2 New Gifts for My Readers!

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Ebooks by Blog In Da Box

The last week I’ve launched 2 new squeeze pages with 2 new products I developed just for subscribers of my brand new newsletter.
The first is named “Warrior Solo Ads” and shows you all the secrets for using Solo Ads for profits, while the second is named “Affiliate Marketing Discovery” and talks about the real techniques to become a money-making affiliate with ease.

So go, register now and download your favorite product now, entirely free!



Stay tuned for other news by Blog In Da Box!
Thanks so much and see you soon!

10 Ways to Build Your List

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This is an article I prepared the last two weeks, adding any idea the blog subscriber submitted to me, and the results are really astonishing, because now everyone can check and select their favorite points!
Building a list seems difficult for newbies, but sometimes also the top marketers find some difficulties in the building process. That’s why the times are changing, and by one side we must offer more to our subscribers, and second we need to pay real attention to the subscriber’s needs.

Here is the list about the 10 top ways to enhance your list building through GETRESPONSE:

  • Content Relevancy : Your visitors nowaday will not leave their own email on the first web page they find, also if it is free. You must provide quality contents, useful ideas, or a well made and designed product that can interest them all.
  • Subscription Forms : While I surf the web, I always see a big error in blogs and websites. The subscription form stays always on the first page. But the visitors will come to your blog from every link to every page, so it is a good idea to leave your form on each and every page, in the same place or trying to change position. This increase your signup rate!
  • Catch Subscribers on Social Networks : Do you know you can place your autoresponder code straight on your Facebook Page? Or that you can advertise your squeeze page on every social network available? This is a biggest resource, and it’s stupid to avoid using it!
  • Provide a Sample : I know it’s difficult to get subscribers, but if on your website you place a page with “Newsletters” and you paste there your first 2 newsletters, as example, I’m sure that people will signup! That’s why they can determine the quality of your work.
  • Give Away Quality Gifts : Many internet marketers just give away a bait report and then start to send rubbish once or more a day. This let you lose all your signups! Try instead to deliver, once a week, a quality bonus the subscribers could use for their daily operations. This will fix the subscribers to your list! And do not always insert other opt-in links, but free download links, or gifts delivered after a survey, just to make you two clear examples.
  • Guest Blogging : This is another win-win situation. You check the blogs of your same niche, and contact the administrator to ask if you can send a free guest post with a link at the end. They generally accept, and this brings you fresh traffic from another blog, letting you decide if is better to use a squeeze page or direct them to your blog.
  • Make Signup Form Easy : A few years ago in a signup form there was Name, Surname, Email and sometimes Phone request. Today, to avoid privacy issues, people like to signup on easy autoresponder snippets who are requesting just their email address and nothing else. This is the new way to follow!
  • Archive your Newsletters : One of the best ideas for running your newsletter politely, is to build up a website or a part of your blog with all the past messages you sent, so that new users can access them and check up your style. Archive them by first to latest, and you will make a great favor to your subscribers.
  • Legal Pages : Remember always to include a link in your newsletters that bring readers to your privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer and compensation disclosure. There are software or products who help you in writing down this documents. They are fundamental to run you rbusiness by the right side of barricade.
  • Squeeze Pages : This is a typical page in which the marketer (you) offers a free products to the visitor (the future subscriber). A good idea is to include testimonials on the page, so that, before subscribing, the visitors could get an idea about the quality. This can be made offering a free bonus for who wants to leave the feedback. Then, pay attention to your main headline, and place a quality video on it. You will grab even more subscribers publishing an Ad on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and so on.

Try to follow 1 or more of this tips and your list building will get a boost for sure! And if you haven’t an autoresponder yet, grab a Getresponse account, this is what I use by 3 years without a problem!

Make Sure Your Earnings Outperform Your Website Hosting Cost

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Guest Post by Tiffany Dow!

Having a website is a way that you can make money online. Some people make money as part time income, some as full time and some as a way to set up a nice retirement nest egg.

Regardless of the reason you have a website, one thing should be glaringly obvious – you want your website hosting cost to be less than your earnings. Otherwise, all you’re doing is spinning your wheels and not bringing in the money you want or need.
You can have a site dedicated to affiliate marketing or info product sales. You might even have a multitude of domains promoting many things. However, it’s extremely costly if you have web hosting that limits the amount of websites you can host using their plans.

While having ten websites might seem like a lot to someone new to affiliate marketing, a seasoned marketer knows website possibilities need to be unlimited. They expect growth and so they look for ways their website hosting costs won’t eat up their profits.
By planning for the future, they choose a company that gives them the ability to have limitless websites through one low fee. Some people are AdSense bloggers. These are bloggers who sign up to let Google put ads on their blogs or websites.

These ads can be in the form of video, images, text, etc. Sometimes people who generate some revenue from their sites think that they must have the biggest, most expensive hosting companies in order to make sure their sites don’t go down because of bandwidth or dependability.

But expensive isn’t always synonymous with the best. You have to weigh the features offered by the hosting company and they’re not all the same. Expensive hosting plans with small bandwidth means you may run into the potential problem of quickly exceeding all of your allotted space.
When that happens, you have to buy a more expensive plan. If you’re not at the point where the income you’re bringing in is more than the expensive hosting, then you’re essentially paying to stay in business.
Information product sellers are people who need a great deal of bandwidth for allowing customers to be able to download products. You’ll need software like shopping carts, download technology, etc.

All of that takes up storage space on your data plan. So you’ll have to look how much data storage is offered with your plan. Aim for at least 500 MB to start with. This will help keep your site from being overwhelmed if your product is in high demand. You don’t want your website hosting cost to be something that impedes your business simply because you picked a plan that didn’t offer you enough room for future growth.

The Real Success of Fiverr!

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You have probably tried or at least heard about Fiverr, the new network that permit you to buy and sell services for the cost of $5 each.
Well, incredible but true, this platform had a so fast rising to success that now is getting tens of thousands visitors each day, posting or requesting one of the available micro jobs.
In a world like this, where there are no more ideas, this is a brand new history of success. A strong success.

I watched on Alexa.com how Fiverr.com was going, and I was amazed.
Here is a screenshot for you, taken today, the date of this post.

Fiverr on Alexa

As you can see in USA the website is at position 326, while the Alexa traffic rank is 739.
And Alexa reports also that the visitors coming from search engines are only 5%. Incredible!
This is a pure tam tam made by people and visitors of Fiverr, and it’s made on forums, discussion boards, communities and so on.
I personally don’t remember who said me about Fiverr…

Anyway I was able to sell $47 in first two weeks, and I’m happy that I’m helping people in doing things they don’t like.
I’m sharing their links on Facebook and Twitter, I’m sending a newsletter to my contacts about their product, I’m doing JV and co-authorships of new e-books and so on.
So I think it’s a good idea to use the power of Fiverr.

By Fiverr you can also do your job and send to the customer an e-mail containing the links of all your products, so it becomes a new source of advertising for you and for your services.
And you can add a Fiverr customer to your list.
For example I sell a Gig (a new term to define a Job) that permit to a user to have his old blog fresh and automated.
Then I ask them if they desire new blogs for $60, completed by articles.
It’s more easy than what you can think. And it works well.

If you want to take the best guide about Fiverr, here I created one, with tips and tricks and a lot of other stuff.
Obviously it has a special price only for Blog In Da Box readers.

Instant Fiverr Goldrush

Thanks and have a good future on Fiverr!

Super Traffic Rush by John Yeo

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* Super Traffic Rush is no more available.

Super Traffic Rush

I always review John’s product with happiness, because thanks to him I started my online business with blogging.
This time he released “Super Traffic Rush”, a brand new video course about free traffic sources.
He delivered 5 high quality videos and 5 connected documents, with a final checklist.

The product was developed with care, because simple services, well known by people, will become a free traffic generation source.
Traffic is the real key for every business, and you need a lot of it to achieve sales and results.
Otherwise you will be cutted out from the online universe.

The videos included are about the following websites and services :

  • Ezine Articles
  • Youtube
  • Squidoo
  • RSS Feeds
  • Email Signatures

The videos are not about simple topics you can read everywhere, but are tested and proven methods used by John Yeo to achieve his performances until today.
He used anyone of the techniques he show you, and I can certify on my own that everyone of them works correctly if used with a little bit of attention.
I bought this course because I was attracted by the sales page claims, and because I know John by a lot of years.

The methods described are easy to apply, and all what you need is a little bit of constancy.
You will be able to see the first good results, in traffic increase, just after an entire week.
Then even more vistors will come to your site, day after day.
So your site will increase in value, and you will be happy to sale more products and getting more revenue by your advertising.

John Yeo is a kindly people.
$37 is not a great price, and just for the value offered, there ‘s no way to leave this product on table.
Super Traffic Rush is a powerful course to become the king of traffic.
Your websites and blogs will be happy for this.

Get Super Traffic Rush right now for a special price !

8 Must-Have IM Tools

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8 Must-Have Internet Marketing Tools

When you’re building your own plan for your Internet Marketing business, it’s fundamental to save money in case you are on tight budget.
And also if you are rich, it’s always important to avoid throwing money out the window.
Right ?

In this article I decided to describe the best 8 Must Have Internet Marketing Tools.

1) Website Design Tools
In case you want to avoid outsourcing, you have to think about a good website design tool, able to build astonishing websites in no time.
It will be very useful to build yourcontacts-cranking squeeze pages.
I use WYSIWYG Web Builder, available at http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/.

2) Graphic Software
Find graphics for your website and squeeze pages is something that requires many efforts.
But also outsource his creation can be really expensive.
So I suggest to build your own computer graphics through a professional software : there are many of them for all price ranges.
I use Adobe Photoshop Elements, available at : http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshopelwin/.

3) Keyword Research Software
To build the perfect splash page and your sales page, what you need to be in first Google positions is a good keyword research software.
It permit you to find the best keyword to put in your text.
I use Keyword Research Pro by Fabian Lim, at http://www.keywordresearchpro.com/.

4) Article Marketing Software
If you like to get advertising through articles, you absolutely need two software or an all-in-one : an Article Spinner and an Article Submitter.
The first simply change your basic article changing selected words with similar ones, the second sends your articles to article directories.
I use only an Article Spinner, called The Best Spinner, at http://thebestspinner.com/, then I prefer to submit articles manually.

5) Social Networks Software
In the latest years, Web 2.0 became a standard.
A lot of Social Networks born and became not only people communities, but also traffic machines.
Social Media Management Tools permit to complete your job in less time.
I use OnlyWire on my blog, to do many sites at once, saving a lot of time : you can get it free at http://onlywire.com/.
For Twitter instead, I recommend to use TweetDeck to manage your postings, at http://www.tweetdeck.com/.
These two apps will help you to cut your times used to complete all your daily jobs.

6) Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the key to drive targeted traffic to your website.
It can be done manually, but you have to learn many things to let it work perfectly.
Sending articles to article directories, getting backlinks from other websites, posting on forums with your own web address, put the keywords in the best place and more…
That’s Search Engine Optimization, but I never use software to do that.

7) Good Domain and Hosting Plan
If you want to run a good Internet Marketing business, what you have to do is choose the best hosting company and a good domain.
I always host on Hostgator, Midphase and JustHost and I never had problems.
They have 24 Hours on 24 Chat to help you in case of problems, MysQL, PHP, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited web space.

8 ) Autoresponder
An Autoresponder is what you need to do business.
They are costly, but you can’t live without it.
Through Squeeze Pages and Download Pages, you can catch the buyer or downloader name and e-mail.
I use Getresponse at http://www.getresponse.com, but another good one is Aweber, at http://www.aweber.com.
The others simply don’t work or work not good as these two.

With these 8 must-have internet marketing tools you can develop a great business and build your downline in a few times.
The money will come, if you can provide great websites and make a lot of free advertising, so take your time and get all the software I suggested.
I decided to don’t put my referral links, so you can buy them alone when you have possibility.


Free-Press-Release.com Exposed !

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Press Release

A press release simply tells to website readers that you have brilliante news for them all.
I want to explain how a Press Release website works, and for this reason I choosed my favorite one as example : Free-Press-Release.com, active from 2001.
A Press Release Service permit you to let search engines spider fast your Press Release and consequently your new website, and for this reason they are often requested by Internet Marketers.

Free-Press-Release.com is special for some reasons :

1) It permits posting also to people not registered to free service.
2) Permit a great service for Free User.
3) If you will pay only $1 your Press Release can be indexed by Google in only 4 hours ! (That’s incredible but true)
4) You can join a Promoted or Customized Plan to diffuse your Press Release in only 1 hour…

For this reason Free-Press-Release.com is one o the best services now available !
Press releases nowadays are an important marketing tool, and they permit you to increase your search engine’s rankings in no time.
The contemporary exposure of your offer on a Press Release website permit you to achieve a large number of sales with a cheap expense.
To write the perfect text you canedit them using targeted keywords or, if you have this opporutnity, paying a professional copywriter in outsourcing.

So, if you have to release a new product or something new regarding you or your products, a Press Release can be fundamental as the fast method to deliver news.
With Free-Press-Release.com all that can become easy and cheap !

Thanks and Goodbye by Alessandro Zamboni

12 Month Internet Millionaire 2.0 : Russell Brunson made it again !

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* This product is no longer available.

On November 11th 2009 Russell Brunson’s “12 Month Internet Millionaire” will be released to market.
So I want to explain which topics are covered and show you if this course can be really useful or not.

This course will permit to you to learn how to increase the value and the earnings of your own business.

In fact the first video you can see just after a free registration is about these topics :

  • How to increase your customer’s value to the top and avoid they will disappear
  • How to improve your earnings (he will show you how he brought his 5 figures in 7)
  • How to enhance your earnings without possessing a Master’s Degree in Business
  • 7 tested and proven strategies to avoid competitors and boost your business
  • And many other Internet Marketer secrets kept reserved until now

Joining 12 Month Internet Millionaire will permit you to stay in line for release and learn secret techniques never explained before also through a free e-book called “The IM Myth”, a 70 pages quality resource (not the usual 5 pages garbage you receive after a normal registration made elsewhere).

This e-book is about the Russell Brunson personal experience in these 12 months in which he tried (and I assure it was successful) to create an outstanding business from the basis of his yet powerful one.
And that will keep you updated on the latest training needed to perform the same technique on your own online business.

That’s why I can only recommend you to join during the pre-release of 12 Month Internet Millionaire and get your valued bonuses until they are available.
Take your place now ! It’s free and proven that Russell Brunson is one of the most successful internet marketers now available.

Affiliate Kung Fu Review : Affiliate Training never seen before !

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Affiliate Kung Fu is no more available for purchase.

Trying to be a new Affiliate Master today is very complex, so it’s born a new e-book able to help you in every aspect of being successfull affiliates : Affiliate Kung Fu.
Generally I avoid any topic connected to Affiliate instructions, methods and videos : that’s why authors in 99% of cases forgot the best and useful informations to let you become a winner, not an Adwords supporter…

Kung Fu require the same steadiness, power and constance of Affiliate Marketing in all the projects you are going to realize.
And it’s really simple to get stuck with an affiliate marketing campaign as a newbie internet marketer.
The unique way to solve all the common affiliate problems can be reached following a good course, and I assure that they are rare as an original kung fu master.

Affiliate Kung Fu is a strong resource that will hit the market on November 2009, only for 100 people.
That’s why I’m letting you know about it more than a month before.
It will explain many concepts, but if you want a preview, the most important will be :

  • Find the most converting products
  • Selling as affiliate what people really need
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate website

The action to find an unbeatable product able to drive crazy all his customers is an action that newbie affiliates are not able to do.
Only Affiliate Kung Fucustomers will be able to convert better with their astonishing offers !
Why ? Because of never explained tips and triks !

As a second concept why try to resale e-books to people not searching for the type of contents you are providing ?
It’s a basic action that people forget : you need to find people that are searching for a specific product !
And an affiliate website, also if beautiful, useful and attractive, what objective can reach without any visitor ?
Nothing !
That’s why in the Affiliate Kung Fu review guide I received you will find interesting techniques to drive free and targeted traffic to you site without any effort, with social networks, social media, answering questions and building never seen “How To” websites.

For my own opinion that’s a guide made with hearth by an author that want to be known as an “Affiliate Marketing Teacher”, and not remembered as many others as a money thief.
I can only suggest you to join the Affiliate Kung Fu system right now !

Searching for E-mail Marketing Tips ? Email Demon is available !

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* This product is no longer available.

Email Demon was finally released.
If you are afflicted by a non-reactive mailing list or you simply don’t have any subscriber yet, you have probably found one of the most catching email marketing video series to discover.
You will learn, through many detailed videos, all the topics related to e-mail marketing :

1) How to induce your list members to be waiting for your mailing to enhance your effective open rates.
2) The secret technique to be sure your e-mail get sent each time without errors.
3) The easy method for training your own subscribers to visit your special offer every time you send it !
4) An effective formula for writing e-mail to capture any visitor attention, and let them become hunger to purchase.

As an added bonus you will also receive a copy of “Highest Converting Email Ever” to accurately create an e-mail message able to get dollars for yourself everytime you send it.

That is an astonishing and powerful guide called “Email Demon” and available for a very low price.
In only a few days following only some of guide advices I reach advanced email opening rates with a little more high paying sales of my own article marketing course.

The process explained are pretty easy to apply but sometimes underestimated; these e-mail marketing videos are capable to explain basic and advanced contents, really fast to put in action and check for results.

If you want to make a visit to their own website, here is the link for Email Demon Video Training.
As you can see it’s an high quality course to keep under control and this article is based only on a personal Email Demon review.