Monkey Flip, an offline lead machine!

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Monkey Flip Review

If you are like me, and you hate cold calling as much as knocking doors and you hate rejections… Monkey Flip is just for you.
Because it explains how to contact new business in need, in any area with a simple e-mail message.
Let me say I have never seen an offline technique like this before. The idea shown in the 34 is really astonishing, because I’m able to see the opportunity for a lot of money to be made with this.

The Monkey Flip method is good because grab the attention through customized materials.
You are needed to work simply by the use of online tools, free in 95% of cases.
You can choose different ways to do it, also thanks to the 5 ready to customize images you will find in the package, including custom fonts as well!

This technique works for well, because I did something similar here in Italy, but this is perfect and can add value to every offline amrketing campaign you are running right now.
I recommend this product, very easy to comprehend, because it will require just 30 minutes to start. Give just a read to the e-book, customize some templates, and you can send e-mails.
The price is very low, compared to the product you receive.

This is a 100% guaranteed way to make cold hard cash in a simple way. And you can aim to everyone, including dentists, plumbers, doctors, shops, restaurants and so on.
Monkey Flip is the offline product of 2011. Get it or watch the others make cash under your eyes!
Offline marketing works well, try it.

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