“$5 Keyword Search” is the best if you have no ideas!

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* Keyword Search is no more available. If you need the same service, please send me a message via Blog In Da Box!

Some days ago I launched my newest service: “$5 Keyword Search“. It is a website in which you can pay $5 or $9 to get all the keywords related to your favorite niche.
Paying $5 you will get just the hundreds or thousands of keywords extracted from the leading software like Market Samurai, Ninja Keywords, Google Wonder Wheel Scraper and so on.
Paying $9 I will add my own Top 20 Keywords to the package, a job I do for permitting you to start with the best available keywords.

My service is completely manual, a well done keyword search that will bring away from 20 to 30 minutes, while the top version save you a good hour of time.
For the cost of a pizza or a magazine, you can kick your competitors straight in the a$$, grabbing the number 1 Google’s position, as well as many others.
Using the best keywords infact gives you a huge advantage, because the top 3 results of Google are getting the 90% of clicks…

Or if you want you could resale my keywords to other, selling for a double price. You are open to do whatever you like with my keywords. This is just keyword outsourcing!
I was doing the same job on Fiverr.com, but I decided to organize better creating this “$5 Keyword Search” website, available also to the people out from Fiverr keyword gigs.

If you want to use my 5 dollars keyword search, I guarantee a fast and reliable service, done at the best of my possibilities.
On my website you will find a lot of positive comments of the previous customers that used my service for their businesses.
My $5 Keyword Search it’s simply the best!

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Hi Puck, this is awesome news and I admit I’m wowed by the fact that the top 3 results in Google are pulling 90% of the traffic. Sure is worth the research! It is actually quite an art to discover what keywords are truly relevant to your site – or in other words, what sort of longtail phrases searchers are actually keying in to find the sort of information your website or blog offers. It is best to secure the most highly targeted traffic you possibly can.

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