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It’s a long time I don’t care about new releases out from Warrior Forum, but this “Commission Cash Code” attracted me like a bee to honey. Incredible!
I received the link on a mail sent by Anik Singal, one of the few who has the advantage to be on my few active mailing lists.

Well, after I saw the introduction video by the author, Blake Mathews, it convinced me to buy the course for measly 43 bucks.
It’s all around getting money thanks to Clickbank, but only through affiliates, without spending time on SEO to bring up the selling page.
It’s strongly awesome!

Blake Mathews, in his “Commission Cash Code” explains how he made thousands of dollars on daily basis, and do you know why I trusted him?
Because he showed his personal accounts with daily income of $9,050.83 on first day, $10,202.23 on second day and $8,809.69 on the third (without telling nothing about all the other proofs!)
Members area is well done, with direct access to all the areas:

Commission Cash Code Members Area

The course is surrounded by 3 upsells, two about wesbite creations, but also the single access to the membership is awesome, because newbies and experts can learn something unique: how to make real cash.
The techniques shown in the 7 videos are real and doable with ease, and more you could access member-only webinars to catch even more secrets by the author, who changed his life thanks to his program.

The bad side of everything is that, as soon as you follow the videos and use the “secret software”, it’s hard to avoid buying the website OTO after you see designs, and the video Velocity after you see real examples.
And I’m absolutely sure the method will work, and pretty fast. All is packaged in a unique way, and it’s a long time I don’t see a so cool and exclusive offer around.
You have my word, “Commission Cash Code” is your new way to energize your income!

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Hi there

I hope this wont distract you from what you have learnt from Dean. Perhaps now the courase is at its end the commission cash code will be your way forward to creating a sales funnel.
All the best

Hi Alessandro
You obviously have a great deal of experience in internet marketing. I came through from Dean’s QSC.
How are you finding the gallenge?


You have a very proffesional looking site here, I hope you are doing well with it.

Hi Kay and thanks for your comments on my blog, I appreciate it.

I was never distracted from other things 🙂

Thanks and see you soon,

Dean is an amazing friend of mine and I love what he does. I had the opportunity to grab his stuff for free and that helped me so much to get to success :p

Indeed the members area looks slick but as Kay said I hope you build a good following and some trust and sell to them.

As Alex and Dean have put it. Don’t chase money, let it chase you!


Hi to Karson, Jimmy, RoseG and Andy and thanks so much for your precious comments!

Thanks to you I will try to build an even better blog, each and every day!

For my personal blog please check:

Thanks and see you soon!

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