Discover the Content Revenge WordPress Plugin

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Do you know what Warrior Forum member Craig Romero, that is an Adsense millionaire, uses to generate the right contents for all his niche websites?
Well, this is his newest “Content Revenge WordPress Plugin“, a wordpress plugin he used in private to reach 5 figures in Adsense, with earnings on daily basis.

I was totally scared when I saw what this plugin can do. The Content Revenge plugin can just create thousands of pages of high quality contents in just 60 seconds!
This man is making a lot of money in Adsense by some years, and his checks went well over the $500 a day…

If you check his Adsense screenshots on the WSO Thread, you will see how easily he got up $190K. Yes just so much in only one month from the Adsense platform. I know it seems a bit unreal, but if you check videos and screenshots, you will comprehend it’s all true and certified.

If you are tired to try to earn money with websites, using precious hours of your time to build up contents, I will check this great WSO, a golden goose offer that can really make you rich in just a few weeks.

Content Revenge WordPress Plugin” is now available in a dimesale format, so grab it soon or the price will grow like Craig Romero’s checks!

How to create WordPress Plugins with no programming?

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From today, it’s easy to create your own WordPress plugin, with no programming and no coding at all!
And the best thing it’s you can sell the plugin as yours and get big money!
Thanks to Andy, a Warrior, you can buy a software able to create top plugins starting from your ideas, and you get all the rights to sell the generated plugins.

This offer was a sold-out on Warrior Forum, and you can check here for the latest available copies : “Create WordPress Plugins With No Programming and No Experience
The software permits you to create easy software, including informational plugins, quotes plugins, recipe plugins, gift plugins, idea plugins, tips plugins and so on. You can get your mind working!

And you get the training as well, with well recorded videos able to cancel any doubt.
Create WordPress Plugins With No Programming and No Experience” it’s easy to use, but very useful to create new plugins with ease and in fast times.

Obviously you get every rights for the plugins you publish, except for the software that needs to be kept just for yourself. Imagine how many sales you could do with your unlimited plugin list!
Or you could sale these plugins on request! Imagine a gig on Fiverr with “get your favorite plugin created!”… It’s fantastic!

Get your copy now! “Create WordPress Plugins With No Programming and No Experience” it’s being retired from market soon!

Backup Creator for WordPress Blogs

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Backup Creator Review

Wordpress it’s a perfect system, wonderful to use and customize. And it’s also easy to add new articles, images, experiences and files.
But if you find it broken or hacked, are you good to restore it from zero? I think 80% of people using WordPress he’s not able to perform a 100% restoration.
So? On market there are many products able to automate the backup process of a WordPress blog, including database and files, as well as posts, images and everything included.
Some are costly, some others are difficult to use, and just one it’s easy and cheap. Yes. I’m talking about “Backup Creator“, a really good and solid software to backup, protect, clone and restore your WordPress blogs as well as normal websites created with other resources.

A cheap tool costing you just $7, the cost of a couple of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, you can get a full recovery solution, or simply a backup tool to live your life in a better way.
I got many friends with blog hacked, and also on my own I made big disasters all around. One day I was convinced to delete a stupid blog, instead I deleted this one! But thanks to my WordPress backup, I was able to restore the entire blog in less than 5 minutes.

Backup Creator” it’s easy to use, and permit you to store backup files wherever you want, automatically.
The good thing is that is simple to create your 24 hours on 24 security plan, to keep all your files and your work on aa backup place.
Never think your WordPress blog will never be hacked or will never crash thanks to malicious plugins, it will happen one day!
So be prepared, and smile when you discover your blog is gone. Now you can protect it forever with just a few bucks.

Smile, “Backup Creator” it’s arrived! Go now and get it for low price, until it’s on launch phase!

Auto Blogging Software Review

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* Offer Link Will Be Fixed Soon!

Auto Blogging Software

Just a few days ago, when I was searching for an automation tool for my blog, I hit the Auto Blogging Software website, by Nick Carty.
Just reading a few text lines, and having tried all the most advertised auto-blogging tools online, I decided to make one more try.
Well, after a full week of use, I can only say that finally I found a valued software, powerful and easy to use !

After a simple installation, you can start adding your blogs into the software (I’ve more than 27 blogs all around !).
In a few seconds you are ready to publish fresh contents to your blog, through Auto Blogging Software.
You can decide if add automated contents, PLR files or written articles, specifying the date and the hour in which you want them to be published.

The Automated Contents option works very well, and it’s very easy to dominate it.
You only need to insert an RSS Feed and wait until the full articles, with images, are downloaded.
Then, you can decide which article publish, with or without linkback to original site.
All internal text links are removed on requests, so you can customize the ready articles as much as you like.

This software is really cool !
It permit also to manage unlimited blogs, with Blogger or WordPress platform, and manage them straight from Auto Blogging Software.
This tool is what a serious blogger needs, just because it’s fully automated and save your time.

When you will buy it, you will have access to proprietary forum, in which you will find many auto blogging tips and tricks and a fast answering customer support, very prepared.
I suggest you to don’t lose a software like “Auto Blogging Software”, it will save your valued time and money as well !

8 Must-Have IM Tools

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8 Must-Have Internet Marketing Tools

When you’re building your own plan for your Internet Marketing business, it’s fundamental to save money in case you are on tight budget.
And also if you are rich, it’s always important to avoid throwing money out the window.
Right ?

In this article I decided to describe the best 8 Must Have Internet Marketing Tools.

1) Website Design Tools
In case you want to avoid outsourcing, you have to think about a good website design tool, able to build astonishing websites in no time.
It will be very useful to build yourcontacts-cranking squeeze pages.
I use WYSIWYG Web Builder, available at

2) Graphic Software
Find graphics for your website and squeeze pages is something that requires many efforts.
But also outsource his creation can be really expensive.
So I suggest to build your own computer graphics through a professional software : there are many of them for all price ranges.
I use Adobe Photoshop Elements, available at :

3) Keyword Research Software
To build the perfect splash page and your sales page, what you need to be in first Google positions is a good keyword research software.
It permit you to find the best keyword to put in your text.
I use Keyword Research Pro by Fabian Lim, at

4) Article Marketing Software
If you like to get advertising through articles, you absolutely need two software or an all-in-one : an Article Spinner and an Article Submitter.
The first simply change your basic article changing selected words with similar ones, the second sends your articles to article directories.
I use only an Article Spinner, called The Best Spinner, at, then I prefer to submit articles manually.

5) Social Networks Software
In the latest years, Web 2.0 became a standard.
A lot of Social Networks born and became not only people communities, but also traffic machines.
Social Media Management Tools permit to complete your job in less time.
I use OnlyWire on my blog, to do many sites at once, saving a lot of time : you can get it free at
For Twitter instead, I recommend to use TweetDeck to manage your postings, at
These two apps will help you to cut your times used to complete all your daily jobs.

6) Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the key to drive targeted traffic to your website.
It can be done manually, but you have to learn many things to let it work perfectly.
Sending articles to article directories, getting backlinks from other websites, posting on forums with your own web address, put the keywords in the best place and more…
That’s Search Engine Optimization, but I never use software to do that.

7) Good Domain and Hosting Plan
If you want to run a good Internet Marketing business, what you have to do is choose the best hosting company and a good domain.
I always host on Hostgator, Midphase and JustHost and I never had problems.
They have 24 Hours on 24 Chat to help you in case of problems, MysQL, PHP, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited web space.

8 ) Autoresponder
An Autoresponder is what you need to do business.
They are costly, but you can’t live without it.
Through Squeeze Pages and Download Pages, you can catch the buyer or downloader name and e-mail.
I use Getresponse at, but another good one is Aweber, at
The others simply don’t work or work not good as these two.

With these 8 must-have internet marketing tools you can develop a great business and build your downline in a few times.
The money will come, if you can provide great websites and make a lot of free advertising, so take your time and get all the software I suggested.
I decided to don’t put my referral links, so you can buy them alone when you have possibility.

Thanks. Exposed !

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Press Release

A press release simply tells to website readers that you have brilliante news for them all.
I want to explain how a Press Release website works, and for this reason I choosed my favorite one as example :, active from 2001.
A Press Release Service permit you to let search engines spider fast your Press Release and consequently your new website, and for this reason they are often requested by Internet Marketers. is special for some reasons :

1) It permits posting also to people not registered to free service.
2) Permit a great service for Free User.
3) If you will pay only $1 your Press Release can be indexed by Google in only 4 hours ! (That’s incredible but true)
4) You can join a Promoted or Customized Plan to diffuse your Press Release in only 1 hour…

For this reason is one o the best services now available !
Press releases nowadays are an important marketing tool, and they permit you to increase your search engine’s rankings in no time.
The contemporary exposure of your offer on a Press Release website permit you to achieve a large number of sales with a cheap expense.
To write the perfect text you canedit them using targeted keywords or, if you have this opporutnity, paying a professional copywriter in outsourcing.

So, if you have to release a new product or something new regarding you or your products, a Press Release can be fundamental as the fast method to deliver news.
With all that can become easy and cheap !

Thanks and Goodbye by Alessandro Zamboni

I released Blog Flipping Bootcamp !

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Blog Flipping Bootcamp is my new course, made with the supervision of John Yeo.
It shows you how to become a well known blog flipper in 30 Video Lessons with Full Transcripts, for a total amount of 7 hours of step by step videos.
I created this video course after my successful blog sales, and what let me decide about this course creation was the most incredible sales of Blog About Michael Jackson, a $197 value blog that I sold only after 2 days !

After Super Article Traffic, this is my second Internet Marketing release.
I sell it at $47, a really low price if you consider that it was a very time consuming creation, at :
You can download the following items :

  • 30 High Quality Videos (7 Hours of contents)
  • Full Text Transcripts
  • Extreme Bonuses

The Blog Flipping Bootcamp contents permit you to start from the base (WordPress Installation, Customization and Optimization) proceeding to advanced topics (Monetization Models, Exclusive Contents, Sale System and more).
I left no blank areas in the process that guide you from buying domain and hosting to the final resale on important worldwide networks.
I decided to put a list with all the video titles, otherwise my post length will be too long 🙂

Video 01 – Basic Niche Research
Video 02 – Advanced Niche Research
Video 03 – How to choose the best Keywords
Video 04 – How to Choose the best Domain and Hosting
Video 05 – How to Install your WordPress blog
Video 06 – How to Customize your new Blog
Video 07 – The Best Plugins you have to use
Video 08 – Tricks for WordPress Part 1 (Ping Automation)
Video 09 – Tricks for WordPress Part 2 (Other Settings)
Video 10 – How to find good contents and write new posts
Video 11 – How to find the best images
Video 12 – Search Engine Optimization
Video 13 – Monetization of WordPress Blog Part 1
Video 14 – Monetization of WordPress Blog Part 2
Video 15 – Monetization of WordPress Blog Part 3
Video 16 – Social Bookmarking Submission
Video 17 – Search Engine Submission
Video 18 – Social Network Submission
Video 19 – Basic Advertising Sources
Video 20 – Advertising through Articles
Video 21 – Advanced Advertising Sources
Video 22 – How to get high PR Backlinks
Video 23 – How to add a rich-content Squidoo Lens
Video 24 – How to Enrich your Selling Package
Video 25 – Which is the correct price for selling
Video 26 – Where to sell your new Blog
Video 27 – How to write an effective Sales Page
Video 28 – How to get High Quality comments
Video 29 – How to transfer domain and hosting
Video 30 – How to propose a paid update plan

The Bonuses instead are something spectacular :

Bonus 1 – Personal Analysis of your first blog for sale (for first 50 people only)
Bonus 2 – Wordpres Festivity Theme Package (23 Festivity Themes)
Bonus 3 – 40 Premium WordPress Themes (something spectacular to start your work)

But the bes thing is that “Blog Flipping Bootcamp” is not a finished video course… it will continue !
And when you will buy it, you are in possess of a Lifetime Membership !
In fact, from January 2009 I will release new video-courses, always about Blog Flip techniques.

I’m selling one of the best Blog Flipping guides now available, so I suggest to get your copy as soon as low prices are available !
But if you want to really save money, I placed a WSO (Warrior Forum Special Offer) with the lowest prices.
Connect to my Warrior Forum sale and get your copy before too late !
If you aren’t registered yet to Warrior Forum, join it completely free !

Thanks and Goodbye by Alessandro Zamboni, the Blog Flipping Bootcamp hero !

My Websites : Koala Traffic and Koala Text Ads

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* Koala Traffic and Koala Text Ads are no longer available.

I never thought about it, but Blog In Da Box is my blog.
So why I never advertised my two traffic sources like Koala Traffic and Koala Text Ads ?
I don’t know !

What is Koala Traffic ?
Koala Traffic is an high quality Traffic Exchange opened one year ago.
It’s difficult to be chosen by advertisers, because every day tens of traffic exchanges are opening, sometimes by well known administrators.
I tried to build a colorful website, easy to use and improved.

On Koala Traffic you can surf the pages you want and obtain credits to let other visitors visualize your own pages : it’s a 100% free advertising type.
Unless you want to get double credits becoming a Gold or Platinum member 🙂

Joining for Free you will receive a starting package of 5000 Credits !

What is Koala Text Ads ?
Koala Text Ads is a free Text Ads Exchange, a website where you can receive a maximum of 10 e-mails on daily basis.
Clicking the special link contained you can get some points you can use in two ways :

  • To get a Solo Ad to send to all the other members
  • To get a 1000 views Banner to show in front of every page visited

One of the best thing of Koala Text Ads is that referring people that upgrade to PRO you will receive a good income, also if they buy any advertising package.
I often send newsletters containing Secret Codes to activate to receive free bonuses.

And if you join entering the secret code koalasolo and koalaextra you will receive a great bonus !

Koala Traffic and Koala Text Ads are two of my greatest websites, the first two I started before entering Internet Marketing.
I hope you will join one or the two websites :

Koala Traffic
Koala Text Ads

Thanks and Goodbye !

Fliggo Review. No more problems for your Video Site !

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* Fliggo is no more available.


Today, bouncing from a tweet to another, I found a great link to a free resource called Fliggo.
This is a video website creation tool available os online platform for complete video-site newbies.

You have simply to subscribe and then, after mail confirmation, choose your website name.
Your address will be “your username +”.

After registering you are guided step by step to the creation of your website from zero : you have firstly to think about a description, and then about the site design.
You can choose many templates :

A Community Template to grow your friend list
A Video Blog
A Producer site with HD Video Support
A Blank and so minimalist site

You can also choose to allow the visiting only to invited people or to all.
Then you are guided to other options and finally you have to insert your first video, so I suggest you to create one just before joining.

Finally, you can adjust your profile adding a personal photo, a breif update about your interests and then a website description.
All the process require about three minutes if you are ready with a video and a photo.

If instead you want only to be a visitor, you can find a series of the best video blogs available, just on Fliggo.
Fliggo is a great resource for all the starter video marketers that desire a free platform and no coding at all.
It’s a great new idea, simply to use and easy to keep updated.

Join Fliggo now.
100% Free and 100% Videos !

Finally a Free Gift from Super Article Traffic

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Finally, after 1 month of selling, I decided to release Super Article Traffic : Niche Under Cover, a 100% Free Guide.
It’s all about Niche Research and it is a simple tutorial to show how Super Article Traffic is easy to follow and fast to apply.

I suggest to all the Article Marketers to download my product and send me a comment, just to this post.

The link to download, with a double-optin, is :
So get it fast and follow my tips.
Your Article will be grateful.

Learn al the techniques to extract useful informations from a plethora of websites :

  • Google Sets
  • Google Groups
  • Google Wonder Wheel
  • Google Trends
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • My Goals
  • eBay Pulse
  • And many more tips…

It’s only a 6 page guide. but filled by a revision of the best online tools to find new ideas for your Articles, to discover hidden niches and get fast results for every researched term.
Make a good use of Super Article Traffic : Niche Under Cover !

As a valuable bonus I added 75 PLR Articles for Free : 25 about Jewellery, 25 about Clothing and 25 abut Shoes : strange niches but very good as a starting plan.

Thanks and Goodbye.