Article Marketing Evolved with my Super Article Traffic !

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Super Article Traffic by Alessandro Zamboni

If you are scared only by the name “Article Marketing” you have not to preoccupate anymore…
I just released a few days ago an incredible package devoted to Article Marketing called Super Article Traffic !

I never saw a so special ebook before : it contains all the secret techniques to really become a great Article Marketer in less than 24 hours !
And I guarantee to you that if you buy all the ebooks released until now on this topic, you can’t find all the informations I provided. Really.
Super Article Traffic is simply straight to the point : you will be followed step by step, and all the common errors are explained and solved like never before.

Here you can find only some of the contents provided :

* Article Marketing Basics
* The best and fast ways to find a Good Niche, also with a secret Google option
* How to choose the most effective Keywords with free software
* How to write an attention grabbing Header (with all the sucessful optimized keywords)
* How to make and find easy and interesting Contents for free
* The Best Places to submit your daily Articles
* How to Build an effective and time-saving Daily Plan
* How to earn a full Income making Articles
* How to Drive daily and fresh Traffic to your Websites or Blogs through Articles
* Secret ways to use your Articles for other purposes.
* A complete list of hundreds of the most effective websites to improve your traffic, your sales and your Article’s diffusion on daily basis !

With the Super Article Traffic e-book you will receive an astonishing series of Bonuses, like the never seen before Secret Mindmaps, ready to print and optimal to remember all the explained techiques in a breeze !
I inserted also a greatest John Yeo’s Interview, in which he explained how article marketing can be used to build a professional blogger income.
As a third Bonus I choose to put also 7000 PLR Articles to start your editing work.

Super Article Traffic is a biggest value for a very low price : for my readers only 17$ with MRR Rights included.
Lifetime Upgrades (now I’m at version 1.2 and I’m always available for any question).

Thanks & Goodbye by Alessandro

The Best Website Directory Submission ever !

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You probably know that Website Directory Submission is starting to become one of the most popular and easy way to get quality and one-way links to your website.
These kind of links are exactly what the search engines are looking for, just because a quality website with a lot of one-way links pointing on it can be only a really good site.
Said that, the catch is only to find a good Directory Submitter program beetween the hundreds available on market…

Well, after a great and accurate analysis I found the best one.
Do you want to know its name ? Directory Submitter by Brad Callen.
This software contans about 1715 Free Directories, kept updated weekly by the author and by his followers forum.

Directory Submitter is one of the most simple software I ever used for website submission at directories.
It’s only necessary to made 3 simply steps :

1) Insert your website’s details and save them for future
2) Select the Directories in which you want to submit
3) Hit the “Submit” button

And this program will complete the work for you !
So I recommend to give it a look, just to see the value of Directory Submitter and his extended community.
This software will give a boost to your visitors and to your search engine placement, but I suggest every 30 submissions to change the title of your website and description also.

Have a nice submission with… Directory Submitter !

Sales Letters Creator Review

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* Sales Letters Creator is no longer available.

Sales Letter Creator

If professional copywriting scares you for many reasons, Adeel Chowdry and his Sales Letters Creator software come to give you more than a great help.
After my new ebook release, Super Article Traffic, I was in trouble with my sales page, so in trouble that I decided to hire a copywriter through Elance or Rent-a-Coder.
The first request I received was a crashing 975$, without asking nothing special, only to start the creation process.
So I decided to give a look to my bookmarks, just because I thought to have put a bookmark just in my browser one or two weeks before.

I found Sales Letters Creator : a software able to create professional and high quality Sales Letter Pages in less than 15 minutes (that’s are creator’s words… not mine!).
I thought about a tutorial-software or something similar… but anyway I decided to buy it just because a Money Back Guarantee was offered.
Well, I was totally surprised by this piece of sales letter creator software, sold for a really small price and full of useful options I really needed to complete my page.

Sales Letters Creator is composed by 15 sections to check and complete one after another.
And in 15 minutes you can have your unique powerful salespage completed and ready to post.
Firstly you have to put in Meta-tags, then adjust the Page Settings.
After these two easy task it’s time to build your sale page : Headline, Introduction and Product Introduction come to let you give a point of view about your product to sale.
If you can’t find the words, don’t preoccupate : Sales Letter Creator propose you ready-made phrases to edit and add.

And now it’s time to add the Features & Benefits, adding specifically what your product is and what isn’t, in a simple list style.
After that ou can insert Testimonials, people or Guru that give an opinion about your ebook, your software or your course, and you can easily add their information.
Now it’s time for body, one of the simplest section to compile : you have only to insert how your product works, how do you charge for that and what your possible customers will receive.
If they will receive a Bonus, there is a special option to add them, with value inclused. That’s all…

Now just two minutes to adjust Guarantee (yes, you will put a guarantee, right?) and closing your selling page with PS and PPS, after the Buy Button, to let your visitors think about what they are leaving on the table.
Another unbelievable function of this software is the possibility to add two Youtube videos to your salespage.
Other options available are the posibility to insert your Header, your Affiliates link, your payment link and many more.

If you have a good template you can use Sales Letters Creator easily to copy and paste the text created and adjust it with fresh images.
If instead you don’t know where to catch a good template, this software will create it with your desired background color.

Finally, I can only say that Sales Letters Creator is a great piece of software, in no more than 1.2 megabytes.
And when you use it one time, you can’t leave it.
It’s too useful !

Monthly Content Club is really Affordable !

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PLR Articles, Websites, Graphics

This night, in one of my unfinished surfing sessions, while I was searching for fresh contents I found a site called Monthly Content Club.
Using PLR (Private Label Rights) content is one of the easiest ways to start making money online for a simple reason : it permit to put your name on the contents and resell it as your own without any more effort than a simple editing.

There are many ways to use PLR contents.
Firstly can be used on your website and monetize them with the help of AdSense and a few incoming traffic.
Secondly can be employed as a newsletter content or also used to promote your site through submitted Articles.
Third PLR ebooks can be used in fact as a way to encourage people to Opt-in to your newsletter or they also can be sold at your desired price to keep the 100% of the profits.
You can even recruit some affiliates to promote your fresh niche PLR ebook or simply pay them a straight affiliate commission.

The possibilities are pretty endless, as you can see.
But there is also a problem, as sometimes happens in all the best things : PLR content is usually very very expensive.
Good, if you are facing with that problem… it is just solved !

Thanks to the Monthly Content Club, you can get a lot of PLR contents for a really small and affordable monthly fee.
They give you every month :

  • 25 PLR articles
  • 1 Professional AdSense Website
  • 24 Custom Graphics each and every month

    I have signed up myself just this night because I know in my own experience that PLR are always profitable at 100%.
    And evaluating the contenta they are giving away I can tell you that they are top notch products.

    The Monthly Content Club is an incredible resource and it won’t cost you a thing.
    Keep in mind that the first month you will receive also 300 Fresh PLR Articles.

    Go grab your free 7 Days Account for Free at Monthly Content Club !

  • Ultimate Footer Ad boost your Subscribers Optin Rate !

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    * Ultimate Footer Ad is no longer available for purchase.

    Ultimate Footer Ad is the latest creation of Graham Cox : it is a simple script that requires no more than 10 minutes to be correctly installed.
    It place a stunning graphical bar on the footer of your page, very irresistible for visitor that will insert their details (name and e-mail) to subscribe to your newsletter.
    This program can be installed on how many domains you desire, but you need to request a free registration code for each website to let application work.

    One of the most important things to say it’s that Ultimate Footer Ad require the ability to create a MySQL Database with a MySQL User and modify some file’s proprieties.
    That’s pretty easy if you will follow the instruction on attached guide (and once installed you have also more detailed follow up videos to configure your bar).

    You have a lot of Footer Bars to choose, each of one configurable with your text and favourite colors, to get subscribers.
    Some of them are specifically useful for :

    • Get Followers for your Newsletter
    • Let Users download a free Report or Ebook
    • Permit to your Visitors to download an Audio file.
    • And much more

    Naturally you can add your Autoresponder Html Code to let your visitors directly join your personal newsletter.
    As you can see visiting some Guru sites this script is becoming used and succesfull on their pages, and with it nstalled on your website you will get a final answer to the most asked question : how to get a good list of subscribers ?

    Ultimate Footer Ad : the best idea to grow a rich list !

    How to Write your own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page ?

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    How to build Lead Pulling Squeeze Pages

    Today Robert Puddy just released a brilliant new report named “How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page“.

    It’s a 15 page report fullfilled on details on how to gain not just a subscriber but how to monetize the free process of list building.
    Robert will also give you the 4 prebuilt Web Pages he used to monetize his list building and build also a list of money in hand buyers.

    The better thing is that buying your copy you also become an instant affiliate getting 100% commissions on sales staright into your Paypal account if you decide to resell the product on your way.
    In this way with just only 1 sale you have fully paid your product, and from the selling number 2 you are abolutely in profit !
    If instead you are a smart marketer and you want to fully rebrand this report with your personal affiliate details, you have the possibility to buy also this option for nuts.

    The contents are very useful, and the chapter’s list is :

    • Introduction to Squeeze Pages
    • The Squeeze Page System
    • What You Need Before Starting
    • Planning Your Squeeze Page Theme
    • How to Write a Squeeze Page that Converts
    • Tips on Increasing Your Squeeze Page Conversion Rate
    • Driving Targeted Traffic into Your Squeeze Page
    • About the Squeeze Page Templates
    • Recommended Resources

    You will receive also a lot of Ebooks bonuses, related to Internet Marketing and really precious.
    And naturally Robert Puddy is not the first user… is a master of List Building and the connected tactics, so your money are always well spent.

    The price ? Only 7$ for a complete Squeeze Pages Building tactic, plus 5 Templates, plus a lot of bonuses and 100% Resale Rights !

    Take a look to see how powerful is How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page !

    VideoTube Scheduler Pro Review

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    * This Product is not yet available!

    Today VideoTube Scheduler Pro was released by Adeel Chowdhry and Ian Del Carmen, so I took my copy and I try to review it as my best.

    This program is useful because save your time : in fact it prepare for you your favourite Youtube Videos to be seen in your preferred moments, or beetween one working session and another.
    You don’t have to loose any more time reseaching the videos you like, because VideoTube Scheduler will make it for you.
    So this software download the video and you can choose when to see them.

    The software you will download is large about 560 kb, so it’s powerful but even smaller !
    After a speedy installation you can open the software and you can see four icons : one to play the recorded videos, one to play the found video, the third to record the video at your favourite time and the latest to add your favourite keywords for research.
    Please remember to add this program at your firewall or it doesn’t display nothing !

    VideoTube Scheduler Pro can cut the times spent on Youtube to search videos, just because this software makes all the work for you, proposing just the best quality avalaible videos.
    And the names of the creators are also a guarantee !
    So you can work more or spend the saved time in other things you like, because Youtube will become your personal Video Recorder, and you can view your videos just when you have time.

    So, I recommend you to give a try to this software for the special price of 4.95$, less than a magazine cost.
    You will never leave this software close, it’s so useful !

    by Alessandro

    PLR Article Pro, a new way to valorize your articles.

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    From the mind of Mike Steup, one of the most productive internet marketers, is born PLR Article Pro, a new software able to transform your PLR Articles in a complete website, displaying your Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank ads.
    How many time is required to build this type of website ? No more than 5 minutes (on Steup’s website is reported 2 minutes).

    This software come in two versions : the first is Basic, and you get the software, 900 PLR Articles ready to go (36 topics with 25 articles each), Random Home Page Script (capable of let your site change the home page with one of the PLR you have added automatically), a Random Cross Linker script (useful to link randomly one of your pages to others) and a Search Phrase Customizer (allow you to let user find any phrase searched in search engineas to appear where you want on your pages).
    This package comes for only 29.95$ in Basic Version but gives you an imponent help to build your personal valued article pages.

    At the order page are displayed two different options : one to order the package as I described and one another to buy the Gold Version, powered by a boost of new options, like the following :

    1) Random Snippets : these are used to make your web page unique, because little parts of any article are taken out and posted on other pages, making every site different also if using the same PLR Articles.
    2) Affiliate Link Injection : this voice is one of my favourites just because permit you to add clickable links into your PLR Article text !
    3) 1800 PLR Articles : that’s double of original gift, 72 niche covered by 25 PLR Articles each ! So you are ready to build a minimum of 72 websites !

    This powerful version is offered at 47$, a special introductory price for what is offered !

    I like this program essentially because it’s speedy to load and powerful as a suite to use.
    With a few articles you can build a SEO Optimized website that can give you also an income through the Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank Ads posted, giving also to your visitors what they are just searching for.

    An example of a website built with this software is Belgian Chocolate.
    Here you can find all the privileges of Gold Version in action.

    As a gift for reading this PLR Article Pro review, let me gift you with 100 PLR Articles, clicking just here : 100 PLR Articles for You !

    Thanks and goodbye !

    Super List Explode review

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    Super List Explode

    Today was released a brand new website named Super List Explode.
    This is an Email List Builder capable of build your own contact list to advertise your site or your products.

    Yes, but how ? That’s simply, more simply than what I thought.
    You have to view daily at least 5 advertisements made by other members and you will receive in your downline all the subscribers which have joined that same day ; if instead you have no time to check every day these Member’s offers you can find 1 referral to have the same advantage to receive all the daily subscription under your list.

    This program is totally free and without any membership to join (probably that’s the first time in my life in which I don’t receive any Special Offer to becoma Gold, Pro or Super :)) : in fact the unique offer you will receive after joining will be an Affiliate Builder Package composed by 20 Random Referrals, just to stat with a good downline with a price of 47$ (a little too much for my opinion, because the members you will receive can also use not this program at all).
    So I reccomend to jon it free and stay a free member.

    If you want to check this attractive mail list builder you can click on this text line.


    BlogInDaBox is on Squidoo ! And other info…

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    Two days ago I completed my first Squidoo Lens that I published at :
    I hope you want to visit it and vote…
    But I want also to let you know why Squidoo can be so useful as a source of visitors.

    What is Squidoo ?
    Squidoo is essentially a free and trusted source of quality traffic, because you will never pay for your advertising.
    For example Google list the Squidoo lenses fastly because in one month, only in USA, were made more than 49% of the total amount of 7 Billion searches : so the king of the search engines really like Squidoo, because it drives a lot of users to find lenses.
    And so, if you decide to talk about one of most searched topics (applying the correct keywords) you can also have one of the most searched lens.

    And now the three first unforgivable rules to get more possibilities to build officially one of the “Most Clicked Lens” :

    1) Choose the best name for your new Lens
    Choosing a correct lens name can be very difficult because you have to keep in mind the following rules.
    The Keyword about the niche are you writing about has to be included in your Lens title.
    And then you can post other connected keywords separating them with “-” simbol.
    Keep in mind that your title need to be more easy to remember as possible, so don’t think about too long and difficult words.

    2) Think about 10 good Keywords
    On your Lens setup you are invited to choose some Tags for your lens.
    This Tags are simply keywords that need to be strictly related to your lens topic : so you have to avoid too general terms and find specific words that can easily searched by people interested on your same niche.
    Don’t add too many Tags or you can be kicked out by Squidoo in case you have more than 20 of them.

    3) Complete your Profile
    The most important thing when you have put up the basics of your Lens is to complete your profile’s informations.
    Infact this one needs to be adjusted to let you appear as a king of your niche or as an expert of the topic are you talking about.
    Adding a photo is mandatory to let people keep your image in their mind for future references on other platforms.

    In the next post you will learn how to continue this new adventure in Squidoo adding new great contents, like Flickr photos, Youtube videos, eBay and Amazon products, Rss feedds from your blogs and a lot of others items that can power your Lens to maximum levels.