Desperate Kindle Riches Review

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Desperate Kindle Riches


If two big Kindle authors like Muhammad Sikandar and Cory Friedman join their forces, it’s pretty sure something huge will come out. And this is “Desperacte Kindle Riches“, a system that currently solves one of the biggest and worst problem ever experienced by Kindle authors: creating a truly passive income coming straight from Kindle.

In fact you know that after you work on a book SEO or advertising, it starts to generate sales that after a few time completely dry up. Well, this method instead, with the help of 5 videos, show you how to solve this problem and create your line-up of new and fresh Kindle ebooks.

In fact you will be show how to find highest demand markets that have still a low competition, made of “desperate” people in search of a fast and working solution. There’s only one problem about Kindle ebook reviews exchange, that was banned by Kindle, so DON’T FOLLOW their advice on that. Avoid any review unless it comes from paid customers, ok?

And with “Desperacte Kindle Riches” these books will be extra cheap and almost effortless because you can outsource them in just a few days. This is an excellent zero maintenance work that can really add up $100 per month per book, without touching them anymore after release date, as told by Cory and Muhammad.

Giveaway Events? What are these things?

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Christmas Comes Early Giveaway


Every list needs new contacts, and for this reason there are multiple ways to bring in new leads.
Giveaway events are one of the most easy way ever.
You just submit one or more gifts, depending if you wanna pay for it or do it free, and then some sales pages. Then wait for official launch date.

Every Giveaway event is presented long time before, so that the author can get more contributors entering their gift for the launch date.
Since launch date, every giveaway go forward for 2 weeks. And after the launch come subscribers, who join only for getting as much gifts as they want.
Obviously they must opt-in for the gifts, and so your list grow easily in a few days.

Just before the Christmas, there is a special giveaway event called “Christmas Comes Early Giveaway“, one I suggest you to try.
Because the most important giveaways are hosted by famous marketers and list builders, otherwise they are not worth your time.
This goes from 2 December 2012 to 12 December. I’ve yet paid my $10 to have possibility to upload more gifts and sales page, and grab all the gifts without opting in.

If you decide to pay the $10 fee, you will be able to advertise it and get 100% amount for any subscriber who pays, plus 5 free items to share and 5 sales pages to put in and 10,000 text ads views.
A lot of ways to earn money, and a lot ways to get subscribers on your list and advertise your websites. All easy to manage!

So go on, discover this “Christmas Comes Early Giveaway” and enter a new world!
From now on I will tell you all the Giveaways in which I’ll participate, and this is worth a try

The Traffic Dance, Social Surfing for all!

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The Traffic Dance

Today I want to present you a special website, a quality and colorful traffic exchange.
Its name is The Traffic Dance, and it’s easy to use: for each click you do, you get a visit on one of your websites.
On “The Traffic Dance” you can use your credits for hits to your websites, but also for banners and text ads. In this way you can organize better your advertising strategies.
And more, you can use free rotators to automatically rotate your urls.

What’s making this traffic exchange the best one? Well, many things.
It’s happy and colorful, with chat during the surf (also in one-to-one way with the Wisper function), a lot of bonuses and the possibility to found cash during the surfing.
And more, the administrators are organizing special contests for you, making surfing just a lot easier! And you get 500 credits just for signing up!

From latest market analysis, it’s clear that placing a website on a traffic exchange doesn’t give you the targeted traffic you need, but if you are able to connect with the people who’s surfing, you can really get your quality traffic just knowing who you are showing your own sites.
And “The Traffic Dance” win over competitors just for this fact. It permits you to find online surfers to talk with them! And that’s why it’s well known as the “social surfing”.

For this reason I suggest you to grab your free account and thinking about upgrading. You will get a lot of traffic and you will enjoy each minute of your time on “The Traffic Dance”.
Go now!

If you are too lazy to click and watching other people websites (bad thing, you are loosing the best of traffic exchanges!), you can try another big service offered by The Traffic Dance Network, the auto surfing.
The Traffic Dance Autosurf“. You join free, inserting your urls, and run the clicking on your background. This will increment your pageviews and will get you the credits necessary to show your website to ohter surfers.
This is a huge invention! And it’s good for many reasons:

  • You will bost your traffic for real and in fast time!
  • You will save a lot of time!
  • You will get a bunch of new visitors every day!
  • Search engines like Google are regarding new visitors positively, updating your rankings!

So with “The Traffic Dance” and “The Traffic Dance Autosurf” you are sure of one thing. You will never be crazy to find traffic!

My Internet Marketing experience started just here.

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Yes, every experience has a starting point, and I’m here to show you how my internet marketing adventure started.
In fact I want to make a full review of the blog owned by the person that guided me in the Traffic Exchange world, my first step in my long time adventure.

It’s by Edwin, a dear friend from Holland.
He his passionated about traffic exchanges, and he’s earning a good income from them and GDI.

I personally installed his blog, and he transformed it in a real source of news about the best available systems over the web.
I like his personal method to do blogging, and the contents also ! actually include the best traffic exchanges and safelist websites to join, including secret tips about making money and collecting new referrals.
He’s always available in case of questions, and following his method you can earn big traffic and hits to your websites.

Just as he said to me, focus on your business and let it grow day by day.
Don’t jump from a method to another, or you will never be successful.
By my side, I always save a few time each and every day to surf my 5 best traffic exchanges.

But now I wish to leave you some time to reading his posts, and join the RSS feed to stay updated on new updates. is waiting for you.
The train for traffic exchanges has a few seat available, take your ticket now !

My Websites : Koala Traffic and Koala Text Ads

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* Koala Traffic and Koala Text Ads are no longer available.

I never thought about it, but Blog In Da Box is my blog.
So why I never advertised my two traffic sources like Koala Traffic and Koala Text Ads ?
I don’t know !

What is Koala Traffic ?
Koala Traffic is an high quality Traffic Exchange opened one year ago.
It’s difficult to be chosen by advertisers, because every day tens of traffic exchanges are opening, sometimes by well known administrators.
I tried to build a colorful website, easy to use and improved.

On Koala Traffic you can surf the pages you want and obtain credits to let other visitors visualize your own pages : it’s a 100% free advertising type.
Unless you want to get double credits becoming a Gold or Platinum member 🙂

Joining for Free you will receive a starting package of 5000 Credits !

What is Koala Text Ads ?
Koala Text Ads is a free Text Ads Exchange, a website where you can receive a maximum of 10 e-mails on daily basis.
Clicking the special link contained you can get some points you can use in two ways :

  • To get a Solo Ad to send to all the other members
  • To get a 1000 views Banner to show in front of every page visited

One of the best thing of Koala Text Ads is that referring people that upgrade to PRO you will receive a good income, also if they buy any advertising package.
I often send newsletters containing Secret Codes to activate to receive free bonuses.

And if you join entering the secret code koalasolo and koalaextra you will receive a great bonus !

Koala Traffic and Koala Text Ads are two of my greatest websites, the first two I started before entering Internet Marketing.
I hope you will join one or the two websites :

Koala Traffic
Koala Text Ads

Thanks and Goodbye !

Internet Millionaire Interviews are really helpful ?

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* Internet Millionaire Interviews is no more available.

Ewen Chia’s Internet Million Secrets was just released today, and here I’m ready for a complete review !
If you are been marketing online for some time, the name “Ewen Chia” should be clearly in your mind.
In fact he is recognized as the World’s Number 1 Super Affiliate, not only because he earned tons of money, but just for his reputation as one of the greatest Internet Marketer.
And in the latest times he try to direct his business on paper, with his recent physical book launched on Amazon, getting an astonishing result solding out as fast as never seen !

In this case he is revealing all his hidden Marketing Secrets in a great release of two ready to download audio files in MP3 format with a complete Transcript in case you are not so good with spoken english or you have no time to ear it.
Obviously, Ewen charges a very high consulting fee for an appointment, but this time you are lucky because Calvin Woon and Jonathan Teng have paid personally the fee and are making it available to your pleasure for a small fee.

And you can get many benefits from it, giving a boost to your web marketing ideas.
Specially on these topics :

=> List Building (How Ewen made a list of more than 500’000 members)
=> How he get great names to promote his launches every time
=> Some Priceless Tips to make a lot of profits
=> How to Convert all of your customers into Affiliates first and Fans after

And what I’ve just mentioned her is about the 10% of the audio content of these frank and straight to the point interviews.
Ewen Chia’s Internet Million Secrets represents an optimal way to learn the fundaments of Internet Marketink topic, so I think it’s an unbelievable offer !

Here is the link : Internet Million Secrets

Is TrafficEra really easy to dominate ?

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TrafficEra is my second preferred Traffic Exchange after StartXchange, because its full of capabilities and surfing is only the peak of the iceberg. Substantially, TrafficEra is different from any other traffic exchange and a little bit difficult for the first time.

For every click you made you get some credits and also the possibility to get one of the random clocks : after you find 10 clocks in a surfing session you are prized with Tokens, a unique rewards that offers good benefits.
After you earn many Tokens you can exchange them for points, multiplier or surfing bonuses.

For the points instead, you can convert 10000 of them to 1 Logibuck : more you advance using exchange and more Logibucks you will get when you will conquer 1 one of the 5 avalaible stars .
With more Logibucks you can buy upgrades for free in one of the suggested websites like this one or Ts25, Traffic Pods and Hit Pulse.

There is also Team Surfing to battle beetween different Teams and every week you can enter in list for the first 500 Rankings, where you can be awarded with some of the 250000 credits avalaible !
This Traffic Exchange is very hard to comprehend but if you follow the examples and guides and you have a little bit of patience you will be half the way : the most important thing is to find a good mentor (or upline) to enjoy TrafficEra at the best.

I hope you will like it because this Traffic Exchange is really a mistery box, in which you can discover a small piece at a time !


StartXchange, my preferred Traffic Exchange !

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StartXchange is absolutely my favourite Traffic Exchange, active from 2001.StartXchange is absolutely my favourite Traffic Exchange, active from 2001.

That’s very simple to use but offers a great set of really useful features.

1) The best thing is the Team Surfing, where you enter in a team (only by invitation) to complete normal task and to receive weekly bonuses.
Team Surfing is my favourite type of surfing, because I met a lot of good friends and I’m staying in touch with them every day, learning a lot of informations.

2) Every 100 pages surfed you can get a random bonus of points (banner credits) and you can check where are you in the Top List and how many points are separating you from the member in front of you.

3) You can receive also a profuse bonus during normal surfing (a percentage number till 25%).

4) It has a good Forum, full of tips for newbies and info for experienced users and you can also earn points simply by posting.

Keep in mind that StartXchange is not a direct money making website, but if you wish to advertise free your website that’s your first step, absolutely.
You can use this Traffic Exchange with other ones, 5 or 6 in total at the same time to avoid confusion.
And don’t forget to organize all your different exchanges to bookmarks, to access them speedy when you need it.
Actually it is ranked in the first position inside the most famous Affiliate Funnel website and it’s followed by more than 40000 worldwide members.

That’s why SXC is over the top on my bookmarks and also on daily routines !