how Super Article Traffic is easy to follow and fast to apply.

I suggest to all the Article Marketers to download my product and send me a comment, just to this post.

The link to download, with a double-optin, is :
So get it fast and follow my tips.
Your Article will be grateful.

Learn al the techniques to extract useful informations from a plethora of websites :

  • Google Sets
  • Google Groups
  • Google Wonder Wheel
  • Google Trends
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • My Goals
  • eBay Pulse
  • And many more tips…

It’s only a 6 page guide. but filled by a revision of the best online tools to find new ideas for your Articles, to discover hidden niches and get fast results for every researched term.
Make a good use of Super Article Traffic : Niche Under Cover !

As a valuable bonus I added 75 PLR Articles for Free : 25 about Jewellery, 25 about Clothing and 25 abut Shoes : strange niches but very good as a starting plan.

Thanks and Goodbye.

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Hi Alessandro, Its Tom from JVMe.
I love the blog and especially your article traffic tips.

Thanks Tom, I really appreciate your comment 🙂

Alessandro (Admin)

No probs mate, My blog has moved to

Check it Out Some Time


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